Kadeem want tek Killer fi gal clown or what?


After Bounty Killer girl Kadeem .. yeah, the same tall browning who dem call Hennessey and who related to a next entertainer ... yeah, after she mek police lock up Killer, she now a say she sorry cause she never mean it.

But how the story so conflicting?

One minute Killer a beat her up cause she tell him say the relationship done, then now that Killer inna jail and cyan get bail, Kadeem a talk up a next set a tings how she and Bounty want to get on wid them life – TOGETHER. A what really a gwaan. She saya di first time that Killer ever lick her (wink, wink) and everybody know how fi Bounty hand nimble and don’t join church.

So a really love him love her so? But everybody know say him did love and still love Angel and that neva stop him from kill har wid lick.

But, back to this model girl name Kadeem. It come in like say she waan tek Killer fi gal clown. But like Killer say, Kadeem know what you a do.