digicel.jpgDigicel launched its Saucy Summa promotion on Friday, announcing that it will give away over $20 million in cash and prizes during the campaign, with the main prize being a 2020 Kia Sportage SUV.

With much fanfare, Digicel promised an exciting time during the summer for customers, with a variety of prizes on offer.

The launch, held at the Digicel retail store at the communication leader's headquarters in downtown Kingston, was streamed live on social media, where Damion Brown and Anissa Merchant won $25,000 each for answering a question on Instagram and Facebook respectively. Digicel also gave two-day unlimited social and talk plans to 25 individuals on both platforms.

There were also prizes for those who were at the store for the launch. Deneve Sweeney won a sauce-tasting contest for a Samsung S10, with Donna Young who finished second getting $20,000 and Dave Simms $10,000 in phone cards.

Michael Thomas meanwhile out ate his rivals in a spicy wings eating contest to win a smart TV as Cornelius Dunkley and Mechia Henry-McDonald won $20,000 and $10,000 for finishing second and third respectively.

According to Digicel's director of marketing, Monique McLeod, the Saucy Summa promotion is the entity's way of giving back while bringing vibes and excitement to customers. She said the campaign should stimulate discussions for a long time with the various prizes and opportunities to win.



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This is what reports out of Nairobi say: "A poor stage performance by the main act, a malfunctioning sound address system and shortage of alcohol for the revelers is what summed up an overly underwhelming show," Nairobi News Nation reports.

Jah Cure reportedly made a dramatic entrance at exactly 2:15am in a full traditional Maasai attire, a rungu and mic on either hand and an escort of six Maasai Morans, however he did not live up to his high billing.

"Right from the start, Jah Cure got off on the wrong footing. Soon after coming on stage, Jah Cure was met with a sound glitch with his mic malfunctioning. The most annoying thing was that for almost 10 minutes he seemed not to notice until the crowd got agitated," the report continued.

"Once the mic had been fixed, Jah Cure sent the wild with his first words on the mic. The night looked promising. A few minutes later, he left the stage to go back stage for a change of clothes. But then he took long to get back, something that didn't seem to please the fans."


Fans are loving Lila Ike's new music video

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lila-ike.jpgRising reggae singer Lila Ike has released the music video for her latest single Where I'm Coming From. Lila returned to her rural roots in Christiana, Manchester, to capture visuals for the video.

Locations seen throughout the four-minute clip include her family home, the shop her mother owns and a small room she once rented, as well as footage of Lila singing at her high school graduation.

Where I'm Coming From comes on the heels of her collaboration with mentor Protoje and Agent Sasco on the single Not Another Word.

The video is directed by Nickii Kane.

Lila will embark on her first headlining European tour on July 25 with her own band.

She also has plans to begin work on her debut EP once she returns to Jamaica at the end of her summer tours.

king-beenie-man-on-instagram-my-daughter-maiya-and-her-team-copped-a-national-gold-mesa.jpgBeenie Man left his fans shocked when he posted a picture of his daughter, simply because she is younger than Marco Dean, his son with D'Angel, who many persons thought was his last child.......before girlfriend Krystal gave birth the other day.

"My Daughter Maiya and her team copped a National Gold Mesa at this year's JCDC Festival of the Arts. ❤🙏🏾 I am so proud of you baby girl. You were always a star but now you have the trophy and medal to prove it. #JCDC #NationalGoldMedalist #IronLikeALion"

Well, it looks like it was a good thing that Carlene draw him out when she bashed him for being a deadbeat dad two weeks ago after his no-show at daughter Krystal's graduation. It seems like everyday Beenie is posing up on social media with one of his kids since then. He made a big deal of Marco Dean's recent graduation and also posed up with his baby daughter Xiah.

Gwaan do yuh ting pon IG Doctor.

King Beenie Man on Instagram: "My Daughter Maiya and her team copped a National Gold Mesa at this year's JCDC Festival of the Arts. ❤🙏🏾 I am so proud of you baby girl...."

Two weeks to Vybz Kartel Appeal Verdict?

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vybz-kartel-photo-23.jpgIn an Instagram post by Fox 5 news reporter Lisa Evers she captioned a Vybz Kartel pic with information on his appeal verdict.

She said information could come anytime within the next two weeks, attributing the information to his lawyer Tom Tavares Finson.

Check out her post - "I called him today for an update. Mr. Tavares-Finson tells me that it's been about a year since he filed the appeal. The 3 Judge Tribunal in Jamaica which will make the decision on his fate is only in session for 2 more weeks. He is optimistic the ruling will be in Kartel's favor. If the Tribunal does not issue a ruling by the time they go on summer break, it could be issued anytime after they return in October."

She also added that Tavares-Finson told her that Vybz Kartel was dealing with medical issues, but now his health has stabilized.

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#developing #update @vybzkartel murder case appeal "could come anytime within next 2 weeks" says his high powered attorney Tom Tavares-Finson. I called him today for an update. Mr. Tavares-Finson tells me that it's been about a year since he filed the appeal. The 3 Judge Tribunal in Jamaica which will make the decision on his fate is only in session for 2 more weeks. He is optimistic the ruling will be in Kartel's favor. If the Tribunal does not issue a ruling by the time they go on summer break, it could be issued anytime after they return in October. ***Tavares-Finson tells me Vybz Kartel was dealing with medical issues but now his health has stabilized. Maybe having so many chart topping hits and the prayers and support of millions of fans around the world is helping his situation. @bobbykonders @realjabba #hot97 @hot97 @yeti_boss_tv @jaradiotv @urbanislandz #fox5ny #fox5news @fox5ny

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lambert-brown.jpgOpposition Senator Lambert Brown has said household helper Doreen Miller, who has found herself at the centre of the scandal involving the former Minister of Education, Ruel Reid, has declared that she did not receive any of the nearly $4 million found in an account bearing her name.

That, and other matters involving Reid and activities at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) over which the Ministry of Education has oversight responsibility, are now part of several investigations.

Brown's comment about Miller, and his insistence on going down a certain path during the debate on Friday on the Act to Amend the Petroleum Act, led to Senate President Tom Tavares-Finson eventually ruling that Brown could take no further part in the debate.

That led to a walkout by Opposition Senators.

The Petroleum Act was amended to allow for the transfer of J$208 billion from the PetroCaribe Fund to the Consolidated Fund. It was previously passed in the House of Representatives.

Brown started out by stating that: "The public is aware of strange payments through the CMU to a so-called household helper of the then Minister Ruel Reid.

The opposition Senator said he had used the word 'so-called' deliberately.

"I want to know if that almost $4 million allegedly instructed to be paid to Miss Doreen Miller, the so-called household helper of (former) minister Ruel Reid came out of any of that PetroCaribe money that went to the CMU," said Brown.

Stating that it was important to know whether Miller had received any of the money, Brown answered his own question.

"I don't need an answer from the government. Miss Miller has spoken to me and she said not a single cent of the money came to her," said Brown who attempted to continue but was cut off by Tavares-Finson.

"Senator Brown, with the greatest of respect, if that be the case maybe you need to give a statement to the PAAC (Public Administration and Appropriations Committee of the parliament) or to the police."

"Anybody want the statement come and ask me for it," Brown responded.

Tavares-Finson appealed to Brown to stick to the script by ensuring his presentation was relevant to the specific legislation that was being debated.

However, Brown would persist. He proceeded to ask whether Miller was asked to open a bank account for which the bank card and the bank information were controlled by a family member of Reid's.

At this time Pearnel Charles Jr., who was acting as Leader of Government Business in the Senate, rose on what was the first of a handful of points of order from him.

Charles Jr told Brown that his presentation was not relevant to the debate but the Opposition Senator insisted that clauses 4 and 6b of the bill spoke to the liability of the PetroCaribe Fund.

"And I read those and I'm therefore asking about the liability. Who has the liability for those money which went through the CMU to this fund....because I'm aware that the account of Miss Miller that she opened, was controlled by family members of the then minister so I want to know who is going to pay it back," said Brown.

He said the Opposition was not opposed to the transfer of the $208 billion from the PetroCaribe Fund to the Consolidated Fund, rather he said it was concerned about how well the money will be spent

Brown noted that the Member of Parliament for North Clarendon, Horace Dalley, during the House debate on the bill had asked the Energy Minister Fayval Williams whether any funds ($400 million) were sent to the CMU from the PetroCaribe Fund. Brown noted that the minister did not provide an answer. On Friday, Brown questioned whether the money sent to the CMU is a liability that has to be paid back.

"Given what I have heard coming out of the parliamentary committee about the CMU, (I want to know) whether any of this PetroCaribe money is part of a kickback we are operating through the CMU, a kickback scheme to a particular former minister of government," said Brown.

At this point, Tavares-Finson reminded Brown that he had already made a ruling about relevance and told him to move on.

"If you wish to deal with this issue there are other ways to deal with it," the Senate President said.

But, Brown would not relent, declaring that "it is important that we don't blame Doreen Miller for the CMU money".

When a senator enquired about his reason for mentioning Miller, Brown said: "I have permission so to do, I have permission so to do. She wants her name cleared."

Government Senator Charles Sinclair told Brown the Senate was "not the place to clear the lady's name."

"It is inappropriate for the senator (Brown) to be detailing matters that are under investigation; not only details, but he's giving particulars, arising from his own investigation which in my view, could compromise the investigation that is being carried out and it should not be permitted," said Government Senator, Ransford Braham.

At this stage, Tavares-Finson warned Brown. He said: "Senator Brown, I have made the ruling so continue down that road at your own peril." Brown fired back stating that he had no fear when he was on the quest for the truth. Tavares-Finson responded pointing out that Brown had been calling the names of people who have not been convicted before any court.

"You're calling names in a matter that the whole country knows is under investigation," he added.

At this point, Opposition Senator KD Knight told Tavares-Finson that Brown should be allowed to continue in the public interest but the president would not budge on what should be addressed in the debate to which Brown responded: "My freedom of speech is not going to be muzzled." At one stage Brown said it was his purpose to clear Miller's name.

"In relation to that aspect of your presentation if you return there I'm going to bring your presentation to a close," Tavares-Finson responded.

Still defiant, Brown said: "Mr President I don't need to engage you on this because more will come out later on."

The issue of relevance was again raised when Brown asked whether any of the $208 billion being transferred from the PetroCaribe Fund to the Consolidated Fund would be spent to upgrade the consular service. He asked the question in the context of the alleged mistreatment of five Jamaican fishermen by the United States coast guard against which the men have since taken legal action. During the numerous interventions and points of order from the government side, Opposition Senator Wentworth Skeffrey could be heard asking "how unno so nervous, how unno so nervous?"

The back and forth saw Brown asking whether the President had lost control of the Senate after he was interrupted for the umpteenth time.

"Continue and you will find out," Tavares-Finson quipped.

Fifteen minutes later, Brown proposed the setting up of a broad-based entity similar to EPOC (Economic Programme Oversight Committee) to oversee how the $208 billion is spent. He then made mention of several scandals that have dogged the Jamaica Labour Party government since the party retook the reins of government in 2016. Brown then warned that "this money could go down the drain because I have seen two ministers separated for at least mismanagement and based on what some people are saying inside the parliamentary chamber at least one could very well..."

The Opposition senator did not finish the statement as he could be heard responding to a colleague telling him to be careful by asking "careful of what?" At the same time, Senator Braham rose on a point order stating that he did not want Brown to finish the statement. Braham pointed out that Brown was at least insinuating the names of persons in wrongdoing. "It's not the function of this chamber to convict anybody ...it's a dangerous trend," Braham said.

At this point, the Senate president pointed to section 43 (1) of the standing orders and ruled that Brown discontinue his presentation resulting in the opposition senators walking out of the chamber.

While government members applauded the ruling, Brown was not done. On his way out the chamber, he could be heard shouting "the commissioner of police has said a minister is under criminal investigation."

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has said that Reid is under a criminal probe.

Following the walkout, the sitting continued and the bill was eventually passed without amendment.

andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgCARICOM sources say Prime Minister Andrew Holness stormed out a meeting at the 40th Annual Heads of Government summit in Castries, St. Lucia on Thursday.

Holness apparently disagreed with his regional colleagues on the position adopted on the contribution to be made by the so-called developed countries of CARICOM.

The Prime Minister supposedly indicated that Jamaica has financial issues to deal with and noted that a decision had been made some years ago that the country would not be part of the second tranche payment to the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF).

The CDF is mandated to provide financial or technical assistance to disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors in CARICOM.

Informed sources say Jamaica is questioning the accuracy of report of previous meetings on the matter.

Jamaica's position is reportedly to opt out of making a contribution to the CDF at this time.

However, some Caribbean countries such as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Kitts-Nevis contend that Jamaica cannot opt out and that it is an obligation of each member by way of treaty.

reggae-sumfest-on-instagram-rider-a-set-of-requests-or-demands-that-a-performer-sets-as-criteria-for-performance.jpgThis year, Reggae Sumfest has released the requests made by three of the artistes set to perform on the festival slated for July 19 and 20 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in Montego Bay. The festival's organisers took to social media and posted a list of the items requested in the rider of dancehall kingpin Beenie Man; the top-rated female deejay Spice and conscious reggae chanter Jah9.

Beenie Man will be performing on Friday, July 19 alongside his one-time arch-rival Bounty Killer in what is being billed as one of the must-see moment of Reggae Sumfest this year.

In his rider Beenie Man has requested an air conditioned, secure, well-lit backstage area complete with six fresh hand-size white towels; one quart of the popular alcoholic liqueur Campari; 24 cans of the energy drink Red Bull; three bottles of 19 Crimes red wine; one bottle of the French sparkling wine Belaire Rosé; a cheese and crackers tray, as well as chicken wings. The artiste known for dancehall anthems such as Girls Dem Sugar, King of the Dancehall and World Dance has also requested that he and his team be given at least one sound check before the performance.

Spice is arguably the hardest working female artiste coming out of Jamaica at this time. She recently extended her brand to include television, with a second season on the American reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, which recently won for best in its category at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Spice's rider for Reggae Sumfest, as posted on the festival's Instagram page, sees her requesting champagne from the French brand Moët & Chandon; three cans of cashews; 3 cans of almonds; assorted fruit; an ice chest (igloo) with ice; 12 face/hand towels and two full-length mirrors.

Reggae Sumfest on Instagram: "📖 Rider: a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. 🎙• Let's get to know @jah9online a little better!..."


Reggae Sumfest on Instagram: "📖 Rider: a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. 🎙• Wings 🍗 Wine 🍷 & AC 🌬 ... fit for the King 👑..."


Reggae Sumfest on Instagram: "📖 Rider: a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. 🎙• Take a sneak peek at what the Queen of..."

Bolt launches new champagne and riddim

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usain-s-leo-bolt-on-instagram-what-a-night-the-launch-of-the-olymperoseriddim-was-epic.jpgTrack and field legend Usain Bolt inked a deal with French champagne house GH Mumm to produce his own line of 'bubbly' called Olympe Rosé and used a dancehall riddim of the same name to launch the product to his Jamaican audience. Bolt drew on the talents of his up-and-coming producer cousin Rajah "Pluggs" Nelson to create the soundtrack of the newest champagne available locally.

Nelson, who is also from Sherwood Content, the same community in Trelawny as the double world-record holder, was naturally overjoyed when he was given what he deemed to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

"They said they wanted a rhythm for a project that they were working on. They gave me the details... champagne, olympic, celebratory so I just went from there. I know what Usain likes musically. He's into uptempo, party vibe kinda songs, so I sent them a few beats and they chose what suited them and the product. It was a fun process, but at the same time mind-blowing to see it all come to life and be part of the recordings. As an upcoming producer it really helped me a lot to understand the business and has definitely helped me to get new contacts. I now have a certain amount of leverage in the business. It's kinda hard for up-coming producers to reach out to artistes and now because of this everything has changed and people are now coming to me," he shared with the Jamaica Observer.

There are currently five artistes on the rhythm -- Munga, Chris Martin, former national footballer Ricardo "Bibi" Gardner, Ding Dong, and Dexta Daps.

Bolt has since taken to social media to post a few pictures, along with the caption: "What A Night✨🔥💥🎶🎼 🥂The launch of the #olymperoseriddim was epic. Be sure to go out the get the riddim.

Link for music in my BIO🙌🏽

Usain St.Leo Bolt on Instagram: "What A Night✨🔥💥🎶🎼 🥂The launch of the #olymperoseriddim was epic. Be sure to go out the get the riddim. Link for music in my BIO🙌🏽 📸..."


Usain St.Leo Bolt on Instagram: "Near Music Alert🎶!!! New Music Alert!!!!🎶 Out Now!!! Out Now!!!!! 🎶Olympe Rosé Riddim🔊 ‼️ Epic launch last night of the #OlympeRose'Riddim...."