Mek we just mourn Sugar without di foolishness

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We a beg everybody fi just mek we mourn the sudden passing of the Godfather of Dancehall, Sugar Minott in a decent and respectful way.

We haffi ask why is it that when important people drop out those who leave back always have a bag a tings fi chat.

The amount of story we hear as to what kill Sugar, it doan pretty. But now is not the time for that so we not even going to repeat them, cause all now no autopsy doan do.

We nah tell no lie, Sugar passing really reach we and we hope seh there will be no bickering and fighting over dead lef.

Memba she a Sugar sing seh ‘more than one woman in my life, and all a dem want to be my wife’. And from him dead we notice seh did ‘wife’ who people did tink she she and Sugar divorce a she a talk to all did media, when the other ‘wife’ who live a house with Sugar and did deh wid him when him a tek him last breath just a grieve and hold her corner.

And then you have Sugar kids dem. All we a she is that we must just come together and mourn the passing of a icon without the foolishness.