Foxy Brown Involved Massive Brawl?


Foxy Brown was reportedly caught up in the middle of massive brawl the other night in the lobby of an apartment building in New York City.

Foxy Brown was apparently in the apartment building visiting a friend when the fight broke up, and left just before NYPD arrived on the scene.

Witnesses say she just missed the cops and what would have been her second incident with police in almost a week.

The apartment building is a luxury high-rise on 43rd Street and sources say the fight was huge.

Foxy was spotted throwing blows in the lobby after the fight broke out. The details are scarce and authorities are uncertain what actually started the fight, but it took more than 10 people to break it up.

Reportedly, no one was arrested and Foxy Brown's manager, who was also spotted in the brawl, refused to comment.