One on One with DJ Sunshine


DJ Sunshine has been one of the fresh voices on IRIE FM Radio. She positively just lightsa up your day when her creative approach and musical selections.

Born and raised St Andrew, she grew up in the Stony Hill area. She attended the Miami Dade Community College and after a while returned to Jamaica where she is now a part of Jamaican radio. Yardflex had a one on one with the talented Sunshine. Check out her answers.

Did you have any other career choice outside of a radio disc jock?
What arose your interest in radio
I was offered the job.
What do you enjoy most, selecting at a dance or playing on air?
Seeing people have fun.
Tell us about DJ Sunshine:
What gets you excited?
When mi voice a good tune
What gets you upset?
What qualities should your ideal man possess?
Way too much to mention lol.
What’s your favourite genre of music?
I jus love music
What’s relaxation for you?
Your most embarrassing moment?
Don’t have one everything is about the lesson.
Your most fulfilling memory?
I don’t know I have a lot of good memories.
Any plans on branching off as a producer?
I have produced many songs.
Which artiste do you admire the most and why?
Oh Lord! a so much a dem!
If you could change anything in the music biz what would it be?
Sas crisse! Where should I start?!