Digicel Talent Stage delivers great experience at Reggae Sumfest

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The experience that is the Greatest Reggae Show on Earth, Reggae Sumfest, was made bigger and better for patrons thanks to the Festival’s official telecommunications partner Digicel.

The mobile phone company, for the 4th year in a row, presented its acclaimed and exciting Digicel Talent Stage, which featured the likes of upcoming artistes performing at different intervals during the night.

With the likes of Denyque, Raine Seville, Natel, D-Major, Tanto Blacks, Keida, Princess Tia and more, the stage shone bright with the young talented stars, something that Digicel is known to encourage and support.

“Without a doubt we are proud that we have the opportunity to enhance the Reggae Sumfest experience with our talent stage, and are even more elated that we get the chance to shine some light on the next generation of talent.

The response was amazing, the artistes were magnificent and exciting and we are happy that the festival patrons enjoyed our entertainment package,” said Tahnida Nunes.

Nunes continued, saying what a major experience the talent stage represents for these artistes.

“Our stage remains a major platform for the exposure of talent, and all our acts go on to do great things in the entertainment industry. Immediately, I think of Tifa who made her debut at Reggae Sumfest on our stage in 2009 and this year she rocked the main stage, and she is just one on the list of many who have gone on to do big things,” she remarked.

Nunes, Digicel’s Sponsorship and Events Manager, isn’t the only person who had praises for the talent stage, as patrons enjoyed the activity which gave them more entertainment while band changes were undertaken on the main stage.

“Boy, it always give me something to look forward to, and all we haffi do is really turn round. So I enjoy it, especially Tanto Blacks and Kedia on Friday,” said one male patron. His female companion concurred, saying she enjoyed performer Denyque on Saturday night. Teenaged patrons also took pleasure in the talent stage as a large throng of them could be found each time activity on the stage commenced.

“It really is something that we are committed to doing and will continue doing as we expose more talent, and make Reggae Sumfest a bigger, better experience for all,” Nunes commented.

Digicel has been a major part of the Reggae Sumfest family for 10 consecutive stagings, as a part of its commitment to Jamaican entertainment, culture, and people.