Sumfest Suss

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Sugar deserve a betta tribute

Really now people, what kinda fool-fool pap dung tribute dat the veteran artiste dem do fi Sugar Minott at Sumfest Saturday night. We cyaan believe say the big big Dean Fraser did have no part inna dat. A lie dem a tell pon Dean, cause him wouldn’t did mek Tony Tuff go up and a hog the microphone so. As a matter of fact, Tony Tuff shouldn’t did sing more dan one line inna any tribute song to Sugar. And we did expect much better from Tristan casue Tristan have sense. And look how much good song Sugar have, why Jimmy Riley did haffi choose the nursery rhyme bout Simple Simon. We neva hear Sugar sing dat deh sond deh yet. And look how Sumfest did a promote the ting like say it was going to be sinting sensible. We lose big time. Sugar, may your soul find peaceful rest after dat deh bag a foolishness.

Wha’ kinda mess Zamunda did inna?

A wha kinda mess Zamunda find himself inna mek him just run off the stage so at Reggae Sumfest? By the time the MC hand him did mike, him dash it back and flee di stage. What we a hear don’t smell too right, so all did people who a mess wid did artiste we haffi tell oonu fi flush that one straight dung did toilet. Bwoy, it look strange how di whole ting do dung , but we still a listen out fi di real story.

Pamputtae tickness nuh normal

People onnu see wid oonu owna two eye how Pamputtae tick! Dat deh tickness deh no normal … it supernormal. When Pamputtae tan up trong and slap her thigh dem and ask, “Oonu see how mi tick? … well … People Dead! But we haffi big up di fluffy girl doah, cause she and har two fluffy dem mash up di Sumfest stage; we doan know how it neva pap dung a grung. When the two trong, healthy, fluffy dem climb up pon di lighting rig one time we did a hol’ we breath cause it did look sticky. But all’s well that ends well and we haffi say Fluffy to di flippin’ werllll!

Why a man haffi catch Chris Brown hat?

What a way blogger Tyrone Reid nuh stop pose up inna Chris Brown baseball cap dat the singer throw inna did crowd to him female fans dem. Tyrone mek sure say him wear the cap come a Sumfest Saturday night and doan ask if did woman dem nah look pon him and cut demy eye. But him couldn’t care less, him just a walk up and dung fi di betta. And, if you don’t want to be embarrassed, don’t ask him to borrow it to take a picture, cause you aint getting it.

Is a churchman or a Kingman di empress married to?

So people deh pon stage a call up dem husband name inna song and all these tings. But like how di husband did a watch her perform she shoulda did jus call him up pon stage and introduce him to har fans dem. Cause everybody want fi find out if the empress who did baptize ina Christian church married to a churchman or a Kingman cause it sound like a some crazy love a gwaan inna dat deh relationship.

Beenie and D’Angel must stop tek people fi fool

Is high time Beenie Man and D’Angel stop tek dem fans fi eeediat. It look like everytime a big show come round the two a dem find themselves pon di people dem stage a chat bout reunion and a act all lovey dovey. And two day after the show you hear dem a deny say dem deh. But people couldn’t care less anymore what did two a dem want fi do cause we all know that it’s all about giving dem career a hype, so we wish dem luck and prosperity inna dem foolishness.