The Daily Word - Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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World Peace

A new day dawns as we awaken to our Christ consciousness.

Each person on Earth is like a seed, a dormant shell of pure potential, waiting to be transformed into a flower.

We may not have discovered some of our divine attributes, but they are safely tucked within us, waiting to be called forth. Our perfect potential--the very essence of our wholeness--is there inside.

This divine essence is our Christ consciousness. As we awaken to it, we are transformed into wholeness. As we awaken, we live as Jesus lived; we love as Jesus loved. We experience a world of peace and joy.

As a new day dawns, we behold the promise of peace in our hearts and in our world. We are all part of God's radiant garden of humanity, growing into the perfect expression of peace and harmony.

Peace be with you.--Luke 24:36