Video: Rapper Chamillionaire Loses Home to Foreclosure?

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The man who made the world stand up and understand what the black community meant about racial profiling with his song “Ridin’ Dirty” has made a decision to let his $2 million dollar home go back on the market.

The media has painted a picture of poverty and mishandled funds by the rapper, but he couldn’t be further from that.

According to AOL’s Housing Watch, the rapper born Hakeem Seriki, has been spending his time taking care of business.

Something that a lot of celebrities don’t spend time taking care of once the money starts rolling in.

But, Seriki happens to own a record label called Chamilitary Entertainment and he co-owns a dealership in Houston called Fly Rydes, along with a tour bus company. He’s involved in a project with Quincy Jones as well.

The more than 7,000 square foot home was too much house for someone who is never enjoying the home.

In addition to that, the house had the largest payment of all of his properties.

When you finished applauding him, read here to find out more about his finances…that appear to be in tact. Or you can listen to him in his own words.