It’s Lex-I-con from Mr. Lexx

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It’s really such a cute play on words as just-freed-from-abuse-charge deejay, Mr Lexx, releases his mixed tape called Lex-icon.

Last year June Mr. Lexx teamed up with Santigold and created a hit called "Hold the Line' which opened new doors for him and Lexx says he is ready to take reggae music to another level.

"I am back and ready to work,” said Mr. Lexx.

On March 15th 2010, Mr. Lexx decided he wanted to create a mix tape for his fans.

Federation Sounds helped him in doing just that, by producing this cutting edge mix tape that satisfies a wide spectrum of individuals.

This Lex-I-con mix tape contains an assortment of sound throughout as well as collaborations with various artists including Gypian, Ce’Cille, and Santigold. One of the highlights on his mix tape is the new hit single “Wine Pon Mi”, which is making waves in the music industry.