Mr G gets his swagger on

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“I am taking ‘swagger’ to new heights,” dancehall artiste Mr G proudly proclaims with a smile of complete satisfaction.

Truth be told, he has a lot to smile about. With his newest song Swaggerific swaggering its way on radio and in the dancehall, Mr G has again been thrust into the artiste spotlight and loving it.

Having taken an hiatus of sorts from the performance side of the music business, Mr G had been exploring his own creativity behind the mixing board as producer and had gained many accolades in this area.

But now is time to take up the deejay mantle and he has done that with so much zest that he has been rechristened Mr Swaggerific by his friends and fans.

According to the artiste, who is known for songs such as Before The Year Done, Wine Pon It and of course, Fudgie, he is totally focused and ready to claim all that music has to offer.

“This is a travelling song,” he says of Swaggerific, a Seanizzle production which has been included on the roster of powerful radio station in the US, Hot 97. “I am expecting calls from the US and the Caribbean, and Mr G is ready,” he declares.

Additionally, his other single, How Me Sound, a collaboration with Alliance artiste Angel Doulas, has also been receiving power play locally.

This song was produced by Mr G and co-written by Doulas. It explores the idea of putting a woman over one’s career, a reality that many artistes have lived..

“It’s really a fun song,” Mr G explains. “It’s about me meeting a new girl and wanting to go out with her when I get a phone call from Shaggy to come to the studio. After listening to excuses he asks if I am putting woman over my career,” he elaborated.

But, in real life, Mr g has no intention of putting a woman over his career. He has been spending quite a bit of time in the studio and securing a spot on the hot riddims.

“Right now Sean has his energy level up there and he’s doing a lot of work. So even if it’s not his personal riddim and it sounds good, then I am on it. This is not the time to hitch. It’s all about making good music,” Mr G said.

And, last but not least, what about his imminent clash with graffiti artist LA Lewis at The Settlement? Having whipped LA Lewis at Settlement Part 1 earlier this year, the rematch is set for this month, but on a much bigger scale.

“There will be no clash with LA Lewis and I have already informed the