Tiger Woods, You Are Not the Father

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Tiger Woods can get his “Maury” dance on after learning a paternity suit filed against him by porn star Devon James has no merit.

TMZ.com has been reporting that a DNA test conducted in 2002 has already proven that another man is the father of her nine-year-old son, Austin.

Today, the Web site produced the document showing the test result, which states a man named Pele Watkins is 99.99 percent the biological father of Austin.

Angered by TMZ’s initial report, James filed legal documents in Manatee County, Florida earlier this month, asking a judge to force Woods to take a DNA test to prove her son’s paternity.

James, whose real name is Melinda Brinling, alleged Woods had fathered her child after a reported fling in 2001.

She said she kept the pregnancy and birth of her son a secret from Woods, but decided to reveal everything after his 2009 cheating scandal.