Careful of how you look overseas jobs

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Check out this story that was carried in the Star. It’s an ongoing case with the director of JobQuest. Before you you think you have found a better opportunity…think long and hard.

JobQuest International director Christine Kelly, charged with 10 counts of obtaining money by false pretence, was granted bail in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday.

The allegations are that between 2007-2009, she collected between US$300 (J$25,800) - US$1,500 (J$129,000) from the various complainants with the promise that they could receive employment in Canada, England, The United States and Dubai.

It is alleged that after failing to hear about a job, the complainants tried to get a refund but were also unable to do so.

One complainant told the court that the accused told him to come to her at 2 p.m., but he later find out that was the time the office closes.

It is also alleged that Kelly had been on the run, however, she denied that claim yesterday saying she made several payments to register the company and could not have done so if she had been hiding.

Kelly's attorney told the court that the company had indeed provided many jobs over the years but said changes in some foreign policies and the recession had affected the business.

Kelly was granted $600,000 bail with a surety and was ordered to surrender her travel documents. A stop order was also enforced. She returns to court on August 4.