Jamaicans caught trying to enter the US by boat


Federal agents intercepted a boat loaded with illegal immigrants from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, after a high-seas chase that ended 10 miles east of Palm Beach, USA.

A report in the Palm Beach Post said four of the 13 people hoping to sneak onto Florida soil last week had previously been deported from the US.

The Palm Beach Post reports that passengers told immigration agents they paid between $2,700 and $8,000 to smugglers named “Yellow” or “Rambo”.

About 7:00 pm last Wednesday, US Customs and Border Patrol agents reportedly got a tip off about the operation aboard the boat, the Mary Carla.

The boat’s captain, Bahamian, Kelsey James McQueen told immigration agents he was to be paid $7,000 to ferry the immigrants between Nassau and Palm Beach County.

McQueen has been charged with alien smuggling.

Just recently it was reported that deejay Flippa Mafia had stowed away on a boat in an attempt to enter the United States. He was caught and is allegedly behind bars.