Dominican molest 10-y-o boy, charged with cross indeceny

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The Manchester Police have charged a man attached to the popular televised Columbian Trade Show who allegedly molested a 10-year-old boy in the town of Mandeville over the weekend.

George Miguel Silvera Santos, 23, a Dominican national has been charged with gross indecency.

Mr. Santos was approached in a popular fast food restaurant by the 10 year old asking for money.

He reportedly gave the boy $500 and escorted him to the bathroom.

The restaurant's security guard became suspicious and went to investigate and reportedly saw Mr. Carlos in a compromising position with the child.

The boy was sent for medical examination and then handed over to his mother.

A boisterous crowd gathered outside the police station in the town to voice their displeasure.

Since the incident, the Colombians have become concerned about their safety but police say that they will beef up their presence at the show's location in the town to quell these concerns.