Today's Daily Word - Saturday, January 16, 2010

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I am free from limitation of any kind.

I know that the same Spirit is in me as was in Jesus Christ, and I follow the path He showed me to perfect freedom. He knew that the spiritual power within Him was greater than any force in the world and that nothing could hold Him in bondage. Following in His footsteps, I affirm that nothing can enslave me, for the spiritual power within me enables me to rise above any limitation.

I speak the word of Truth with the authority that comes from knowing of my Christ dominion and mastery. If in the past I have allowed thoughts of fear to dominate me, I now assert my divine authority over these limiting beliefs. As I become aware of my true freedom in Christ, new vistas of happiness and accomplishment open before me.

--Adapted from Daily Word, August 5, 1950
For freedom Christ has set us free.--Galatians 5:1