Good Mothers: Keep on caring

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Keep on caring

By Rootzgirl

Today, marks another celebration of Mother’s Day and for some there can never be enough praises heaped on them for their tireless efforts in ensuring they take care of their children in the right and proper way.

In the midst of all those careless mothers out there, who violate the very name of ‘mother’ are those who keep sacrificing to ensure that their children do not lack.

Their often selfless deeds go unacknowledged as no one will ever know the many times they deny eating a meal just so their child can have it, deny buying themselves a well needed pair of shoes just so their child can have a lunch money for school.

Sometimes she has to go it alone as fathers are nowhere around, but she doesn’t allow that to make her bitter, but instead she focus on her charges and make sure they don’t miss out.

Kudos to all the good mothers who are so lonely sometimes because they are working too hard to maintain their families that they can’t even find time to kick back with their girlfriends.

The sad part about this job is that sometimes the very children they have sacrificed for don’t even realize just how much it cost and how much she had to give up to make their dreams come true. They accept her nurturing and care as their due and don’t even spare the time to say ‘Thank You mom”. But still she presses on, knowing that her love cannot cease towards the child she bares.

This Mother’s Day, I just want to big up the real mothers out there – from the mother who farms first and then sells in the market, to the ones who are fatherless by choice and some not, the next kind are the ones who have to steal (butter) to maintain their children, to the ones who are incarcerating trying to make a dollar to survive, to the ones who are up high and low in the corporate sector we salute you and to the fathers who also have to play the motherly role.

Happy Mother’s Day you all - and no you don’t have to give birth to be a mom – if you are a great god-mother, a super aunt, a caring guardian, a woman who adores kids and is always looking out for their wellbeing, you fit just fine in the role.