Today's Daily Word - Sunday, December 20 , 2009

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Joy is my divine birthright, my natural state.

Joy is my natural state of being. When I am expressing joy, I feel intimately connected to God. At times when I fully experience a joyful manifestation of Spirit, I may feel a wellspring of emotion. It is a great gift to witness a sunset, hold the hand of a frail loved one, behold the innocent face of a newborn child and then to express my heartfelt gratitude for that moment, that person, that inspiration.

When I experience joy, I fully understand my reason for being. All else falls away, all worries, all doubts. I am one with the Creator. I am fully present, fully engaged in life. I am called to find joy, to be joy, to wake up to joy in every moment.

You show me the path of life.In your presence there is fullness of joy.--Psalm 16:11