The Daily Word - Friday, May 28, 2010

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Light of God

The light of God shines through me.

We have all heard the expression, "God never closes a door without opening a window."

Yet at times I may not see any windows open to me. If I'm seeing only lack and limitation, I look beyond appearances to the Truth.

I am the conduit, the passageway, through which possibilities appear.

I am actually the window that I seek, and the light of God shines through me.

As I open my heart and mind to my inner Christ Light, it shines forth, illuminating the way to my highest good.

I allow my creative energy to flow, becoming enthusiastic about new opportunities ahead.

I say yes to prospects for good, giving thanks to God, for I am a window through which the Christ Light shines.

Thanks be to God, who in Christ ... and through us spreads in every place the fragrance that comes from knowing him.--2 Corinthians 2:14