Jaleel White Addresses Gay Rumors

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Jaleel White, best known for his TV role Steve Urkel, called Detroit’s WJLB to promote the first ever DVD release of “Family Matters” with COCO, Foolish and Mr. Chase In The Morning — but got more than he bargained for when they began questioning his sexuality and rumored relationship with former NBA player Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.

The jocks said they heard rumors that Jaleel and Penny Hardaway were once secret lovers, and even lived together at one time. But when Foolish said he heard Jaleel and Penny were “roommates” Jaleel emphatically said, “Naaaah man, I wasn’t ever no damn roommates with Penny Hardaway.”

Mr. Chase was more blunt – stating, “We heard you guys were buTT-ddies!”

Jaleel said Penny was like a “big brother” to him, and compared their relationship to that of LeBron James and rapper Drake. He said, “If you see Drake and LeBron do you think they’re gay? It’s like… Get outta here man, that’s crazy.”

He went on to say that the gay rumors don’t really bother him because, “You’re not successful unless somebody thinks you’re gay.”

Foolish also asked him about the picture below that appears to be the actor in some Applebottom jeans. Jaleel said that it’s not him.