Was Trey Songz getting some In The Bathroom After The BET Awards?


According to Hello Beautiful website Trey Songz is rumored to have had sex in the bathroom at a after party at the BET Awards over the weekend.

A couple of party goers saw Trey and a female by the name of Charity walk into the restroom together. When they returned she was looking clearly disheveled.

It is also reported that this Charity chick has been making the rounds with different athletes and celebrities including Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings.

Hmm wonder if Lauren London knows about this little rendezvous?

  • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Hes NOT dating Lauren so she wouldnt care at all. i cant wait til Lauren speaks on this crazy rumor of her and Trey and for 2011 to get here on Saturday so this rumor will be a 2010 rumor and pray that it will not roll over in the new year except her dismissing these FALSE RUMORS.

  • stagga lee

    well her name is Charity, what did you guys expect?

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