Rihanna Caught Smoking Marijuana?


A blind item about an unnamed “diva” caught smoking weed in a Barbados hotel room was reported by a gossip Web site to be none other than Rihanna.

Media Take Out posted the blind item from an unnamed Barbados newspaper on its Web site.

Part of it read: “…It appears that the classy woman and her guests smoke, drank and partied nonstop in the room.

Security had to be constantly knocking on the door because the smoke alarm would not stop going off.

…Management at the hotel are now contemplating banning this guest from using its facilities.”

The blind item went on to suggest that the same hotel had issues with Rihanna before, when she and former boyfriend Chris Brown booked a room there.

“Apparently a few years ago, they had to send her a huge bill when she and her former boyfriend also wrecked the place.”