The Daily Word - Friday April 09 2010

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Divine Order
My life is in divine order.

When I affirm that divine order is established in my life, I am consciously acknowledging my oneness with the principle of order and harmony.

When I open my mind and heart to the wisdom of God, I am laying the foundation for order to take hold. I may feel guided to take a specific action, feel the urge to create something new, or find an elusive solution to a troubling situation easily falling into place.

Realizing that I live in a world of order and harmony, I no longer allow minor disturbances to confuse me. Looking beneath the appearance of disorder to the divine order that underlies it, I maintain my inner calm and serenity.

I am confident that my life is on the right path and that all is in divine order.

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace.--Isaiah 26:3