Cops seek mother who beat student in viral video

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The police are looking for the mother in this now viral video making the rounds on social media. It shows a mother whopping a young girl who has reportedly been harassing the woman's daughter. Both girls attend the same school.

However, while there is a debate about the fact that the mother should not have assaulted the young student by hitting her first and then starting a fight, other are of the opinion that the woman should be croowned 'Mother of the Year'.

The girl is seen exalting herself and telling the woman's daughteer that she will hit her in front of her mother as she wasn't afraid of anybody.

Well, at that point the mother lost it and there endeth the reading of the lesson. All attempts at having a conversation went flying through the window as Mon grabbed the defiant student and started an onslaught.

The student is obviously a good fighter and defended herself well, until she was pushed into a ditch.

Take a look!

Health benefits of sorrell

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Christmas Jamaica style means preparing and drinking a lot of sorrel. And the great thing is that sorrel is one of the healthiesst drinks one can find.

The health benefits includes supporting a healthy digestion, managing blood pressure, improves vision, supply energy and aid blood circulation, increases immunity, improves skin health, promotes healthy bones, manages diabetes, prevents cancer, treats herpes zoster, detoxify the body and supply the body with vitamin A.

What is Sorrel?

Sorrel is an annual, bushy plant and a perennial herb that comes from the Buckwheat family. It breeds in a varied range of climates, which is why it can be found in each type of weather, in different regions of the world. It is also used to make a popular drink known as Karkade, which comes from Egypt and is well-known for its health benefits. Different parts of this plant are used to make soups, spices, sauces, medicines, and jams. The most common type of sorrel that has the highest value is Hibiscus Sabdariffa, commonly referred to as Roselle, Red Sorrel, or Jamaican Sorrell.

Hibiscus is typically grown to add flavor to food due to its sharp taste, but it packs several advantages like improving vision, regulating blood pressure, boosting heart health, etc. The potent tangy taste of the plant comes from Oxalic Acid, which is similar to kiwis or wild strawberries. Oxalic acid is known to be toxic if taken in large doses but is totally safe if consumed in small, controlled portions.

Sorrel packs high amounts of dietary fiber and is loaded with vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, vitamin B6, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium. It is seen as an excellent anti-microbe and antioxidant, making it the primary component of the popular Essiac tea. In terms of advantageous organic ingredients, it consists of flavonoids, polyphenolic acids, and anthocyanins. All these elements present in the Sorrel plant make it surprisingly beneficial for an individual's health.

Impressive Health Benefits of Sorrel

1. Helps with Digestion

The high level of fiber present in the majority of sorrel types means that your digestive health can be enhanced by incorporating these plants into your salads and soups. Dietary fiber adds substance to food as it goes through the digestive system, enhancing your gastrointestinal health and minimizing conditions such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and cramping, along with gastrointestinal problems. Dietary fiber can also help decrease overall cholesterol in the body, thus reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, strokes, and heart attacks.

2. Manages Blood Pressure

Sorrel contains a high potassium level (a single cup contains 15% of your daily recommended intake), which is a key mineral for a healthy human body. Potassium is a vasodilator, and also crucial in regulating fluid balance throughout your entire body. This implies that potassium minimizes strain on the cardiovascular system by soothing the arteries and blood vessels. Lowered blood pressure minimizes the risk of dangerous or even fatal blood clotting and excess stress on the heart that can result in coronary disease and other cardiovascular complications.

3. Improves Vision

Vitamin A is a vital vitamin found in sorrel and has been closely linked with the betterment of eyesight and a reduction of cataracts and macular degeneration. Beta-carotene, an offshoot of vitamin A, acts likes an antioxidant, and when combined with other key antioxidant elements present in the body, it can significantly enhance your eye health and prevent age-related issues.

4. Energy and Circulation

The high levels of iron in sorrel mean that it increases the red blood cell production and prevents iron deficiency (anemia). Improved circulation increases oxygen levels in the important organs throughout the body, sparks hair growth, increase levels of energy, and quicken the healing process (in combination with the protein content found in sorrel).

5. Increases Immunity

The presence of vitamin C in sorrel is pretty impressive (one cup of the plant has 106% of your daily suggested intake), meaning that your immune system can be optimized. Vitamin C also referred to as ascorbic acid, increases the production of white blood cells and stimulates the immune system, which is the first line of protection against pathogens and other free radicals present in the body.

6. Improves Skin Health

Sorrel leaf is packed with vitamin C, which is extremely important in protecting our skin against wrinkles and tightening it. In addition to that, sorrel leaves are excellent for relieving itch and ringworms owing to their anti-allergic and anti-microbial properties.

7. Improves Kidney Health

Red sorrel and sheep sorrel have found to be beneficial in a study published by Washington University, in Saint Louis. The study confirms that the leaves have the ability to cure acute diseases such as kidney stones and clean out the urinary tract if the patient consumes the leaves' juice regularly. They also help prevent the formation of kidney stones, and their growth

8. Promotes Healthy Bones

A single cup of sorrel packs 123 mg of calcium. Adequate amounts of calcium in your diet help keep your teeth and bones strong and healthy. Calcium is also very important for transmitting messages from your brain to the rest of the body. A calcium deficiency increases the risk of abnormal heartbeat and osteoporosis, so make sure to stock up on sorrel and consume it in controlled portions.

9. Managing Diabetes

Sorrel comes from the oxalis family, which has been closely linked with improving the conditions of diabetes and enhancing heart health. This is probably due to the presence of organic elements and anthocyanin in sorrel, which interact with practically every bodily system to enhance their health and functionality.

10. Prevents Cancer

Even though research is ongoing regarding the antioxidant components of sorrel, there is still a good amount of evidence present suggesting that the plant indeed contains flavonoids, polyphenolic compounds, and anthocyanins, all of which act as antioxidants. The abundance of antioxidants is pretty effective at fighting free radicals and eliminating them before they can mutate healthy cells into cancerous ones.

11. Rich In Vitamin A

One cup of sorrel has 164 IU of vitamin A, which is critical for your body's optimum functions. Vitamin A helps fight bacteria and viruses that enter your body and make you sick. Moreover, it helps with reproduction, cell division and fights free radicals.

12. Treats Herpes Zoster

Varicella-zoster virus is a stubborn virus that causes herpes zoster that can remain dominant for years. The Chinese used red sorrel as a topical and oral treatment for herpes zoster and was found to be very effective.

13. Detoxifies the Body

Controversial NeSol to be closed

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andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgPrime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that the state-run entity National Energy Solutions Limited (NESol) which has been at the centre of controversy regarding its operations is to be closed. He made the announcement at Monday morning's media briefing.

Holness said the operations of other entities which fall under the Energy Ministry are also under review.

The spotlight has been on NESol following allegations that it breached government contracting guidelines when it hired Peak Energy Solutions to work on a multi-million dollar project.

Peak Energy Solutions was paid more than $12 million for work, despite the absence of a contract.

This raised questions, especially after it was revealed that former head of NESol Carolyn Warren, and the owner of Peak Energy Solutions, Lenny Gordon, were former co-workers at media entity Nationwide News Network.

Four days of celebration for Reggae Girlz

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minister-babsy-grange.jpgMinister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sport, Olivia Grange, has announced a schedule of activities to honour the Reggae Girlz' historic qualification to the FIFA Women's World Cup finals.

The four days of activities will begin on Saturday, December 15 with a motorcade, the minister informed in a release this afternoon.

The Reggae Girlz, the first Caribbean team to qualify for the showpiece event, were on Saturday drawn in Group C alongside number six-ranked Australia, number 10-ranked Brazil, and Italy, ranked at number 16, making a return to the competition for the first time since 1999.

"I want them to feel very special," said Grange, noting that the motorcade will go through the Corporate Area.

"It will go into St Catherine. One of the stops will be GC Foster (College of Physical Education and Sport). Two of the girls are from Arnett Gardens, so we're going to do something there. And we want to take them to western Jamaica."

Grange said it was "important that the girls are given a hero's welcome and shown appreciation for their outstanding achievement" of qualifying for the World Cup Finals to be held in France in 2019. "We want to ensure that as many Jamaicans see them and we're asking all Jamaicans to join us in celebrating with them. We want to make sure that they go to France ready to tek it to dem".

The celebratory activities include a major praise, worship and thanksgiving concert at Emancipation Park on Sunday, December 16 featuring some of the biggest names in local gospel music including Kevin Downswell, Kukudoo, Sista Pat and Wayne Marshall.

kalado-photo-7.jpgDancehall artise Kalado had a brief encounter with the law Sunday over what police officers thought were three high-powered rifles found in his possession.

It was reported that the police apprehended the entertainer, whose given name is Eton Gordon, in Lakes Pen, Spanish Town in St Catherine as he was making his way to Portmore.

He was taken into custody, however, upon closer inspection, it was found that the weapons were fake.

"The guns weren't real, they were water guns," a district constable at the constabulary's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU).

She further disclosed that Kalado was on his way to a video shoot at the time

The artiste was subsequently released.

crime-scene-gun.jpgA 25 year-old district constable and a 62-year-old woman are dead after what investigators believe was a murder-suicide committed at Islington Police Station in St Mary Sunday. Reports are that the District Constable Toyan Ormsby shot Dawnette Maxwell then turned the gun on himself on the compound of the police station. Details were sketchy last night and it was not immediately clear what caused the incident.

However, unconfirmed reports are that Maxwell was the grandmother of Ormsby lover and the two were at odds.

The police force's communications arm, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), said that the constabulary's Chaplaincy Unit had been activated to offer grief counselling to all parties affected by the incident which occurred about 1:40 pm.

The CCU also said that the Community Safety and Security Branch had also been directed to offer support.

Julian Marley "War Zone" VIDEO PREMIERE!

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zoblast-weekly-newsletter.jpgzoblast-world-wide-ghetto-youths-international.jpgjulian-marley-war-zone-official-video-premiere.jpgJULIAN MARLEY




Ghetto Youths International and Zojak World Wide are proud to present to you, "War Zone," from the upcoming album, "As I Am," by Julian Marley. The single is available to stream/download today, accompanied by a powerful visual depicting the hostile state of the world, live now on JulianMarleyVEVO.


listening-music.jpgFollow Julian Marley on social media!





grammy.jpgThe 2019 Grammy nominations have just been released and with the highly anticipated 'Best Reggae Album' nominees, reggae lovers are excited to see who will take home the award. The nominees are:

As The World Turns - Black Uhuru

Reggae Forever - Etana

Rebellion Rises - Ziggy Marley

A Matter Of Time - Protoje

44/876 - Sting & Shaggy

Buju Banton to be released from prison TODAY!!!

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buju-banton-photo-11.jpgReports are that the highly anticipated release of incarcerated Jamaican entertainer Buju Banton from a United States prison has been pushed forward to today. All along, Buju's release date had been given as Saturday, December 8, 2018.

However, the new date was confirmed by a prison officer at the McRae Correctional Institution in Telfair County, Georgia, where Buju is serving his prison term.

Buju, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was slated to be released tomorrow, but the United States Bureau of Prisons update its website overnight and changed his release date from December 8, 2018, to 'unknown'.

However, checks with the prison this morning revealed that the singer's release date has been changed to December 7, 2018.

The prison officer declined to say when Buju will be sent back to Jamaica, stating that it would be a breach of security policy to reveal such information.

Buju, a Grammy award-winning entertainer, was convicted for drug trafficking on February 22, 2011, in Tampa, Florida.

He was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment.