The Daily Word - Friday, June 4, 2010

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I rejoice and give thanks for blessings great and small.
Today I look for blessings and find them all around me.

I pause to notice the brilliant sunshine or, perhaps, the refreshing rain. I choose to be thankful, no matter the weather.

I rejoice in the goodness of all people--those I hold near and dear and those who are a world away. I behold their divinity and pray they feel the joy of knowing God's love.

Blessings come in many forms. Some are welcomed and easy to distinguish, while others are recognized only through the lens of steadfast faith and overcoming.

Throughout this day, I remember to rejoice and give thanks for blessings great and small so that I may realize the sublime joy in each moment of communion with God.

Let your faithful rejoice in your goodness.--2 Chronicles 6:41