Adidas pirates Bunny Wailer

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Company uses singer's image and likeness on T-shirt without permission

There are many enterprises that profit tremendously from merchandizing in various areas of sports, among these giants is Adidas.

There are no barriers or boundaries that hasn’t been penetrated territorially or otherwise by Adidas’s dominance in the world’s sporting market-place globally.

Even The Blackheart Man, Bunny Wailer surviving member of the Bob Marley And The Wailers fame, supports Adidas by purchasing and wearing Adidas sportsware during all the years of his sporting experience and up until this present time, especially in the sport of soccer.

However, there has been a violation of the privacy of Bunny Wailer. A photograph of Bunny Wailer playing soccer in the privacy of his home in the mountains, was used by Solomonic Productions on an album cover titled “Bunny Wailer Sings The Wailers” (see album) in 1980.

In later years, the full image of said photograph was first seen on an unauthorized reproduction on T-shirt with the logo, trademark and trade name Adidas incorporated. This action by Adidas is illegal and a violation of Bunny Wailers rights and privileges incorporated in said photograph and which does not use the name of the singer.

For over 15 years Adidas has sold and withheld to themselves all the profits derived from the returns from the exploitation of the illegal Bunny Wailer product globally, beginning from in the late 80’s up until 2008.

On two separate occasions, it was brought to the attention of Bunny Wailer, but he could not have addressed the matter based on certain circumstances. An approach was made in writing to Adidas by Solomonic Productions’ on behalf of Bunny Wailer in accordance with the discovery of piracy.

Adidas’s negative and disappointing response to Solomonic Productions letter, was passed on to Bunny Wailers legal representative.

The lawyer in response to Adidas’s letter to Solomonic Productions’ pointed out the violations and damages done to Bunny Wailer in accordance with the illegal exploitation of his image and likeness.

The lawyer therefore, introduced a method and means of correcting the abuse in an appropriate and civilized manner, which was ignored and dismissed by Adidas, continuing the demonstration of their selfishness, disrespect and disregard for justice and fair play.

Bunny Wailer is therefore faithfully depending and relying upon the unified power of support from the ever loving Reggae and Bunny Wailer fans, friends, family and populace globally, to rally along with Reggae’s Living Legend in this legal claim and battle for justice from the world sporting giant Adidas.