The Daily Word - Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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I am confident in my ability to succeed.

I am naturally drawn to the idea of improving my life and discovering greater meaning and purpose.

Today I have the courage to step out of my comfort zone and turn my desire for improvement into action.

Perhaps there is something I have always dreamed of doing. God has given me the tools that I need, and I am confident of my ability to succeed.

I sense divine timing--I can do this now; I have all that I require; I am ready! This is the call of Spirit and it is a precious testament to Holy Spirit working in me.

Empowered by my faith in God, I answer the call. I move into new circles, stepping forward to new breakthroughs.

I am confident that with every step, Spirit within lovingly supports and guides me. I have the ability, the faith and the confidence to succeed.

They replied, "We are able."--Mark 10:39