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No Hip Hop music for Montreal club

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Hip hop music is banned Canadian province of Montreal.

Popular nightclub, Muzique, has find itself in some 'hot water' after Michael Duchard was shot right outside of the club on the corner of Roy and Saint Laurent last Thursday. The assault is likely linked to gang violence.

With retaliation seem like a given the SPVM called an emergency hearing with Quebec's Liquor Control Board to have Muzique forcibly shut down in order to prevent any further incidents.

Once the hearings finished, it was ruled that Muzique would be able to stay open, but with some rather strange conditions.

"One of such conditions is, if Muzique hopes to remain in operation, hip-hop music can't be played at the venue," this according to a report in the Metro Journal.

It was also recommended that the club increase its security guards.

popcaan-photo-3.jpgThe Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda released the following statement on the arrest of Popcaan.

Popular Jamaican dancehall artiste Andrea Sutherland, aka Popcaan was arrested and taken into custody, following a confrontation with police at Fort James around 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

It was reported that during the artiste performance on stage, a number of patrons, who were attending show climbed onto the stage.

The police, who were there to maintain Law and Order, went on stage to remove the patrons and to protect the artiste.

However, while the police were carrying out their duty, Popcaan got in the way of the officer, and physically barring him from carrying out his duty.The artiste could be seen pushing a police officer aside, whilst at the same time on the microphone inciting the crowd to misbehave.

A number of patrons also resort to throwing missiles, causing injuries to innocent bystanders inside the crowd.

Popcaan was subsequently arrested and taken into custody by the police to prevent any further breach of the peace. He is likely to be charged with assault and battery of a police officer; obstructing a police officer and disorderly conduct.

drake-performance-billboard.jpgWith an estimated net worth of $60 million, rapper Drake has become the newest member of the Forbes Top Five club of hip-hop's wealthiest artists.

He kicked 50 Cent out of the fifth spot.

The rest of the exclusive club consists of returning members Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z and Birdman.

Drake's impressive financials are courtesy of his music sales, touring and tie-ins with Apple, Nike and Sprite.

Diddy continues to hold the most power with a net worth of $750 million thanks to his dealings with Diageo's Ciroc vodka, plus his TV network Revolt, clothing line Sean John, record label Bad Boy, tequila Deleon and water brand Aquahydrate.

Dr. Dre is close behind with $710 million, a fortune padded by his sale of Beats to Apple two years ago and last year's Straight Outta Compton film.

Jay Z is in third place with $610 million boosted by his streaming service Tidal, as well as earnings from his Roc Nation business empire.

In fourth place is Cash Money's Birdman, with a $110 million net worth, which is actually down since last year.

tony-matterhorn-photo-1.jpgSlector Tony Matterhorn has booked his spot in the finals of the Boom Energy Drink All-Star Sound Clash, powered by Magnum Tonic Wine, after narrowly escaping a bold and animated attack from Choice Movement Sound from Negril last Thursday.

Matterhorn will face either Emperor (from Japan) or popular selector Fire Links, who will face each other this week.

This final showdown follows 13 weeks of competition among 12 sound systems competing at the highly anticipated weekly sound clash event on Olympic Way in St Andrew.

Opting to go first after a coin toss, Matterhorn started his round with his customary onslaught on his opponent, telling the bus load of supporters from Negril to "go back home". He launched into classics from top artistes, including Buju Banton, Junior Gong, and Bounty Killer, and littered the venue with Vybz Kartel dubs.

Not to be outdone, Choice Movement's lead man, Slaughter, stamped his dominance on the stage in his work gear. Slaughter's team set the venue ablaze with a classic from I-Wayne. With skilled showmanship, Choice diversified their 20-minute set with dubs from Freddie McGregor and Nitty Kutchie, and ended a blazing set with a flip of Devin the Dakta's Rrri Bam Bi Deng Deng.

The judges awarded round one to Choice Movements. Slaughter and his team also took round two having elicited great responses from the crowd with big hits from Bounty Killer and Buju Banton.

peter-tosh-photo-1.jpgIn the year since announcing that the date of 4/20 would be recognized as International Peter Tosh Day, the family of the famed reggae artist and human-rights activist have taken major steps to enable the world to experience Peter's music and social views. To that end, the family is proud to announce it is launching Peter Tosh 420, a company with a mission to organically grow the Peter Tosh legacy by providing quality cannabis products for medicinal power, spiritual enlightenment and recreational enjoyment.

Peter Tosh 420 is a new venture being formed by the family of Peter Tosh, music and entertainment industry veteran Brian Latture, and cannabis industry leader Steven Trenk of Lizada Capital, LLC. Peter Tosh 420 is poised to capitalize on the current legalization movement.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Steven Trenk, who brings a wealth of experience and immediate industry credibility to our cause," said Latture, who manages the Peter Tosh brand and is Chief Executive Manager of the new venture, PT Capital, LLC.


Trenk, who was an early pioneer investor in the legal cannabis space, agreed, adding "There are few names more synonymous with the Cannabis industry than that of Peter Tosh. I am just thrilled to be partnering with Peter's family to take a marquee brand like Peter Tosh, who was literally the Godfather of the legalization movement, and spreading his message through Peter Tosh 420."

"This venture is not just about business, it is about spreading my father's message of equal rights and justice, while bringing what he believed was a sacred herb to the world and doing good deeds in the process," said Niambe McIntosh, administrator of her father's estate, and President of PT Capital, LLC.

Peter Tosh 420 will embrace the mind, body, and spirit aspects of the cannabis culture, which Ms. McIntosh believes will build long-term brand loyalty. In addition, proceeds from every sale will be donated to the Peter Tosh Foundation, which will be administered by Peter's family.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Peter Tosh's first solo album and his cannabis anthem "Legalize It."

Popcaan pleads guilty

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popcaan-photo-4.jpgJamaican entertainer Popcaan on Tuesday pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer in Antigua.

Popcaan, whose given name is Andre Sutherland, was taken before a magistrate court in Antigua and Barbuda court on summary offenses.

He entered the guilty plea to the two charges, battery on police and was fined EC$1,000 (approximately $45,409) and obstructing a police officer. He was fined EC$1,000 (approximately $45,409).

If he fails to pay the fines, he faces six months imprisonment.

Popcaan was arrested in Antigua and Barbuda early Tuesday morning.

Popcaan fined, released from custody

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popcaan-photo-3.jpgFollowing his arrest earlier this morning Dancehall recording artist #Popcaan was moments ago released by police on fine after his legal team of Michael Archibold, Lawrence Daniels and Jermaine Rhudd filled the necessary paperwork.

This stemming from a brief altercation with what appeared to be a #police office during his performance. The incident seem to stem from a misunderstanding after a fan was being escorted off stage.

Proper preparation of ackee

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ackee.jpgAccording to Acting Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr. De La Haye, ackee contains high levels of a toxin called hypoglycin and if not ripened properly, can potentially lead to death if consumed.

He says persons should thoroughly clean the fruit by removing the seed and the pinkish/reddish membrane.

Wash the ackee properly, cook before eating and dispose of the water used. Other foods such as salt fish, ground provision and rice are to be cooked separately.

Symptoms of ackee poisoning include vomiting, stomach cramps/abdominal pain, dizziness, diarrhoea and sweating.

The Ministry of Health says persons experiencing these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately and should have a sweet drink while on their way to the health centre or hospital.


hands-behind-bars.jpgA Costa Rican man, who was held along with a Jamaican woman with approximately 570 pounds of ganja and several barrels of fuel, Tuesday, pleaded guilty to Breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

He is 39 year old businessman Ragelio Dixon Austin.

However 26 year old Melinda Cole otherwise called Sherika Williams and Shelly pleaded not guilty to the charge when she appeared in the St. Elizabeth Court in Santa Cruz.

She was offered 200,000 bail.

Mr. Ragelio Austin is to be sentenced on May 13, while a mention date of June 13, has been set for Miss Melinda Cole to seek legal representation and return to court.

Two cases of ackee poisoning

In the wake of two cases of ackee poisoning since the start of the year, the Ministry of Health is warning the public to be careful in the preparation and consumption of the fruit.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, the Health Ministry said if ackee is not prepared properly, it can be harmful due to the potentially high levels of toxins.

Acting Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Winston De La Haye, says only fit and well opened ackees are to be used by householders.