The Daily Word Sat April 17 2010

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I relax into Spirit and have fun!

Play comes easily to children. They spend entire days engaged in joyful activity.

As an adult, I often become immersed in the seriousness of life and lose touch with the fun-loving child in me.

But when I allow myself to play, I feel connected to Spirit. I am in tune with the lighter side of life. Life seems more amusing when I realize it's not meant to be focused on stress and worry, but on freedom and joy.

When I turn within, I reconnect with my playful spirit. I embrace the happiness that is here for me every day. Play is a natural expression of my being, and another aspect of my growth. When I let go and let God, I enjoy life and play!

And all the people went up following him, playing on pipes and rejoicing with great joy, so that the earth quaked at their noise.--1 Kings 1:40