Tivoli under attack; residents cry foul

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“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Tivoli residents are screaming as they have come under attack from aerial missiles.

Residents say that women and children have been the victims of bombs dropped on the West Kingston community by a combined police and military attack.

Heavy explosions are ringing out in West Kingston as a large contingent of police and soldiers try to move into the volatile community which has become a fortress.

Plumes of smoke can also be seen rising from the area.

Until now the security forces have taken a soft-handed approach even in the face of constant attacks by gunmen which resulted in the deaths of two cops and the injury of six others.

The cops were attacked as they attempted to clear a roadblock at Mountain View Avenue.

Stung by the deaths of their colleagues lawmen have launched on offensive on Tivoli Gardens, Coke's stomping ground and the power base of Prime Minister Bruce Golding's West Kingston constituency.

There were also reports that the violence had spread to sections of a community known as 'Southside' near to the Kingston Central Police station. Jamaica Defence Force soldiers and police have been deployed to that area to quell the disturbance.

Gunmen and police were also engaged in a running gunbattle in the Central Kingston community of Woodford Park.