Voicemail dedicates One Life To Live to O’Neil

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The song is called One Life To Live and was recorded 6 month ago as one of the first tracks for the new Voicemail album Next Level.

In the last 6 months Voicemail has produced 14 more songs and 2 music videos. The first released single from the album One Life To Live have been mastered and an urban remix was also produced as well as cover and poster artwork.

A website for Oneil Edwards will be launched early next week under www.Voicemailgroup.com.

The track can be purchased on iTunes and will be up on 20 more sites soon (Amazon, Amie Street, Nokia Music..and several others).

The video companies, producers and marketers distributing the new album come from Germany, that shows the communication strength of the groups music.

Voicemail has had great success in Japan and are well loved in Germany, where there are already more than 2000 fans in a social network, united for Voicemail. Donations can also be made over paypal to voicemailgroup@yahoo.com.

O'Neil Edwards member of the band Voicemail was shot multiple times in the head, chest and abdomen and unfortunately lost his thumb during a robbery.

It happened at his house in Kingston - Jamaica on Monday 10th of March 1:30am. O’Neil is recovering from injuries sustained, however his condition is still critical and he remains hospitalized.

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