Unconfirmed reports are that the deejay was denied his U.S documents which would make him a legal citizen. Stay tuned for more updates.

The deejay recently released a collaboration with LL Cool J and is expected to perform in NY on December 19.

I Wayne says Make clean music and play clean music

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Reggae artiste I Wayne is asking the local music industry to promote more music with positive content in order to reduce the rate at which society is drifting into a path of immorality.

According to the reggae artiste, known to be an advocate against prostitution, violence and other ills in society, though reggae music is regaining popularity, smut is still overpromoted in the media.

When accused of using music to influence negativity, many artistes are known to use the popular excuse that music is art imitating life and is not a causal factor in the prevalence of crime, violence and immorality.

However, I Wayne believes artistes who use that excuse to defend their production of music with lewd content are hypocritical.

According to I Wayne, the same artistes who argue that songs with violent content do not influence society, will also tell you that positive music will influence positive behaviour whenever that excuse suits the promotion of a song with positive content.

I Wayne says if positive music can influence positive behaviour, then negative music is just as influential.

"When they do a positive song they say it is to influence the youth. Yet when they do a negative song they say it doesn't have any negative influence and how they are not responsible for parenting, and that is filth and hypocrisy. So mi a try mi best fi keep the vibes clean and sort out what mi can," the reggae artiste said.

Demarco and Gangoolie feud over 'Puppy Tail' dance

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Ever since the dance move known as Puppy Tail gained popularity within the dancehall space, several artistes have come out claiming rights to the dance with songs bearing the same name, with some demanding credit from the other artiste for being the originator.

The most popular version of the Puppy Tail song to date is from dancehall artiste Demarco, but another artiste, Ganggoolie, has come forward, claiming that Demarco pirated his work.

"Mi did av a song name Tremble Tremble weh come out from last year and did a gwaan good, so a dat dem see and copy di ting and a claim it as dem own," he told THE STAR.

Pure politics

Making specific reference to Demarco, Ganggoolie said, "Mi nah put my mouth a grung an talk. Mi a di first man come out wid da song deh, but a pure politics inna di business, and when a man av a bigger name dan you and more money fi throw around. Fi dem material will always be more popular."

Drawing on one of his earlier hits, the deejay said that this wasn't the first time other artistes had copied his work. "A di same ting di man dem do wid Muscle Wine but mi nah watch nuh face because from you have talent, you will make it in the business," he said.

He had this advice for the more established artistes: "Leave the younger youth dem mek dem strive man and stop gi dem a fight."

Demarco's publicist, who had been made aware of the allegations over the past few weeks, says he knew this would happen sooner or later.

Black Ryno and Popcaan make peace!

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Dancehall artistes Popcaan and Black Ryno have rekindled their friendship following a public feud, which started in 2010 after Black Ryno announced that he was leaving Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp.

Black Ryno had released a song called Mi Lef, produced by Supa Blunt, in which he explained his experience in the camp and the reason for his exit. However, Popcaan, who was still a member of the Gaza camp at the time, decided to also release songs such as Dem Sell Wi Out ...

"Everything between me and Popcaan always been good, a just the people never see me and the artiste. But everything good else I wouldn't have turned out at his album launch recently and performed," Black Ryno said.


FABIAN Marley, the 44-year-old Jamaican who claims to be the eldest child of reggae legend Bob Marley, is moving ahead with his musical career.

This, despite a written request from the family of the late reggae king in August last year, that he "cease and desist" proporting to be a Marley and using the name, or prove through DNA testing that he is who he claims to be.

"Dem ask me for my DNA and me do that long time and give dem, and up to now, I can't hear nothing from dem. So me just a go through with my music career," Marley told the Jamaica Observer.

He, however, said he had received some word indicating he should redo the DNA test at a lab prescribed by the family.

"Me nuh in that with them. Me do my test at Carigen at UWI and give them the result. Don't it up to them, one of the other Marley children, to do their test to match with mine? Something not right, why they don't want to do it? What them 'fraid of?" Fabian Marley questioned.

Fabian Marley claims Bunny Wailer, more popularly known as Jah B, supports his claim. Wailer was a member of The Wailers, which comprised Marley and Peter Tosh.

"Jah B a man who me know fi years. That man send me to school and he has no doubt that I am Robert's son," said Marley.

While he waits on word, Fabian Marley said he is in not arguing with the family, noting that "nothing can be done before the time, and the right time is now".

He continues his move to get his musical career off the ground and is working on material for his first album, Nature's Valentine, for which a December release is projected.

"All the tracks are ready and we have finished mixing, right now a the mastering is being done in New York and then we are ready to hit the market," he said.

"We nuh feel threatened by the family. We do what they ask us to do and provide them with my DNA result. It up to them if they want to provide somebody, another Marley, to match with mine. So right now, I just putting out my tunes and going ahead and promoting my music. Them can't stop me," he said.

Iyara and Alkaline U.S visa Nod

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After years of being sidelined by the U.S immigration service, it would appear that the pressure is slowly being lifted off the shoulders of Jamaica's dancehall artistes.

Several of the islands most popular and marketable artistes are currently without visas for unclear reasons as artistes like Aidonia, Bounty Killer. Beenie Man, Mavado, Vybz kartel, Munga Honorable among others saw their visas been revoked.

Mavado and Beenie are the only two artistes from a long list to have made it into the good books of the U.S immigration and saw them being reissued their visas. However today two more dancehjall artistes have a cause to celebrate as Alkaline and Iyara were both issued USA visas recently.

Iyara is currently advertising himself for bookings, while Alkaline is expected to perform at an event alongside Mavado in coming weeks.

Veteran Reggae artiste John Holt is dead

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John Holt, the former lead singer of The Paragons and a pioneering reggae solo artist, has died at the age of 69.

The musician, famed for singing the original version of "The Tide Is High" in 1967, which was later covered by Blondie and Gregory Isaacs, passed away yesterday.

He joined The Paragons in 1964 in Kingston, Jamaica, replacing original frontman Leroy Stamp, after making a name for himself on the talent show circuit.

His track, "Stick By Me", was one of the biggest-selling Jamaican records of 1972.

He released his last solo album, Peacemaker, in 1993.

John Holt - Stick By Me - (Holt)


The Jamaican Government has issued an immediate travel ban against certain persons travelling directly or indirectly from or through the Ebola-affected West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

A statement from the National Security Ministry says the ban extends to persons ordinarily resident in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone as well as persons who have travelled to or transited through the countries in the past 28 days.

The travel ban also extends to Commonwealth citizens, not citizens of Jamaica, who have travelled to or transited through Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone within 28 days of their arrival to Jamaica.

The Ministry says CARICOM nationals benefitting from the free movement regime are also subject to this landing restriction which is a temporary measure necessary for the protection of human and animal health.

Jamaican citizens and residents, who have travelled to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone within 28 days of their arrival to Jamaica, will be quarantined in the interest of public health and national security upon their arrival in Jamaica.

This applies equally to any person having a right of entry pursuant to Jamaica's obligations under international organization head quarters agreements.

Jamaican citizens who have travelled to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone within 28 days of their arrival to Jamaica, will be quarantined in the interest of public health and national security upon their arrival in Jamaica. The general public is advised that the Government of Jamaica reserves the right to screen all Jamaican nationals.

According to the World Health Organization the present Ebola outbreak is the largest and most complex since the discovery of the disease in 1976; hence this decision has been made against the background of the outbreak in West Africa since March 2014, and its continued increasing threat to world health and security of Jamaican citizens.


The National Security Ministry is to issue a statement shortly following reports that protocols were not observed in processing a visitor who recently travelled to Liberia.

Liberia is among a trio of West African countries hardest-hit by the deadly Ebola virus.

A security official told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre that the male visitor travelled to Jamaica from the United States yesterday.

Our sources say there was a high-level meeting a short while ago involving the national security ministry and immigration officials.