Up and coming artistes release sex pics

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Remember Ikon D Link? Yes that artiste who climbed the Zip Fm Tower for airplay?

Well he is back again seeking attention and has decided to team up with another dancehall artiste to release pictures on the internet taking part in sexual activities.

The female dancehall artiste is called Miss Chin and was a failed contestant in the Magnum Kings and Queen of dancehall competition.

The picture is currently doing rounds on social media. Miss Chin's mother must be so proud... congrats.

iKon D Link & Jozzy - Bus Pass


Local dancer Crazy Hype and his M.O.B dance crew has been popular on the dance circuit since early 2000. However over the last three years, the dancer has become an household name in several other countries outside of Jamaica, this he credits to his work on several music videos notably Bumaye.

According to the dancer, Jamaicans don't value dancers at the level which they ought to. However in foreign countries they are nothing short of superstars.

"When I am in places in Europe, the people can't get enough of me. They recognize me from the Bumaye music video and even in the streets its like I cant walk because they recognize me," he said.

The dancer who was a friend of the late dance icon 'Bogle'. Says much of his popularity must be credited to the dance move which he did in the music video, a move which was popularized by Bogle himself.

"When people see the dance move dem a sey no sah a di living Bogle dat, because they recognize the dance and people always ask me to do that move abroad," he said.

The award winning dancer is not only known for his dancing skills, but also his writing skills and recently penned the lyrics to a new dance song which will be released in 2015. The dancer also co-wrote a single which will be featured on the album of a well-known European artiste.

Tenza lashes out against Skin Bleaching

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Multi Talented songstress Tenza Di Boss Lady has release the anticipated video for her outspoken newly released single "African Empress".

Inspired by a recent African tour, Tenza penned the single in the hopes of inspiring. In a recent statement to the media she explained: "They are under the impression that if they bleached their skin tone then they will become more beautiful and accepted. Imade me sad and broke my heart, but I was even more worried for their health as young black girls bleached their skin with products designed to remove stain from clothing."

"African Empress" was produced by Suncycle Digital and TMD Records and is available on itunes. All preceding from the sales will go towards Tenza own funded "BossLady Charity" which is geared towards early childhood education for the poor and needy.

Tenza African Empress Official Promo Video 2014 TMD Records

Gays attacked by students

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A number of gays hanging out at a gully in the New Kingston area were lucky to have escaped without any major injuries after they were recently attacked by a group of students.

The STAR happened to be in the area during the melee.

A group of students who had just left a sporting event at a venue close by, were walking in the area when they approached the gays.

As they walked along Trafalgar Road, the students began to hurl abusive language at the gays.

Things got out of hand when some of the gays began telling the male students in the group, what they would like to do to them sexually.

The students began hurling stones and various objects at the gays.

Motorists travelling along Trafalgar Road had to beat a hasty retreat, trying to prevent damage to their vehicles.

Pedestrians had to scurry for cover as the drama got intense with the gays throwing faeces at the students.

Things were brought under control as a police car approached the area, and the students ran in different directions.

The gays sought refuge along the gully bank.

Versatile disses Alkaline in song

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A week after news broke that artiste Alkaline refused to voice on producer JJ Eva Frass' new rhythm, labeling the other artistes on the rhythm as gay, Versatile has responded to the diss with a song.

The song titled 'Gal Pon Him Head' has already been creating a buzz.

Versatile - Gal Pon Him Head (Raw) Alkaline Diss | November 2014


Former Miss Jamaica World First Runner-Up Rosina Casserly endured much abuse on the Internet on Wednesday, after a video was released of the beauty telling foreign media house Physique TV that persons should visit Jamaica, where they can get the experience of being poor.

She also made fun of the country's economic problems and the chikungunya virus outbreak. "I am not singing Bob Marley, I am not doing it. Oh my gosh! In Jamaica they have chik-V, ever heard about that?" she laughed.

"It's like a disease where you get arthritis, and they made a song about it; terrible, but that's the only thing that's going on there right now. You get bitten by a mosquito - you like hobble for like three days. We also have no money, come to Jamaica, you can be poor! What else can happen if you go to Jamaica? Escaping from a robbery," she giggled.

several Jamaicans on social media found Casserly's comments very distasteful and took to Physique's personal Facebook page to express their digust. Casserly finished second to Yendi Phillipps in 2007.

RR thinks Crazy In Love will hit Billboard

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Recording artiste RR is riding high with the popularity of her single 'Crazy In Love'.

The single, produced by Andrew Blacks, has been receiving favourable airplay in the US, and in the process catching the attention of dancehall singjay Mavado, who requested to be apart of the official remix.

The remix, also called Crazy In Love, is doing rounds in the local and foreign media. The artiste has since performed alongside Mavado at the recently concluded BRT Weekend and now looks to amp up further promotion for both the single and the remix.

RR, pronounces 'Double R', believes the effort has the potential to be a Billboard hit. Also a professional dancer, she thinks she has the full package to compete with any international act, given the correct platform.


RR Ft. Mavado - Crazy In Love (Remix) [7ven Riddim] October 2014

Mr Lexx and Supa Hype currently on European Tour

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Internationally acclaimed dancehall artiste Mr Lexx and popular selector Supa Hype is currently on a tour in Europe. The tour which began on the 6th of November will conclude on the 22nd and will see them doing a number of appearances in countries like Italy, Austria and Germany.

According to Mr Lexx, the tour has been going extremely well. "The tour a gwaan really good. Mi fans them excited bout the performances, them love it. Everywhere I go the fans dem happy to see me and that for me is great because I love to see my fans happy. That in itself make me feel satisfied say mi a do something right"

Supa Hype had this to say about the tour as well. "This has been a great experience for me and mi happy that mi get the opportunity to come to Europe and show them how we do it."

"The Wine and Dip" artiste and the 007 selector captured their audience with their electrifying performances to roaring crowds of 700 plus each time they performed.

"We have been receiving nothing but positive feedack on the tour so far and the fans are absolutely ecstatic. This is not my first time but every time mi go on stage to perform it is a new experience, it is a new feeling. Said Mr. Lexx

For Supa Hype it has been an exhilarating feeling "It really make me happy, when mi see mi fans dem happy cause that tell me say, mi a gwaan good. My fan base has grown extensively in Europe and I am truly grateful for that.

The tour features a fresh take of Mr Lexx's biggest hits over the years and some of his newest songs.

"It has been a blast performing for my fans. Mi go far back in the catalogue and reel out some a dem bad tunes deh and of course mi haffi give them some of the fresh tunes dem too." Said Mr Lexx with a vibrant smile.

The tour is wining down to a close and the two promises that they will be delivering the same high energy performance for the upcoming shows.

Masicka releases new track aimed at Konshens

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After announcing his spilt from Konshens and the Subkonshus team, artiste Masicka has released a song titled 'Loyalty' which explains why he left the team.

According to Masicka, it was Konshens who told him to diss Aidonia. (Listen song below)

Masicka - Loyalty [Reason For Leaving Subkonshus] November 2014 @Crushroad876

Artiste Deablo, responded to Konshens after hearing that he was the one who instructed Masicka to diss Aidonia. (Listen song below)

Deablo - Everything Govern (Raw) [Wul Dem Again Riddim] November 2014 @Crushroad876