Foota Hype accuses Joe and Skatta or sleeping with ex

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According to the DJ he did not expect Ishawna to stoop so low and have sex with his boss and co worker. He also said Ishawna was upset with him because he didn't want to take part in threesome and oral sex.

Foota Hype Exposes Alleged Ishawna/Bogdanovich/Skatta "Love Triangle"

Foota leaves Downsound Because of Ishawna disses

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Foota Hype leaves Downsound Records because Ishawna released songs under the label disrespecting him.

"Effective this minute, rite now, @footahypemusic is no longer a part of the @downsound_music company. I QUIT, resigned, lef di work, which ever way wi can put it, on the basis of not getting the respect I deserve from the company CEO Joseph Bogdanovich, as in them producing and releasing material in the form of a song that is aimed at violating and disrespecting me and my brand," Foota hype said.

"I will not work for a company that is deliberately trying to tear down my brand, image and character in order to make another person in same company relevant. At the end of the day, I was Foota Hype before @downsound_music and will continue to be after."

Foota Hype went a bit further. He said he was disrespected by the songs Restraining Order and Cry Baby done by Ishawna.

"Mi get disrespected by Ishawna, and Joe doing nothing about it. Is like things gone from business to personal, so I decided to leave.

Foota is always Foota. When I went to Downsound, it was nowhere in dancehall like where it is now. It is my energy that bring them to the forefront. Mi find hit wid Specialist, mi find hit wid Nature. The only hit Ishawna have, is me mek it. Mi a do my work, and dem a deal wid soap opera thing, and mi nuh deh pon dat," he told the media.

Ishawna - Restraining Order Foota Hype DissAugust 2014

Ishawna - Cry Baby (Foota Hype Diss) September 2014

Tarrus Riley Goes on tour

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While it is arguably much more expensive and time-consuming to produce a live show, artistes, promoters and the general public all agree that everyone benefits more from live events. In an effort to find a way to take huge, quality-produced shows across the island, Martin Lewis, CEO of One Nation Event Entertainment Limited, and Shane Brown of Juke Boxx have teamed up on a new entertainment format that will allow fans to see their favourite artistes performing live closer to home.

The On Tour series recently got started with reggae artiste Tarrus Riley performing at four different venues across the island on the weekend. The first two On Tour series will be sponsored by Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, with an option to extend their sponsorship contract.

According to Lewis, who has a background in the area of production, he recognised the void in Jamaica for the average person to be able to enjoy a good show.

"Most people don't get to go to Jazz & Blues or Sumfest because they are only held in certain centres. It's as if those people don't count. I've spent 20 years touring, and that is what touring is about - bringing the product to the people. On Tour also aims to ensure that artistes become more invested in their presentation, and it also encourages the artistes to realise their real worth," he said.

"This is our promise; we are taking a 'big show' to small venues across Jamaica to the people. Extreme efforts will be made on the show production and the experience," he added.

Brown agreed, adding that following Riley's islandwide tour, Morgan Heritage will be the next featured act.

"Not all acts are fully equipped musically to perform a 90-minute concert. One of the first things we look at is the repertoire of the acts and the quality of their presentation. This is a new series and I work very closely with both Tarrus and Morgan Heritage, but we have a lot of artistes to approach, but for now, it's who is willing to work with us, but the quality of presentation, I'd say, is definitely an attraction for us," Brown said.

Though the resurgence of live music has generally been about reggae acts, Brown was quick to point out that dancehall artistes would also be included in the series.

"From a dancehall artiste is equipped to put on a clean, quality performance, we are all for it," he stated.

Brown also went on to say that On Tour will not only feature young artistes, but that the event was open to all.

"Our culture needs an appreciation for artistes who are not popular with today's generation, but these same artistes have paved the way for us. Only a few shows in Jamaica accommodate live music. If patrons get accustomed to these types of concert settings, then they'll definitely have a greater appreciation for our music. Promoters will also have an open mind and will have less acts on more nights. So instead of a three-day festival, we could have a weeklong festival," Brown said.

According to Brown, this series will be able to propel artistes further into international markets.

"An artiste can learn to improve his craft. This is an open arena for all local artistes to step up their game. We can use these performances to send the artistes to the world. Once the performance goes viral, it can definitely open new markets for the artiste," Brown said.

One Jam Music hosts successful charity

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The back-to-school season has just about concluded and many parents are tallying up the enormous expenses incurred in sending their young charges back to school. Fortunately for some parents, the music fraternity provided significant aid to offset some of the costs of going back to school. A number of artistes including Konshens and Cherine Anderson hosted back-to-school treats; however, the biggest of these treats appears to have been the One Jam Foundation/Tenament Yard treat for communities off Maxfield Avenue.

The treat held on August 20 brought out thousands of adults and children from impoverished inner city communities off the Maxfield such as Gem Road, William Road, Lincoln Ave, Villa, Trench Town, Jungle, and Rome. In addition to receiving well needed school supplies, attendees were treated to rides, games, and musical performances from household names such as Morgan's Heritage, Hezron, and Chuck Fender and from rising stars such as Abby Dallas and JayQ. Musical director of Morgan's Heritage and a longtime resident of the area, Producer DreZion, who coordinated the events on the ground, was overjoyed to see thousands of people out enjoying the festivities and partaking of the bountiful gifts on offer. The atmosphere was so jovial that a large police contingent headed by senior officers Steve McGregor and Fitz Bailey, who were amazed to see many people from rival communities living in love, came out to personally meet the organizers.

According to Lance Dyer, founder of The One Jam Foundation, "The treat was a resounding success. One Jam's and Tenament Yard's founders were both born and at least partially raised in the ghetto, so we understand the difficulties that many families in the ghetto face to get their children ready for each new school year. We also understand that education is one of the surest paths to elevation, so we think it is critical for us to support the ambitions of those who are less fortunate.  We believe in giving, not just in giving back, so we are not going to wait until our organizations are successful to contribute from our own resources to a charitable cause. That said, we are exceedingly grateful to our sponsors such as MPR Consulting, Pepsi/Ocean Spray, COK Credit Union, and LIME Antigua and to artistes such as Morgan Heritage, Hezron, Chuck Fenda, I-Wayne, Abby Dallas, and JayQ who all agreed to perform voluntarily for the treat."

Reggae band Bob Marley and the Wailers has finally hit the top ten of the Billboard chart, with their highest-selling album, Legend. The Marleys are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album this year, and recently announced that internationally renowned ice-cream company Ben & Jerry would be releasing a special flavour of their product, in respect of the Legend album.

Legend was released in 1984 by Island Records and is the best selling reggae album of all time, with more than 13 million copies sold in the United States and approximately 25 million copies sold globally.

The album was also ranked number 46 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. As of August 2014, it has spent a total of 290 non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 chart.


Fantan Mojah delivers in Germany

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Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah recently electrified the over 20,000 reggae fans that turned out to the 20th anniversary of Reggae Jam Festival hosted in Germany.

The Rasta Got Soul, who has developed a strong fan-base in Europe and Africa, delivered a high energy and interactive set, which led to the audience giving an encore.

Compared to Jacob Miller by reggae critics,  the singer connected with the audience with his mournful vibrato, athleticism and showmanship.

"When I perform its energy none stop and the people feel the energy based on the effort I put into my set. A me dem sey cyah tired, and right now mi lose some weight, so dat mek it worse pan dem. When mi touch any stage show mi a tek it," Fantan Mojah said.

During Mojah's set, he congratulated Germany on their World Cup win and sought to rally support for the freedom of iconic reggae artiste Buju Banton, with whom he had a friendship. He also received roaring responses for Nuh Build Great Man which features Jah Cure and Hail The King. Fanton Mojah is looking to release his third studio album titled 'Rasta Riddim and Soul'. This effort will feature his Europe and Africa hit record Rasta Got Soul, which has already received four million views on The album is expected to be released at the end of this year.

Mike Tyson tells Journalist Fuck You on Live TV

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You can do many things with Mike Tyson.

You can chat about tigers, race pigeons across the Sierra Madre and trick him into pronouncing the word "thistle."

What you cannot do, however, is spring a loaded question on him regarding his prior sexual assault conviction in the middle of a live television broadcast.

This is the scene that played out Wednesday afternoon when Tyson sat down with CP24 Toronto News anchor Nathan Downer.

In Toronto to promote his one-man show, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, Tyson stopped by the studio for an interview with Downer. Ostensibly expecting a couple cupcake questions and a handshake, Tyson found himself in the crosshairs when Downer ambushed the boxer with a question regarding his recent meet-and-greet with Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Specifically, Downer wanted to know if Tyson - onvicted sex offender - had further damaged Ford's re-election campaign by associating with the mayor.

Mike Tyson Curses Out Host During Canadian Interview

Alkaline'a new look...

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Dancehall artiste Alkaline recently debuted his new look for a video shoot. How would you rate the artiste's new look??


The world marks 9/11 anniversary

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NEW YORK -- With The Star-Spangled Banner, a bagpipe tribute and a moment of silence, a ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks solemnly kicked off in Lower Manhattan on Thursday.

The White House marked the anniversary with a moment of silence. Events also took place at the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, Pa., where the other planes crashed that day.

In New York, the roll call of the victims began shortly after 8:46 a.m., the same time 13 years ago that the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center.

Faith Tieri read several names including that of her brother, Sal Edward Tieri, Jr. "Your memory and my love for you will last forever," she said. "This day should be a day of reflection and memory only."

Mary Ann Marino also read names including that of her son, Kenneth Marino. "We love you," she said. "We miss you everyday. You are in our hearts and we cherish the memories."

Others reading names included a young man who had never met his uncle killed on 9/11, a wife who lost her husband of 30 years and Barbara Pandolfo whose only child, a daughter, was killed.

As the readings continued, some family members stood silently staring at those uttering the victims' names. Others pushed strollers holding children who were not yet born during the terrorist attacks while some walked around the memorial looking at the names etched into the nearby memorial.