jason-hall.jpgJason Hall former Deputy Director of Tourism at the Jamaica Tourist Board. has been appointed by the Board of Supreme Ventures Limited to the position of Vice President, Marketing, effective Monday.

Mr. Hall will be responsible for leading the team of brand managers in the development and execution of the marketing strategies needed for the successful growth and profitability of the non-lottery brands under the company's portfolio.

Cops probe death of popular businessman Paul Seaton

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crime-scene-7.jpgThe Barnett Street police in St. James are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the son of businessman Y.P. Seaton.

The body of businessman Paul Seaton, 55, of Malibu Close, Kingston 8, was found on a beach in Montego Bay about 6:00 a.m. on Sunday.

It is reported that Mr. Seaton was at a tournament on Saturday when he jumped from a boat and attempted to swim ashore.

Investigators are awaiting the results of a post mortem.

danielle-dj.jpgcecile.jpgDancehall vixens Cecile and Danielle D.I. have been squabbling on social media after Ce'Cile apparently took offence to Danielle D.I. calling herself 'Bad Gyal D.I' during a television interview.

According to Ce'Cile, who also goes by the 'Bad Gyal' name, she was the first to claim the title.

"Quick pretty question. When I said bad gyal nobody said it before because I think that as an artiste you should be original. I have seen a few artistes since refer to themselves as bad gyal - case in point Bad Gyal Bambi and Bad Gyal Rihanna... a rock star so she can do anything she wants ... but I have never heard them claim the name," Ce'Cile said.

She added: "But when you do an interview and say that your are the original or official then clearly you are not. I hope the voice is no autotune neither. I am just saying put some respeck on my name. At least give credit because Google don't lie."

Danielle D.I., who caught wind of the Ce'Cile's post, swiftly responded, throwing jabs of her own. She even went as far as to imply that Ce'Cile was miserable since her high profile relationship with another entertainer failed to materialise.

"Dear little Cinderella, this a bad gyal D.I. Yes, I did say it on Hype TV last Friday night and I will continue to say it. You are not bad gyal. Bad gyal how? Furthermore, no one sees or considers you BAD in the 1st place, so no need for the SHADE," Danielle D.I. said.

"For your information, YES, Class have autotune, and so do many many hit songs in the world. This is why the industry can't grow. Instead of building another female you're trying to break one down. Back in the days I THOUGHT you were cool, we did a collab together and it was all good. What the hell happened you? What made you so angry? Are you angry cause Mr you know who not putting the respect on your NAME," she added.

We a beg Missa Laing fi have a bad gal section inna Sting this year and dash in all a di female artiste dem who tink seh dem bad. At the end of the ultimate bad gal clash, then Sting must crown the winner.

How that sound?

Over to you Supreme Promotions.

Neither Ce'cile nor DI is a 'bad gal' ....Just saying

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danielle-dj.jpgcecile.jpgWhy Cecile and DI tink seh either of dem is a bad gal? Mumma Nancy was a bad gal DJ and so too Lady Saw. But dem two yah doan mek di cut. Riri is plenty times more bad gal than Cecille because all now Cecile doan prove herself, so we nuh understand how she a own up title that she cyaan even defent.

Nah tell no lie - FI try and is still trying. But 'bad nah'? Nah. ...Just saying.

Freddie McGregor nominated for award in Colombia

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freddie-mcgregor.jpgFreddie McGregor has been nominated for the 'Guachupé de Oro' award in Colombia.

According to a news release from the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport - Minister Olivia Grange extended congratulations to the 'Big Ship' singer who describes as "truly embodies what the award is all about".

The award, which is presented by the Colombia Negra Foundation, honours people whose actions, creations and effort contribute to the development, promotion and increased knowledge about Afro-Colombian, Afro-American and African Culture.

According to Minister Grange, "Freddie, like many of Jamaica's entertainers, continues to be purveyors of positive music that uplifts and brings people of all races together. The ministry is proud to support his nomination and delighted to provide funding to enable him and his band to participate in this event."

McGregor and his 'Big Ship' Band will be representing Jamaica at two shows, September 22nd and 24th, in Bogota, as a part of the International Black Expression Encounter 2016, for Peace without Racism.

Shaggy, Agent Sasco clash on Instagram

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assassin-agent-sasco-photo-1.jpg Fans of dancehall artistes Shaggy and Agent Sasco got the time of their lives when the two engaged in a friendly clash on Instagram.

The friendly lyrical clash started when Direalshaggy posted a hilarious video of the Cookie Monster comparing the character to Sasco. Seems the Agent wasn't about to sit by and let his friend embarrass him on social media and responded with some fiery lyrics.

Ban on nigh-time entertainment in St Elizabeth lifted

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A ban on nighttime entertainment activities in St Elizabeth has been lifted.

Superintendent Lansford Salmon, head of the St. Elizabeth Police, said the ban on the last two remaining communities - Breas River and Barbary Hall have been lifted. The ban on Lacovia was also recently lifted.

Superintendent Salmon stated that the police are now satisfied that the problems which resulted in the ban have subsided and calm has returned.

Drake goes vinyl with latest album

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drake-wimbledon.jpgAfter the success of his last three albums, rapper Drake is offering fans vinyl editions of the albums for the first time.

The albums are Views, What A Time To Be Alive, a collaboration with Future and If You're reading This It's Too Late.

With the slow sales of albums in the last decade, Drake has managed to stay afloat.

Views is expected to return to the top of the Billboard 200 chart, which marks 12 weeks at number one.