A Facebook page was recently created which shows pictures of Vybz Kartel as well as messages with various women speaking of oral sex.

One of the women is alleged to be Gaza Slim, however sources are saying that the information on the Facebook page could have been manipulated by the police to make both artistes look bad in the eyes of the public.

The page also carries 3 videos featuring Vybz Kartel and his friends socializing about certain issues.

Tessanne Chin marked another milestone in her life. The Season Five winner of NBC's 'The Voice' now has her own official rum.

Accompanied by her sister, Tami Chynn, and Solid Agency's Marlon Bourke, Tessanne was at an exclusive ceremony at J. Wray & Nephew Limited's corporate office in New Kingston, where the presentation was made.

The occasion was in celebration of the singer's accomplishments and there she was gifted with a one-of-a-kind rum created just for her.

Clearly overwhelmed by J. Wray & Nephew's decision, Chin reflected on the moment she heard the news saying that she was truly honoured.

Admitting to being a lover of Appleton, Chin described the moment as an honour.

The New York Post is reporting that a Jamaican music executive who fled the United States after participating in a murder more than 10 years ago, has been arrested in New York.

Kevin Reynolds, the CEO of Twenty First Hapilos Digital Distribution, was arrested at the John F.Kennedy International Airport in New York. The newspaper reported that Reynolds had been on the run since 2002, but had assumed the identity of a 'Dennis Graham', and managed to obtain passports and other documents under this assumed identity.

He also managed to form and successfully operate the company, which is known for its digital distribution of reggae and dancehall music, and with offices in Kingston and New York.

He was arrested on the weekend by New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force and NYPD detectives, as he waited to board a flight to Jamaica.

According to the Post, he was wanted for the 2002 shooting death of Winston King who was shot in front of his 11-year-old daughter in Silver Spring Maryland.

The newspaper quotes law enforcement sources who claim he disappeared, changed his identity and eluded police for 12 years. It states that despite being wanted, Reynolds established himself as a music entrepreneur under his new identity, and successfully travelled between Jamaica and the US without detection until last weekend when he was nabbed.


Cashtastic, a South London rapper and Universal Music Publishing signee, has been deported to his home country Jamaica.

Cashtastic, real name Cashief Nichols, was detained by the UK Border Force agency due to a technicality with his immigration status since moving to the the UK from Jamaica aged 6.

He was reportedly granted bail on March 4th, however he was detained for a further two weeks and forced to leave the UK.

"I've been detained/given removal directions by the UKBA. They're sayin even tho I came to the UK at age 6 I have no right to be here!"

"A judge gave me bail on march 4th then immigration detained me two weeks later again." he tweeted.

Since then, the star has received a huge amount of support from fans and other artists including Wiley, Angel, Harvey (So Solid), Fuse ODG, George The Poet and more.

The rapper was one of the best young talents in the UK and was on the brink of breaking into the commercial rap market.

**NEW**- Cashtastic- Life On The Edge (Official Video)- **Taken from the ALARM CLOCK EP**


Entertainers vehicles seized!!!

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christopher-martin-photo-4.jpgAccording to sources, two popular entertainers have had their motor vehicles confiscated by the police. One has been identified as reggae crooner Christopher Martin.

The vehicles were reportedly seized as part of a major crackdown by the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) and the Revenue Protection Division (RPD) of the Ministry of Finance.

It was being alleged that the vehicles were illegally imported, Christopher Martin's manager, Kingy, however, denied these allegations.

"We didn't import the vehicle. We bought the vehicle from a registered car lot. We went to the lot, saw the vehicle, liked it and purchased it. We have all the legal documents supporting this. Chris had the car for almost three years. This really came as a surprise to us," he said.

Kingy added that their lawyers are currently looking into the matter, but in the meantime, they are focusing their attention on Martin's upcoming debut album 'Stepping Razor' which will be released by the end of summer.

It is also being alleged that the son of a prominent politician also had his vehicle confiscated.


Incarcerated entertainer, Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer, has released a statement appealing the perpetrators of threats against journalists to stop.

The Jamaica Observer reported this morning that its crime reporter, Karyl Walker, and Abka Fitz Henley of Nationwide News Network have been threatened by Kartel's callers.

But according to the statement released through Kartel's lawyer, Tom Tavares-Finson, the artiste wants such action to stop.

"Such action is not helping me or my fellow appellants and is playing into the hands of the police and others who are seeking to discredit me and prejudice the fair hearing of my appeal," Kartel wrote.


It was brought to my attention this morning by a member of my legal team that a number of persons including journalists have reported receiving threats from persons purportedly acting on my behalf.

During my sentencing hearing my Attorney Tom Tavares-Finson indicated to the court that I hold no ill-will to any of the persons involved in my trial neither the Police, Prosecutors, Executives from Digicel and certainly not any member of the Media who covered my trial in a manner which exposed the weaknesses in the Prosecution's case for all the world to see.

I reiterate the position "I hold no ill-well [sic] to anyone who was involved in my trial" and I put my faith in the judicial system and the appeal process on which we have now embarked.

I appeal to any misguided individual or individuals who may think it appropriate to seek to threaten or intimidate anyone, to stop it.

Such action is not helping me or my fellow appellants and is playing into the hands of the Police and others who are seeking to discredit me and prejudice the fair hearing of my appeal.

In the meantime I thank my family, friends and fans who continue to support and have faith in me.

Signed: Adidja Palmer


Police Kills Wife then commits suicide

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The police are still at the scene of what is suspected to be a case of murder-suicide in the Oaklands apartment complex on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, involving one of their colleagues and his wife.

The Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary (CCU) says about 11:25 p.m. yesterday the policeman, 31-year-old Davian Thompson who is attached to the Spanish Town police, went to the apartment where he lived with his wife, Latoya Campbell-Thompson and shot her. She was to celebrate her 28th birthday today.

Colleagues subsequently launched a search for the constable. They received information about 6:30 this morning that a body was found in the Shortwood gully, metres away from the apartment. The body, which had a gunshot wound to the head and clutching .38 revolver, was confirmed to be that of the policeman.

Thompson was on suspension from the police force for his involvement in a shooting incident in Westmoreland last year. Early investigations by the Constant Spring Criminal Investigation Branch have revealed that the policeman was not a licensed firearm holder.

Requiem - A Short Film About Teen Suicide

Jah Mason - a positive force in Reggae

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Born on a beautiful November-morning 1970 in the parish of Manchester/ Jamaica, "Andrae Corey Johnson"(Jah Mason) is truly blessed with a musical talent. He was raised from a family that has always been involved with the extreme lively & colorful Jamaican music-scene. But it was not his well-known family member "Tony Rebel" who first recorded this young juvenile... it was former Black Uhuru Singer Junior "One Blood" Reid in 1991 for his own Label JR Productions.with a Track titled "Selassie I" under the stage name Perry Mason.It was later that year after making a Spiritual Troth to Bobo Hill,Bull Bay -Jamaica he changed his name to Jah Mason.He reached to international fame with songs like "Hard Mama Work", "Money", "Cool with the Fire" and "Run come Love me tonight". a combination with his close friend Jah Cure for Beres Hammond's "Harmony House Label".In 1997 Jah Mason got the opportunity for his first tour in Europe with Tony Rebel since then he is a positive force to be reckoned with. Several Shows in the US,the Caribbean & the UK followed...

In 1998 Jah Mason's first Album entitled "Keep your Joy" was released."Keep Your Joy" was also a Track title from the album,becoming a well known hit world-wide. In the following two years(1999-2000) 3 more Albums entitled "Most Royal" (Jah Warrior Rec./ UK), "Surprise Dem" (Vikings Rec./ JA) and "Unlimited" (ReggaeVibes/ USA) were released. In 2002 Jah Mason released the outstanding concept-album "Never Give Up" together with Israeli producer 'Danny P. Kark' & the Jamaican Label "Kariang Records". He performed this album all over Europe, the USA and exotic places like Israel and Sicily. During the next year Jah Mason continuously toured all over the world, releasing the Album titled "Rise" with a French Label in 2003. It was that same year he established himself as one of the most consistent Reggae Artist on the World Map of Reggae.....In 2005 Jah Mason got his first Number 1 hit on the Jamaican Charts after working with Genius Reggae Producer Roland aka "Rollie"the was track title "Princess Gone" which stayed at No. 1 for over three weeks, reached Number 2 on the US Reggae Charts , hit No. 3 on the British Reggae Charts and No 1 on the Caribbean Charts.

After performing this huge hit all over the world Jah Mason, Rising Sun and VP-Records released the Album "Princess Gone/ The Saga Bed" in May 2006.This album elevated Jah Mason's name in the Reggae Industry to another level and lead him to a very successful year in 2006.

In September 2006 Greensleeves Records released another album titled "Wheat & Tears" After touring this album in Japan November 2006 Jah Mason didn't find no time to rest and produced a next album, released in February 2007 called "Life is just a Journey". And just like the title of the album says Jah Mason hit the road again for a 6 weeks headlining European Tour including countries like Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain.

After the summer-festivals in Europe Jah Mason got the chance to perform in front of packed venues in Australia and New Zealand in September 2007, where he was represented as the first Bobo Shanti artist ever. All in all Jah Mason has performed over 60 shows that year. In March- April 2008 Jah Mason was joined by Lutan Fyah for yet another European Tour including countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. That same year he release another album titled "No Matter The Time", produced by Vikings Rec. and Pete Music.This album was released by Nocturne in France.Fyah Mason, as he is also called by his colleagues has done several collaborations such as Run Come Love Me Tonight with Jah Cure, Nicco D on the track Ruff times which was big internationally, also done Collabs with other local and international artistes such as Richie Spice, Spanna Banna, Lutan Fyah, Capeleton, Sasha, Zamunda, Lucian, Joy, Al Jaba du, D'agel, Iqulah, Shakka Pow, Chrisinti and the list goes on.

Jah Mason's music has reached all corners of the world and he has trekked far and wide to do live performances and he is always well received. His fan based is widely international, but no one can deny his profound talent and writing abilities as he writes all his material personally. This makes his music a personal expression issues of love, brotherhood, current affairs as well as rastafari. To date Jah Mason has earned himself an International Name.He is one of the most consistent artist in the business.Jah Mason has gain audiences all around the world.He has reached fans no other Reggae Artists were able to reach,fans in places such as New Caledonia,Solomon Islands, several Pacific Islands in the Eastern Hemisphere,Vanuatu and Moscow-Russia.

Police Commissioner Owen Ellington talks crime and Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer

Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell has been suspended from competition for 18 months following positive doping test. The suspension is with effect from June last year to December 2014. The ruling was handed down in Powell's absence a short while ago by a disciplinary panel at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston. Powell's team has indicated that he will appeal the ruling.