Protect our children

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By Rootzgirl

Mandeville residents came out in anger at the 23-year-old Columbian who is not facing charges for molesting a 10-year-old boy in a restaurant.

It is alleged that the child asked the Columbian for money, he received $500 with the instruction that he should go into the bathroom and wait for him.

When the police went into the bathroom they found the Columbian with his pants down, obviously a bit later and it would have been a sorry story for that child.

My problem with all this is what the 10-year-old was doing on the street begging in a restaurant at that time of the night.
Where was his mother? Why wasn’t he in bed, getting rest to go to school the following day?

Those same people are now exhibiting righteous indignation at the act, where were they before all that? Didn’t they think it strange to see a child of that age on the street? Didn’t they try to inquire about his parents’ whereabouts and try to get him home?

We are a reactive society, and that can’t work when it comes to protecting our children.

Let’s now be proactive. It’s time to start practicing community parenting. If we see the impending danger, let’s rescue the children, don’t wait until things happen then we come out in outrage.

That five year old’s life from Chapel ton might have been saved if those neighbours who knew of his circumstances had taken the time to make a report.