Where were the mothers?


Yardflex commentary

We listened with horror the news about little six-year-old Evon Spencer whose life was brutally snuffed out when his throat was slashed. The Frankfield community is now in a uproar and everyone supposedly affected by his death.

For all that they could lead various news teams to the hell hole he was living in, they had horror stories to tell of the hard life the young child was living.

A graphic description came in yesterday’s Gleaner where neighbours claim to notice his “little eyes peeping through the hole” from time to time.

The sad reality about all this is that everyone seemed to have a clue what was happening and there was no one who felt concerned enough to help rescue the child.

Where were the mothers who should putting young Evon in the place of their child and therefore feel moved enough to do something about the situation.

A phone call to the police, a call to the Child Development Agency, a talk to the pastor…anything in an attempt to aid a helpless child.

In our eyes they are all just as guilt as the man who placed the knife at that little boy’s throat. They all KNEW what was happening and no one choose to do anything. That is the greatest sin of all. They should be ashamed of themselves now coming forward to talk about what was happening.

Young Evon is no ore but sadly there will be other cases of abused children with adults choosing to sit by and do nothing.

Our prayer is that the cycle will change and everyone will be everyone’s neighbor and do the right thing.