Joe grind caught and killed


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Joe grind caught and killed

A man is on the run and a correctional officer dead following a fatal stabbing at Phase One, Seaview Gardens, St Andrew, after the deceased was reportedly caught by the other at the home of his child's mother.

The incident occurred at an area of the community known as 'Vietnam' on Monday.

Dead is Michael Andy, 36, of the community.

Police reports are that Andy visited Eagle Pathway, another section of Phase One, to see his girlfriend around 12:45 a.m. when another man, said to be the woman's ex-boyfriend, turned up.

Police said an argument developed between the two men and a knife was used to stab Andy several times. He later died at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Residents, however, gave a different version of the incident, saying the deceased man was 'Joe Grind'.

They said the alleged attacker, who is being sought by the police, revealed the ordeal before fleeing the community. He reportedly told the residents that he suspected his child's mother and Andy were in a relationship and so he conducted his own investigations.

A source from the Seaview Gardens Police Station admitted to hearing the explanation.

Residents said the man spoke about hiding in the closet on the day of the incident and then met up with Andy when he visited the house.

The incident has since become the hot topic on the lips of residents, some of whom blame the deceased for his own death by claiming he was wrong to go to the house.

"Him should a neva gone there. Di baby daddy nuh live deh eno, but him always deh bout. Di yute should a smarter than that," another resident said.