Promoters want answers about Ding Dong’s entry refusal

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The promoters are not the only ones who want to know just why Trinidad refused entry to Ding Dong in their country.

For real we would like to know just what’s the rationale behind it. I think they are just targeting Jamaican artistes out of spite.

According to a report carried in the Star Kemoni Richmond of Junglest International, organisers of 'Party Cup', which Ding Dong was scheduled to perform on, his lawyers were currently consulting with the Ministry of National Security and Immigration services in Trinidad to find out why the deejay would be placed on the 'blacklist.' On Friday night Ding Dong was unexpectedly denied entry upon arrival in the island.

'Party Cup' was to feature Ding Dong, as the main act but instead fans were treated to the Ravers Clavers crew, as well as Tony Matterhorn and Norris Man who gave last-minute performances in the place of the popular dancer-turned-deejay.

The promoter said the turnout was not as strong as it should have been approximating the loss from the event to be US$20,000.

Richmond said, "when he came here he was told he was on the list of artistes banned, which is a fact, but we the promoters didn't know about it.

I don't understand this, he is not an artiste known for profanity or violence, he even promotes abstinence in school. Everybody knows Ding Dong is a fun artiste who does dance songs."

According to Richmond, the event was being promoted on the Internet, on the radio, via flyers and in the national newspapers two months prior and they were not informed by the government that he would be unable to attend.

A first class ticket he says was also booked for Ding Dong on Caribbean Airlines.

"This is a total shock and disappointment to the country.

He's one of the biggest things in the dancehall music in Trinidad right now, (and) the country was looking forward to seeing him," he said.

Richmond said Ding Dong, who is known for songs like Holiday and Party Cup, was also booked by them in May of last year and performed with no problems.

He added, "I've heard that a lot of Jamaican artistes are on the list and the government should tell us who is on the list so we, the promoters, know who not to take bookings from. There is a lot of money involved and being lost."

The truth is that the show was being promoted all over, so why wait until the artiste is actually at immigration point to let him know.

That sucks…maybe Jamaican should start returning the ‘favour’ ban Trinidadian artistes too.