No DNA test from Oprah


Media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, is refusing to take a DNA test after several men emerged claiming to be her father.

The TV titan was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by her single mother and never knew her dad.

Her life has come under scrutiny in new tell-all book Oprah: A Biography, with writer Kitty Kelley alleging to know the real identity of the father of the star.

Noah Robinson, 84, a Second World War veteran, came forward earlier this month (Apr10) claiming he is the star's dad and alleged he had requested a DNA test from Winfrey last year (09).

The chat show host was left fuming at the claims. "New daddies are saying, 'Hello daughter, call me, I need a new roof.'"

Winfrey is adamant she will not be reaching out to any of them and is refusing to agree to any requests for a DNA test.