The Half Way Tree police on Sunday night arrested a man who was seen walking around with a gun in his hand in the district, where annual carnival festivities were being held.

"We are aware of the incident and can confirm that the man was arrested and is currently being questioned at this time," a senior officer from the St Andrew Central Police Division told Loop News on Monday morning.

Reports are that the man - identified as a local businessman - was seen parading with the gun along West Kings House Road and other sections of Half Way Tree minutes after he left a popular carnival party.

Alleged eyewitnesses said the man appeared to be drunk at the time.

A video of the man walking around with the weapon has been making the rounds on social media. It is not clear if anyone was harmed by the man.

There are further reports that the man has now been charged with illegal possession of a firearm and resisting arrest.

Reggae Sumfest 2017

alkaline-photo-13.jpgHundreds of Vendetta fans reportedly broke into the O2 venue in the UK after they refused to pay for tickets, in their bid to see their hero Alkaline.

.According to sources a riot also broke after news began to circulate about the cancelation, many fans are now demanding a full refund of £42.

Several disgruntled fans and former fans of the dancehall deejay have since taken to social media to share their experience and loudly voice their discontent.

"The crowd is going wild, persons are fighting outside," one eyewitness reportedly told website, The Tropixs.
"The police blocked the roads and are now using pepper spray" another added.

Reggae Sumfest 2017

minister-babsy-grange.jpgOlivia "Babsy" Grange Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports is defending Government's position on the staging of Jamaica 55 celebrations amid a slew of questions and concerns raised by her Opposition counterpart Lisa Hanna.

Grange, in a 17-page response e-mailed to the media on Saturday, said that the celebration of Emancipation and Independence is an act to memorialise and pay homage to the struggles, sacrifices and triumphs of "our ancestors".

"For Jamaica 55 we have decided, as we did for Jamaica 21 and Jamaica 25, to include activities outside of the normal course of events to mark our Emancipation and Independence," she explained.

According to Grange, these activities include a series of projects to ensure that celebrations leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Hanna, in her Sectoral Debate contribution to Parliament earlier this month, insisted that Grange had embarked on a "culture of extravagance", noting that the ministry's budgetary allocation for the financial year 2017/2018 had seen a 130 per cent increase from last year's.

The former culture minister raised concerns about the $440-million budgetary allocation for the emancipation and heritage week celebrations this year, which she pointed out was $190 million more than the expenditure for the previous year.


"One of few countries to celebrate failure and so called independence.

Jamaica is unable to farm and export Ganja legally, unable to erase her many criminal financiers, unable to severely punish shottas, unable to make the most from the over 3 million Tourists p/a, unable to govern the country with a oversized parliament and local government, unable to maximize on growth areas such as Agriculture and Reggae music, unable to fix Squatting, unable to update outdated laws and unable to put an end to Garrisons and rising inequality.

This must be the celebration of 55 years of failure masked as 55 years of independence!"

JDF coast guard in police custody

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The Manchester police have taken a member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) into custody regarding the death of a relative of the soldier.

The 29-year-old member of the JDF Coast Guard was picked up in Mandeville Friday.

The soldier is to be questioned in connection with the death of 51-year-old security guard Noel McDonald.

McDonald, who was attached to Marksman Security Company, was found dead Thursday at his home on Tavern Drive, in St Andrew.

Reports are that the police and several colleagues of McDonald went to his home at 41 Tavern Drive after he failed to report to work.

His body was found in a bathroom with multiple chop wounds.

The detained soldier is to be handed over to the St Andrew Central police who are investigating McDonald's death.

Jamaica copped its first gold at the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas with a blistering run to win the women's 4x200m in a new championship record of 1:29.04 minutes.

Jamaica made a tactical switch and shifted Thompson from the opening leg to anchor and brought in the promising Sasha Lee Forbes for Anastasia LeRoy on the third leg and it worked wonders.

Jura Levy got things off to a wonderful start and once Shericka Jackson got into her stride the race was as good as over as Jamaica won by a huge margin.

The Germans were second in 1:30.68 and just outbattled the American in third in 1:30.87.

Justin Gatlin and the United States roared to victory in the men's 4x100m relay as rivals Canada and Jamaica dropped batons at the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas on Saturday.

Run down by Canadian Olympic medalist Andre De Grasse in the earlier heats, Gatlin romped home in the final, leading the U.S. team of Leshon Collins, Mike Rodgers and Ronnie Baker to victory in 38.43 seconds.

Barbados claimed the silver and China surprised by taking the bronze.

Australia finished fourth ahead of France as both joined the medalists in qualifying for the IAAF world championships in August.

Reports are that three masked men -- armed with rifle and handgun -- stormed the Hayes Police Station in Clarendon Sunday morning with what is believed to have been ugly intentions.

The shocking incident occurred around 2:47am as the island has been experiencing inclement weather. The armed men arrived at the Hayes Police station in a car and two of the gang hopped out holding their weapons. However, a fearless cops immediately challenged the thugs an alert police officer challenged the men.

According to online reports, two of the men exited the vehicle wearing masks -- one armed with a rifle and the other with a handgun.

The man brandishing the rifle was about to fire on the station when he and his criminal friend were fired on by the alert cop.

The criminal with the rifle escaped in the motorcar and the man with the handgun escaped on foot.

One person has been killed an three others injured in an explosion at the RIU Montego Bay Hotel in Ironshore, St James.

Public Relations Officer at the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Emeleo Ebanks says the explosion happened in the main boiler room.

However, he said it was too early to determine the cause.

It's not clear who the victims were.