Telecom providers beware!

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The government agency which regulates market competition has taken aim at local cellular service providers following complaints from consumers that they were not being given adequate warning about changes to certain services.

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) on Monday issued guidelines to guard against misleading advertising in accordance with the Fair Competition Act.

Executive Director of the FTA, David Miller, says the failure of local telecoms providers to notify the public about changes to their terms and conditions of service will give rise to problems for members of the public.
Mr. Miller states that the guidelines will encourage telecoms providers to be as aggressive about promoting changes of the terms and conditions of service as they are about other consumer promotions.

“Overtime we have seen quite a few complaints where consumers are not clear in what the service offerings are from one or two of the major telecommunications providers.

So what we are asking the telecoms providers to do is, if you make a change to your promotional offer then please communicate it clearly and in a similar manner as the original promotion was put out through the media,” Mr. Miller said.