Ciara Disturbing the Peace in L.A.

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Earlier this week, R&B singer Ciara was celebrating a friend’s birthday in Los Angeles when neighbors did not seem to appreciate the festivities. The police shut down the party, but that didn’t stop the group from celebrating a little more.

The party found a nearby parking lot to keep the festivities going. Although Ciara thought it was a great time to play some of her new music, nearby residents didn’t think so. Police came back around and shut the whole thing down for good.

She captured the whole night on her Twitter page:

“Tonight was sooo much fun!! I originally had plans to go to the Victoria Secret party, but that changed last minute and I headed to celebrate my friend’s birthday party!

It was sooo much fun, and the funny thing to top it off was we all decided to go to a parking lot and play a few of the newest songs I recorded and we realized we had the music just a little too loud because the police came by and said they had received reports of loud music!!

But thank God we had the music down in time, and there was no trouble with the po po.”

But that’s not all. The singer used her girly charm to win over the officers and ended up snapping a few pics with them.

She recently released two songs for her upcoming album, “Ride” and “Basic Instinct.” The album is due to release later this year.