Portmore Empire Leader Vybz Kartel has officially announced that the Portmore Empire is parting ways with Dancehall deejay Lisa Hype. Kartel issues the following statement:

Lisa Hype is no longer a part of the Portmore Empire. The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire. She is an incredible artist and we wish for her all the best in her future endeavors, but Lisa Hype will not play a future role in the Empire as she no longer fits in with our organizational goals as we move forward in 2010.

--Adidja "Vybz Kartel" Palmer--

  • i dont know if anyone else has noticed , but the same top that lisa is wearing at the top of this blog is the same one she has on the day she was sucking on the cocky , and to be honest from the look of the legs on the man , that is no other than vybz kartel.

    I cant believe ive only discovered this website, i am so in with this , if anyone know what event she was at wearing that outfit let me know so i can do some detective work , and if anyone knows of any pics where kartels legs are exposed , im going to prove that its the teacher whose in that picture. i guess lisa wouldnt say because she dont want fi dead .

    also i dont see anything wrong in sucking some cock , that cock looks like it needs some sucking i would suck it and then fucking ride it , who dont like that is a fucking fake, where i come from sucking cock is the norm , i love it and lisa is a stupid bitch for going on and singing bout she dont suck cocky , if you do it be proud of it .

  • Abril

    y'all know say he was gonna kick har out so don't act like it strainge cause him a fuck spice and by the way she neva deserve fi stay deh and kartel is not a faggot cause him wouldn't a sing bout pussy so much and turn round go fuck batty. if a mei like kartel mi wouldda tell unu say unu daddy chat too much unu come afa di man .

  • jamal kerr

    gully me say de boy haffi come a guyana again a wa me hear demarco sing a sonmg called woman problem a who it really referring to a think before that mavado sing a song called give her everything dahlia left mavado or de other girl anyway she will regret alliance big up u self ,scare dem and david house munga and kolangi large up a straight hollow tips fe gaza and ras moley wa ride kartel like a pack a dagger condom .bullet fe husbad and wive kartel and beenie go married soon , him a sing song on enemy lines dissing killa bullet me say him and de bore tongue fag , faggeisha ashem calmer

  • jamal kerr

    real thing, gaza corrupt since de boy deh a side a killa him did a par wid killa enemy 2006 year end him left alliance,him kick out deva,him violate aidonia and aidonia turn pon alliance fe him ,bramma left empire tru to addi,lisa bites ,me change she name because she a do things that she not to do ,as a mentor kartel suppose to show he followers the right thing,i dont know if she decide fe bite or addi ask her fe prove her love and she do it, dem thing na happen pon de gully,alliance fe life,now he and de genius at it and de man produce hits fe him,de only people that fraid a kartel is he own,nobody else,he in de middle a di war look how people want he head now mad cobra a diss he and him a badman,kartel must a get one duppy to he name he have fe add that fe reach with mad cobra de boy wa a say howdie out dated ,anybody wa rate gaza ova gully fe suck uno mother a k we clap inna gaza face killa say that,him sing a song and na sing it properly bout gal a wa me do u mek u do me dat bloodclatt a d same thing u do lisa bites she do u back but u did not expect it bore tongue battyman and bowcock shorty, a wonder a which one a addi gal mavado fuck,him badmind mavado people must listen to these songs in dept,him try fe kill mavado him send police fe de don,listen to these song informer ft brasco, lippy lippy ,chiney k, ma dogs,touch di road,even if them kill me and de biggest song, me hear them sit down and dying fe hear me dead,when police full de scheme de thugs them empty de magazine cause mavado na dash way gun when de see five o, then a pussy from de empire sing about mavado is a one day gangsta him name nuclear suck u mada battyboy,dem just a talk dem na do it,but them shot up de jeep with police thats why bigga ford suck him teeth

  • Movado

    any boy no rate kartel suck u mada pussy

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