If you taking the blame

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By Buffilous

Unno si how long mi a cool and nah chat nobady business? Well fi tell di truth mi kinda did a kip myself to myself cause whether yuh believe it or not after a while people problem just meck yuh get depressed. No matter how yuh did deh inna yuh good mood some a yuh friend come to yuh wid dem story and by di time dem done talk yuh depress nuh backside.

Dats why mi try fi kip outa di mix up more time, but nuh matta how mi try sometime mix up find mi! Like dis sistren a mine whey mi got she and fi har man a have major troubles. She deh wid him from wappy kill Phil and mi tink sey dem have dem tink sort out proper by dis, ongle fi mi find out sey har man nuh have no regard fi har madda and she nuh teck tea wid dat deh kinda behaviour at all.

Imagine har madda a get married and him a lick out gainst har going to the wedding.

Yuh nuh get nuh lower dan dat at all. But mi sey she fi go cause a one madda she got. Den pon top a all dat him nuh stop accuse har sey she a guh a har madda country fi go have sex all over di place.

Him nah sleep wid har again cause him claim sey she start aready and all dese things.

Now mi friend hopping mad cause she sey since as she a get di blame dis as cheap she play di game and gi him a whole heap a bun fi di Easter season.

Still mi tell har sey she fi just hol it in and nuh badda go sleep wid nobaddy just fi spite him.