Bad Mothers: It’s time to grow up

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Sometimes you listen to the news and you just want to puke at the atrocities that are being committed against children by their parents – especially mothers.

Today, we celebrate mothers and it’s just wrong for some of these women who are just child bearers to be ‘hitching’ on to the title.
They give birth, but when it comes on to being a mother they don’t have the slightest inclination of what it really entails.

Having a child in the home is no deterrent for them to get the latest hairstyle, outfits and attend the bashiest events – never mind that in doing this it leaves their young ones exposed to all kinds of danger as they are often times left unsupervised at home. Or that their choices mean no food on the table for the hungry babies or that their child will have to miss another day of school.

Being a mother – for them means kids hanging around, but no change in their lifestyle…in fact some will even use their kids as an asset in their earning power –whether by having them hustling on the street or pimping their daughters.

‘Mother’ is an alien word to them and they don’t even have the grace to be ashamed.
This Mother’s Day it is our hope that they will change the vicious cycle and really start caring for their children.

Hopefully then they can bring up children who feel comfortable in their love and can in turn pass the same on to the next generation.