Sizzla sets up home in Zimbabwe


According to a report on Dancehall USA Sizzla has not been home to Jamaica since he pitched up at Mugabe’s birthday party at short notice.

The 34 year old Jamaican, who has scored a number of hits and is generally popular among dancehall fans, reportedly received a large farm in Chegutu as part of his payment for playing at Mugabe’s bash and he intends to set it up as a youth development centre.

His continued presence raises questions about Zimbabwe’s commitment to background checks for issuing work permits. Sizzla’s is reported to have been pushed through in record time.

He says he intends to set up agro- industries for young people. Zimdaily paid a visit to Chegutu and discovered that locals are either ecstatic that Sizzla will be staying in the area or reluctant to talk about him as they fear reprisals since most of his work is being pushed straight from Mugabe’s office.

A few cautioned Sizzla about losing his air of superstardom once he settled in the dust of Mashonaland West.

There is old saying- Familiarity breeds contempt- and Sizzla should be aware of this. Once he gets settled here, he will become like Lubumbashi Stars or Real Sounds- just another refugee trying to make a living in small clubs and at State functions,said a farmer in Zvimba.

A small section of Chegutu residents feels Sizzla could have a negative effect on young people in the area.

This is a man who is wanted for gun crimes and he is coming to settle here. He says he wants to start things with young people.

Our youths have been used many times and he wants to be the latest user.

This will not end well, said a pastor with a Chegutu church.