The Daily Word - Sunday, May 16, 2010

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I open my mind to God's rest and peace.

I trust in the presence and power of God to provide whatever I need today.

God is creative energy and spiritual substance working in and through me. In prayer, I ask, give thanks and know that it is given. Even though I cannot yet see the results, I cease asking and wait.

I enter into a time of Sabbath as I rest from doubt and fear. Releasing any struggle or mental strain about how my good will come, I trust that God in me is doing the work. I let go, and I let God.

I anticipate the fulfillment of my needs with eagerness and joy. My highest good is now on its way.

I expect great things and give great thanks. In my time of Sabbath, my mind and heart are open to God's peace.

The Father who dwells in me does his works.--John 14:10