Bob Marley 70th Birthday Celebration

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bob-marley-70th-birthday-celebration.jpgSunday 9th August, 10 AM to 6 PM, Fairmount Park

4300 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, PA 19131
(Avenue of the Republic & West Memorial Hall Road)

TRINIDAD: No guns allowed in court

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gun-crime.jpgThe Trinidadian Judiciary says it is baffled that police officers on Monday refused to enter the Arima Magistrates' Court because they were not allowed to take their service weapons inside.

In a media release yesterday, representatives of the judiciary said the practice was not new and was implemented in accordance with international best practice years ago.

However, police officers, who had matters at the court on Monday, queried the procedure and eventually refused to enter the court after they were told they would have to be subjected to scans and could not go in with their weapons.

This reportedly led to confrontations between the officers and court security personnel.

vegas-featured.jpgDancehall artiste Mr. Vegas took to social media to express outrage, as he reacted to news that a boy in the Fort Lauderdale community was told that he was not allowed to read his bible in school.

"Now this is when you know seh people no have no respect for the creator anymore!!!," said a clearly upset Mr. Vegas on Facebook.

"It is ok to teach kids about what you think is right and not what the father said! May God help us all!" he added.

According to FOX news a South Florida fifth grader's bible was confiscated, after he pulled out the holy book to read during free reading time at Park Lakes Elementary School on April 8.

A voicemail sent from the teacher to the parent of the fifth graded recorded the teacher as saying, "I noticed that he has a book, a religious book, in the classroom. He is not permitted to read those books in my classroom".

bill-cosby.jpgBill Cosby admitted in 2005 that he secured quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with and that he gave the sedative to at least one woman and other people, according to documents obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

Bill Cosby's lawyer says revealing court documents would cause 'embarrassment' Reuters

Bill Cosby's lawyers ask judge to toss out defamation suit Associated Press

Cosby's lawyers insisted that two of the accusers knew they were taking quaaludes from the comedian, according to the unsealed documents.

Nevertheless, attorneys for some of the numerous women suing Cosby seized on the testimony as powerful corroboration of what they have been saying all along: that he drugged and raped women.

The AP had gone to court to compel the release of a deposition in a sexual-abuse case filed by former Temple University employee Andrea Constand, the first of a cascade of lawsuits against him that have severely damaged his good-guy image.

Cosby's lawyers had objected to the release of the material, arguing it would embarrass him. Ultimately, a judge unsealed just a small portion of the deposition.

"The stark contrast between Bill Cosby, the public moralist and Bill Cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper (and perhaps criminal) conduct is a matter as to which the AP - and by extension the public - has a significant interest," U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno wrote.

Cosby, with his oft-espoused views on topics including childrearing, family life, education and crime, "has voluntarily narrowed the zone of privacy that he is entitled to claim," the judge wrote.

Cosby, who starred as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show" from 1984 to 1992, settled Constand's lawsuit under confidential terms in 2006. His lawyers in the Philadelphia case did not immediately return telephone calls seeking comment on Monday. Constand consented to be identified but did not want to comment, her lawyer said.

"This evidence shows a pattern in which defendant 'mentored' naive young women and introduced drugs into the relationship, with and without the woman's knowledge, in order for him to achieve sexual satisfaction," Constand's lawyer, Dolores M. Troiani, argued in court papers.

Cosby, 77, has been accused by more than two dozen women of sexual misconduct in episodes dating back more than four decades. Cosby has never been charged with a crime, and the statute of limitations on most of the accusations has expired.

"If today's report is true, Mr. Cosby admitted under oath 10 years ago sedating women for sexual purposes," said Lisa Bloom, attorney for model Janice Dickinson, who says she was drugged and raped.

Ancient Priest is Festival Song winner

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ancient-priest.jpgLee-Roy 'Ancient Priest' Johnson won the top spot at Saturday's staging of Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) Jamaica Festival Song Competition.

During the performance of his single Celebration Time, almost everyone stood and danced to the lyrics. The cheers grew even louder when he was announced the winner. Besides the JCDC trophy, Ancient Priest walked away with $500,000 and a consolation prize of $30,000 for Best Performer.

"I entered this competition very confident. Being a Christian, I prayed a lot and knew that I had the song Jamaica needs now," an elated Ancient Priest told the Jamaica Observer, after being announced winner.

A music teacher by profession and enrolled at Northern Caribbean University in Manchester, the singer said he is working on his debut gospel album entitled I Am Ancient Priest, slated to be released in October.

This is not the entertainer's first entry in the JCDC song finals as he was also a finalist in 2010 and 2012. Both years, he copped prizes including Best Performance, Best Lyrics and Best Arrangement.

Another crowd favourite, Oniel 'Nazzleman' Scott earned the second-place title and $250,000 for the single Little But We Tallawah, while third place went to Sherlette 'Princess' Black. The visually impaired Princess warmed the hearts of the audience and judges with her single Sweet Festival Sound.

Marsha Marie Campbell cropped the Online Voters Award and $20,000.

Former winners Heather 'Brown Sugar' Grant and four-time winner Roy Rayon.

nikki-z-photo-2.jpgA morning slot on FAME FM is possible Nikki Z's next stop on radio in Jamaica.

Nikki Z is heading to Fame FM.

"She'll work the 5:00 am to 9:00 am shift," the source said.

Nikki Z (given name Nicole Duhaney) would neither confirm nor deny the move.

Up to a few weeks ago, however, she hosted the weekday morning programme called The Mawning Show at Hot 102 FM.

A former member of the US Army, she also did a three-year stint at ZIP 103 FM. She started her own imprint, Goldie Lox Productions, and produced the hit single Don't Cry by Mavado. The single was featured on his Billboard charting album Gangsta for Life.

Fame FM is a radio brand under the RJR Communications Group.

Vegas Heats up BET Experience

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vegas-world-unity-reggae.jpgMr Vegas was on fire during his performance at the BTX Carnival, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, downtown Los Angeles, California, on Sunday.

Vegas stole the hearts of the fans inside the venue for the free concert, staged as part of the BET Experience.

The seasoned dancehall artiste delivered a high-energy set which included many of his popular hits. He kept patrons jumping and singing along to songs from his vast catalogue, including Nike Air, I Am Blessed, Party Tun Up, Heads High, Hot Wuk, Bruk It Dung, and the recently released My Jam.

Vegas also showed off his vocal range by singing several popular reggae numbers which went over well with the crowd.

Mr Vegas said he was overwhelmed by the response he received at the event.

"The response I got at the BTX Carnival was awesome. I delivered a very strong performance and the fans showed me a lot of appreciation. The comments I've been getting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are overwhelming," he said.

Meanwhile, Vegas is getting ready to embark on a month-long European tour with his MV Music charges Latty J and Natel.

"I'm very excited about this tour, I love touring and performing for my fans. Tours are very important and it is one of the best ways to ensure the growth of your fan base as an artiste," Vegas added.

world-bank.jpgThe World Bank is warning that the current warm weather around the world could push up global food prices in coming months.

The warning came even as the World Bank said bumper crops for certain agricultural produce and cheap oil drove global food prices to a five-year low at the end of May. But it said the El Nino phenomenon, rising oil prices and a stronger U.S. dollar were threatening global food prices.

The world has already seen an 18 per cent decline in the price of wheat over the eight months to the end of May.

The price of rice fell 14 per cent in the same period, while corn price declined by six per cent.

Water restriction tightened again

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In the face of a continuing rapid decline in inflows into the major Corporate Areas Water Supply Systems, the

National Water Commission (NWC) is now forced to increase its water supply restrictions to customers in the

Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) served by the Hermitage/Constant Spring, Mona, Hope and Seaview water supply systems with immediate effect.

The new water supply regime will see most areas receiving water on alternating days in a bid by the water utility to both serve as many customers as possible and stretch the dwindling supplies.

The new Water Management plan means that areas which are supplied on a Tuesday will then be supplied again on the subsequent Thursday and Saturday, and so on while the areas supplied on the Wednesday of that week will be supplied again on the subsequent Friday and Sunday. While some areas in the Corporate Area will continue to receive supplies daily either based on the system that serves them or where they are located on the network, most areas will now receive every other day. Regrettably, despite our best efforts, some areas may still encounter challenges in being supplied. The Commission will seek to serve these areas via trucks.


Rio Cobre and Constant Spring Supply

Day 1 4am to 8pm
Eastwood Park
Moreton Park
Red Hills Rd
Patrick City
Duhaney Park
Meadowbrook Estate
Central Ave
Sullivan Ave
White Hall
Chancery Hall
Mannings Hill road

Mona Filter Plant
Day 1 4am to 8pm
New Kingston
Cross Rds
Slipe Rd
Marescaux Rd
Glenmore Rd
Kingston Public Hospital
Marcus Garvey
Trench Town
West Kingston
South Camp Rd
Oxford Rd
Arthur Wint Dr

Hope Filter Plant
Day 1 4am to 8pm
Hope Pastures
Gordon Town
University Hospital
University of the West Indies
University of Technology
Upper sections of Old Hope Rd

Rio Cobre and Constant Spring Supply
Day 2 4am to 8pm
Washington Gardens
Cooreville Gardens
Red Hills, Forrest Hills, Belvedere, Kirkland
Chisholm Ave
Maxfield Ave
Seaward Dr
Cargill Ave
Balmoral Ave
Ballater Ave
Molynes Rd
Sundown Cres
Olympic Gardens
Washington Gardens
Bay Farm Rd
Seaview Gardens
Hagley Park Rd
Richmond Park
Delacree Park
Cherry Gardens

Mona Filter Plant
Day 2 4am to 8pm
East Kings House Rd
West Kings House Rd
Mountain View Ave
Deanery Rd
Norman Gardens
Rollington Town
Franklyn Town
Windward Rd
Harbour View
Port Royal
Hope Rd

Hope Filter Plant
Day 2 4am to 8pm
Mona Heights
August Town
Old Hope Rd
Beverly Hills
College Common