The President Addresses the Country


I have, today, instructed my Attorneys that I intend to waive my right to an extradition hearing in Jamaica and to proceed directly to the United States under the terms of the Extradition Laws and treaty between Jamaica and the United States of America.

I have taken this decision of my own free will and have done so even though I am of the belief that my case would have been successfully argued in the Courts of Jamaica.

I take this decision for now I believe it to be in the best interest of my family, community of Western Kingston and in particular the people of Tivoli Gardens and above all Jamaica.

Everyone, the whole country, has been adversely affected by the process that has surrounded my extradition and I hope that my action today will go some way towards healing all who have suffered and will be of benefit to the community of Tivoli Gardens.

Above all I am deeply upset and saddened by the unnecessary loss of lives which could have been avoided, be it of members of the Security Forces and over eighty (80) residents of Tivoli or any other innocent Jamaicans that has occurred during this time.

I leave Jamaica and my family in particularly Patsy (his mom) with a heavy heart but fully confident that in due course I will be vindicated and returned to them

Pray for me and God bless Jamaica

R u truly sry 4 the lives lost...hmm U cud hav avoided that by turning ureself in from the get go. U were just delaying the inevitable. I lost family n frenz there, sry u can keep ure apology.