Italians Raping African Children In Luxury Villas & Hotels In Malindi Kenya


Check out this story on It is really disgusting. Whether it’s in Jamaica, the States or any part of the world, it’s is getting terrible the way kids are treated.

Are Italians Raping Our Children in Luxury Villas & Hotels in Malindi Kenya

If you come across a tourist whose passport reveals multiple entries to Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Singapore, it is most likely that when you continue flipping the pages, you will come across a couple of entries to Kenya.

If you forcefully examine his luggage, you may find old chattered airline tickets or taxi receipts evidencing frequent tours to Malindi, on more investigation will confirm short stays in a range of Malindi Beach Resorts and exclusive Malindi private beach villas (primarily owned by Italians).

At this stage, a man of average intelligence acting prudently will not want to view the tourists' picture album.especially if it is resting on a box of assorted candies, lollipops and bubble gum.

Guys we are at the advent of the most profitable child sex tourism industry in Africa.

Pictures of lions hunting impalas at Tsavo National Park are slowly being replaced with those of white pony-tailed sandal wearing Italian tourists preying on beautiful black young Kenyan girls. Elephant tusks, leopard skins and rhino horns are no longer the much sort out trophies; Instead, local virgin boys and girls define the holy grail, guys the child sex pest has arrived and his/her mighty thirst will not be quenched by the award winning kenya Tusker beer.

This particular beast will only drink the juice of innocence spewing from the undeveloped private parts of our most treasured assets i.e. our children or in other words, our future.

The debate on how Kenya finds itself depicted in child pornographic videos is endless.

We all agree that poverty has been known to skew perceptions of morality. The story of the thief stealing the bread to feed his starving family conveniently comes into play.

You see, the parents who choose to turn the other way as their own children bring home a couple of sleazy dollars after spending nights in Italian villas and beach resorts, are quick to accept that the 'end justifies the means'.

The society have chosen to ignore the awkward walking style of these toddlers, after all, how are they supposed to feed themselves. We all know what happens to our young girls when they get married to old German men and are shipped to the land of the third Reichso long as they send back some Deutschmarks (now Euros), we are all set.

Oh, by the way, some of our very own grown Kenyans gleefully indulge in this rape. My point here is that we are all complacent to this evil that is slowly tainting the image of our country. So what next? How do you stop a buibui clad girl from succumbing to the scourge from Italians with huge resources and Mafia connections? Education? How do you explain the ruinous behavior to parents whose only means of survival is the sleazy dollar? What about disease?

To what extend is personal responsibility the only answer? Are some of us just born sexually deviant?

What would happen if lets say, the government used the police to consistently swoop the villas, discos and prominent hotels that are conduits to this evil?

How about billboards of caution at every corner? Maybe deportation of perpetrators and repossession of filthy villas? How about genuine tourists blacklisting hotels, resorts lodges and private villas known to practice child prostitution?

It would be unfortunate if we allow our country to be listed in the yellow pages of sleaze holiday vacation destinations.