This Week on Digicel Rising Stars


The first studio final for Season 7 of Digicel Rising Stars introduced us to a new Host, a new stage and set, and the first eight of Digicel’s 2010 Rising Stars finalists.

July 7, 2010 Kingston Jamaica:-If you missed Sunday’s show, you missed the introduction of the Digicel Rising Stars’ new host, the lady Jamaica voted for the most, RETV and FAME presenter, Lady Rennae.

Jamaica’s vibes queen took the title over her four competitors, who include fellow FAME presenter, Lady Deidre, Kemesha Bolton, Julie Malcolm and Kimone McRae. Lady Rennae, says that she is: “Humbled, ecstatic and ready fi wuk!”

Also, if you missed Sunday’s show, you missed the introduction of the first eight finalists, who include the six that Jamaica voted for: Crystal Matherson, the only finalist from Montego Bay this year, Travaugne Ming, Dreams of Memories, Toni Blair, Latoya Chambers and Dellese Douglas, and Rising Star’s judges Clyde McKenzie’s and Nadine Sutherland’s Wild Cards, Simone Hamilton, better known as Camaley, and Jermaine Michael respectively.

Also judging the competition this year is Rising Star’s seven year veteran and unofficial star of the show, Anthony Miller.

Between Miller’s quick witted and usually abrasive comments - which have already started - the raw talent shown in these finalists and the vibes queen who “don’t jus’ go hard, ova do it!”, this season promises to be one of the most talent-fun- excitement filled seasons yet!

Outstanding Performances

Though all the contestants brought their all to the stage, three young ladies outshone the rest, setting the trend for the Season 7.

Toni, who shone at the Portmore auditions, lit up the stage with her vivacity in her upbeat yet soulful rendition of Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart by Alicia Keys.

Toni was also the first contestant to get positive feedback from Anthony, who said: "She seized the moment, she brought some energy to it, some oomph, and that's a good thing!"
Nadine, agreeing with Anthony, added: "I think you're going to do very well in this competition."

While Cylde asked: "Are you an American? Cause you really brought some fireworks on the fourth of July!"
The next lady to wow the judges and the audience was Latoya, who had made it to the Rising Stars Live Stage last year, but was quickly cut down by Killer Miller.

Before her performance of Lisa Fischer's How Can I Ease the Pain, Latoya warned Miller that he better "watch out!", and that's all he could do, as she rocked her song and rocked the stage, even busting a Michael Jackson move, sparking the crowd and further putting the audience on her side.

All Anthony could say was: “That was a great song and easily the most accomplished performance I have seen all evening.”
Nadine who agreed with him, added:“To handle that tune deh, yuh haffi bad! And I really like your image.”

Clyde gave the most specific comment of the three judges, saying that he liked her “confident vocal styling, you were right on! You brought it as you promised you would, and I like the way you were prowling across that stage like a cougar!”

But even after all those positive comments; it was Camaley, Clyde’s Wild Card who stole the show.

Though she didn’t have the advantage of moving around the stage, because of a disability, Camaley hit every note from her seat, centre stage, bringing Celine Deon’s Love You More to life with just her voice, and face.

Ending to a standing ovation by the audience, she faced the judges who could only sing her praise.
Clyde who was touching his head afterwards said, “I’m feeling for my hat, I have to take it off to you, it was beautiful. I really felt that.”

Anthony, who seemed somewhat stunned said: “I am not a Celine Deon fan but I thought she did more than justice to that song. Clyde won the Wild Card selection for tonight.”

And Nadine closed the comments with: “There is something coming from inside and I felt it, you sat there and... you used your hands and you used your eyes. Apart from the vocal delivery, that was so great. You sing with something from inside.”


Being the first Live Show, the season has yet to break into fashion setting trends, though there were a few honourable mentions. Dellese stepped on stage looking ready to rock in her black and red Mohawk, black mini dress with silver studs and black strappy pumps with a fringed, suede ankle to complete the look. While Toni brought back the funk and pop of the eighties in a floral, strapless, eighties style ‘ra ra’ mini dress, with hot pink patent leather peep toe pumps. And Latoya went for an earthier feel in a dark brown, pin stripe mini dress with silver gladiator platforms, earrings and shoulder cuff.

Judges Comments

The judges expressed a general contentment with the first show, though Anthony expressed his disappointment with the guys so far. But all three agreed that there was definitely room for improvement further on in the season. However, some contestants got some very less than positive comments from the judges.

Leading the pack is the quartet from Ocho Rios, Dreams of Memories, whose rendition of Under the Board Walk left the audience dissatisfied.
Nadine gave it to them straight, saying: “I like the lead singer, but I really don’t think you’re ready for this competition in terms of your harmonies, technique, you need to grow a little bit more into your’re all cute young men, but in terms of musicality, it’s just not there at this point”
Clyde, agreeing with her said: “That was a big song... I think that was a little bit above you.”

Miller however didn’t hold back when he said: “Two years ago we had the chipmunks, those were the Rugrats... against all odds, you guys got a chance to make it this far, but you just totally blew it.”

After his performance of Air Supply’s Lonely is the Night, Nadine congratulated her Wild Card, Jermaine, telling him that he did her proud, and that he would continue to grow in the competition. Clyde, agreeing, called the performance, “easy and natural”.

Miller however saw things differently, stating:
“Let me just be brief, I thought Nadine should have picked somebody else.”

Another contestant to get sauced by the judges was Dellese, who unfortunately did not rock her rocker outfit, leaving the audience and two judges impressed by her vocals but little else after her performance of Cher’s Believe.
Clyde was the first Judge to comment, stating: “That was pretty good, but given the get up you would have expected more spark from the performance”.

Nadine, who agreed complemented her on her “nice strong tone and powerful delivery” but reminded her that it was her first show and that she would “grow into it.”

Miller however went three for three with his comment: “Dellese you looked the part, but there it ended... the song selection was as dull as the delivery, sorry.”

Audience Comments

The audience for the most part, left the auditorium satisfied, though some were still in awe. One audience member was overheard saying” “Wow that Camaley girl done win, I don’t even care who in the next eight!”

While another member who seemed to be pulling for the under dogs said” “I think Crystal and Trevaune goin’ do better next timw. Them neva do too bad this week, them just need likkle more excitement.”

If you missed Sunday’s show, ensure that you don’t miss another Digicel Rising Stars episode. Tune in to TVJ every Sunday at 8pm, and don’t forget to vote.