Of bootleggers and legitimate music retailer

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Yardflex commentary

We are observing with alarm the closure of a few music outlets with the latest being the Liguanea based Mobile Music which is now going through a closing down sale process.

Derrick Harriott was also quoted in the story as saying he is surviving through loans from friends and a little royalty.

He feels that the authorities are not doing enough to protect the intellectual property of artistes and its main stakeholders.

It’s a sad reality and this problem is being faced the world over, but in Jamaica it is even more chronic. Bootleggers are not afraid to come out on the streets and sell the illegal stuff.

They are even now walking around with their little boom boxes and peddling their wares.

The funny thing about it is that we have observed them on the streets, DVDs and CDs spread out in front of them and police officers passing to and fro with them comfortably doing business there.

Maybe it’s that we don’t really understand the law…but shouldn’t there be some kind of respect for the cops in terms of doing illegal stuff.
It’s sad that producers and artistes invest so much in their craft and at the end of the day can’t even reap anything from it.

While we see with them too, we have to acknowledge one argument put forward by someone who supports the bootlegging business.

According to her she will buy an original CD and only like one song on it, but when she buys from the man in the streets, she gets all the number ones on one CD for a minimum cost!

It’s a vicious cycle and the sad thing is that there seems no real solution in sight, except to produce your CDs and DVDs with an anti piracy software of something.
Peace out.