The Daily Word: Monday, June 14, 2010

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Let Go, Let God

Letting go and letting God, I am confident, peaceful and strong.

A young child may latch onto a favorite stuffed animal or an old blanket and carry it with them wherever they go.

When the child is lonely, scared or tired, this "security blanket" is comforting.

Eventually, the child learns to let go of the item and becomes aware of his or her ability to cope with these unsettling feelings.

As an adult, I may revert to fear, anxiety or doubt when I am faced with a life challenge.

The security of old thought patterns may be more comforting to me than taking a different path. However, as I learn to let go and let God, I find that God has instilled in me all that I need to face life with confidence and composure.

Today I put away my security blanket. I let go, and I let God. And I am at peace.

Do not worry about anything.--Philippians 4:6