How Lisa Hype a go get rid a di tattoo dem?


What Lisa Hyper a go do with all the tattoo dem pon her body that talk bout gaza? This is a lesson to all a oonu who just buy out this tattoo ting. Onnu must stop scrawl up man name all over oonu body cause when oonu and di man lef and oonu get a new man is a big problem. Cause tattoo can’t rub out or wash off, so tink twice and thrice before oonu plaster oonu body with all kind a tings.

  • laza nuh worry you head over nuh duty nasty pussy hole cauz alot of them a do wicked on you.just contiue do you thing girl.

  • your body u do anything u please, however if you want those tattoo off, it can be done by laser.

  • big up to u lisa hype, continue to do your best, the haters will allways try to keep you down, but a prosperity wi looking forward to, all the best to you my girl, more success and less stress.

  • Incognito

    Gaza u nuh easy wid u comments She caan do nutten but get laser tattoo removal which cost more dan di actual tattoo. She can also tattoo over it, if shi caan afford di laaza treatment.

    Guess mi a one a di few leff wah nuh hab tattoo.

  • Brittney_goodas

    Weh Lisa hype wahn fi do wid ar body Mek ar gwann. If she feel like seh she hot nuhbody can tell ar different. She still NuH understand seh she Nuh deh pon gaza Nuh more!!!

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