A who a charge di pickney dem fi results


Honestly this one really takes the cake. Imagine parents from other schools collected their children GSAT results without any hassle and now comes the report that some schools are charging as much as $4000 for others to get theirs.

Chief Education Officer in the Ministry Grace McLean Wednesday reacted to howls of protest from parents about fees being levied by high school administrators to register new students.

Mrs. McLean says an investigation has been launched into the reports.

Since the publication of GSAT results, various high schools have been informing parents that special fees upwards of $4,000 must be paid in order to collect packages needed to complete the registration process.

The Chief Education Officer said the Ministry is extremely concerned about the practise.

“The Ministry feels that it is rather unfortunate that schools should be charging these elaborate fees for students or for parents just to pick up their GSAT packages,”

“We are doing an investigation into those schools that have been brought to our attention and we are also making the other schools aware that they are not supposed to be charging the parents and we will be sending out a bulletin to all the schools to advise them of this,” Ms. McLean said.

All we can say is – that’s really low. And if the ministry knows nothing about it, just who is the money going to?

Another thing the Ministry should look into is the amount of teachers who are more concerned about making a profit in the classroom by selling patties and other food stuff than teaching. They spend more time trying to make a sale than ensuring the kids get something into their head.

Yup that one came straight to us from frustrated parents who say their kids can’t even eat properly at school as the teachers are persuading them not to buy cooked meals from the canteen, but instead buy their patties and bun and cheese, jeez!