Today's Daily Word - Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Nature's Beauty

I open my eyes to the beauty of nature.

Nature blesses the Earth with plants, animals, forests, oceans, mountains--a vast array of beauty. As I notice nature's beauty and take time to enjoy the magnificence of my surroundings, I see the beauty of God.

Opening my eyes to new expressions of God's beauty I take a different route home from work, visit a local park or choose a new path on my daily walk. Or I take a vacation or go on a family outing, consciously taking time to relax, breathing in the majesty all around.

Slowing down and enjoying the beauty of nature is one of the best things I can do for myself, for it renews my spirit and opens my heart to the magnificence of God.

The earth brought forth vegetation: plants yielding seed of every kind, and trees of every kind.... And God saw that it was good.--Genesis 1:12