Jamaican man gets 34-month sentence in Cayman

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court.jpgA Jamaican man, who escaped a gun conviction in the Cayman Islands, was sentenced to 34 months imprisonment for his role in drug trafficking and other related offences.

Jamaican national Marlon Crowe, along with Caymanians Leon St. Michael Hydes and Clebeland Swaby Powery, pleaded guilty earlier this year to conspiracy to import 194 pounds of ganja and were sentenced last Wednesday to prison terms ranging from 34 months to four and a half years.

According to www.caymancompass.com, Justice Charles Quin found three men not guilty of possessing an unlicensed firearm and then sentenced them for the ganja in which the firearm had been found.

On February 4, Cayman's Joint Marine Unit on board the vessel Guardian found the men in a boat drifting approximately 20 miles off East End.

Also on board was a large amount of ganja.

The men were arrested on suspicion of importation of the drug.

A firearm and 64 rounds of ammunition were also found on the vessel that police officers later brought to Grand Cayman.

Justice Quin found there was no case for them to answer to because there was no forensic evidence such as fingerprints or DNA to link any of them to the gun.

Attorney Crister Brady advised the court that Crowe, 34, had no previous conviction in Cayman or in Jamaica.

Crowe was sentenced to 34 months, while Swaby and Hydes were sentenced to three and a half years and four and a half years, respectively.

Ministry of Health prepared to probe dog meat saga

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chinese-cooking-dogs-in-jamaica.jpgThe Health Ministry is now prepared investigate into whether Chinese restaurants are serving dog meat, this following a recent picture of a a skinned, unseasoned animal, resembling a dog, in a cooking pot which started making the rounds on social media. It was accompanied by a voice note of a woman saying that she was now offering the proof that Chinese were cooking dog and serving as other acceptable meats.

Since then there have been many comments on Facebook as many claim they would not be ordering any more Chinese food.

The Ministry of Health is now weighing in on the issue and they are promising to launch an investigation into the allegations.

"If there are sufficient reasons for us to launch an investigation, then we will do that," an official from the Ministry of Health reportedly said.

The social media message, which has sent tongues wagging across Jamaica, contains an image of

Under Jamaica's Public Health Act, the slaughter of animals or poultry for human consumption is monitored by the health authorities.

Young Reggae Boyz team doctor stabbed to death

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Team doctor for Jamaica's Young Reggae Boyz Dr Martin Garwood was on Wednesday stabbed to death at his home in Barbican, St Andrew.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force's Corporate Communications Unit has confirmed the incident, but said it has no details.

However, police investigators say Dr Garwood, who also worked at the Kingston Public Hospital, was stabbed multiple times.

Alia Atkinson breaks World Record in Tokyo

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alia-atkinson-photo-3.jpgJamaica's Alia Atkinson has broken the 50 metres breaststroke short course world record at the FINA World Cup Tour in Tokyo.

Alia won the event in 28.64 seconds, beating the old mark of 28.80 seconds which was set by Jessica Hardy in Berlin in 2009. This is Alia's second world record as she is currently tied with Ruta Meilutyte for the 100 metres breaststroke record. She won today's event ahead of Russia's Yulia Efimova and American Molly Hannis.

The Jamaican is one of only three women ever to have broken the 29-second barrier in the 50 metres breaststroke. She will receive a US10,000 bonus from FINA for breaking the world record, along with 20 points towards her cluster bonus.

Another artiste leaves Downsound

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Nature has ditched the Joe Bogdanovich-led Sownsound Records and will reportedly be managing himself.

This follows the recent split from DownSound Records of their female diva, Ishawna, and it looks as if both artistes may get entangled in a legal battle with the outfit.

The "World Peace" singer who informed CEO Josef Bogdanovich via email of his departure is still legally bound to the music label.

Nature, like Ishawna before him, remains tight-lipped about the details surrounding the split but told one media entity that he was uncomfortable.

JCDC launches Ranny Williams contest.


With great concern about crime, especially in western Jamaica, entertainers Mackie Conscious and a team of musicians has collaborated with Queen Ifrika who also hails from Montego Bay and who had similar concerns to host a free concert at Dump up beach Sunday December 4 2016 starting at 3 pm.

This event is designed to have the major Jamaican recording artistes both home and abroad participate in donating their time to solidify a cry from the music fraternity that a change is needed. So far, over 50 name brand entertainers are expected to make themselves available live or via video link on a large screen. This list includes Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, Diana King, Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrika, Mackie Conscious, Spice, Ninja Man, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Benie Man, I Octane, Jimmy Cliff, Mutabaruka, Hezron, Carlene Davis, Lt Stichie and Kevin Dowenswell.

The St James Police, the Parish Council and the UDC have already given full support.

"We intend to have an Entertainers Motorcade and reasoning session on the day of the event through the troubled communities. Following the event we anticipate with the help of corporate Jamaica, to launch an initiative to revisit the communities with an offer of support with academic advancements and skills training to the youth.

A third imitative to be launched later as it relates to keeping an eye on the entire entertainment coming from the fraternity will be to better assist in the inspiration of the youth and promote quality of music, impacting ultimately Brand Jamaic," a release from the organizers stated.

x6-trial-patrick-powell-oct-24-photo-2.jpgPatrick Powelll was tried in the court of public opinion and found guilty as sin for the 2011 murder of former Kingston College student, Khajeel Mais. He was set free by the court on Monday after the prosecution's star witness turned 'hostile' and the case crumbled.

Social media has erupted with the theme being that Fada God nah sleep and the murderer of the young boy, whoever he or she is, will be meet hisor her Waterloo.

All we have the energy to do is share some of the thousands of comments from social media.


This is the most ridiculous and intentionally corrupted case I've ever seen in all my life. Mek mi feel like mi neva learn nuttin growing up. Jah know


How vybe kartel found guilty and this guy clear and present with all evidence implicating him but he walks free


Failure to hand over his firearm is a fine ,which he can pay he's off

Desroy Smith from Facebook, 1 hour ago

How convenient! Free him of murder, then charge him for withholding the murder weapon. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!




I don't want hear or see nothing about this case anymore. ... that firearm should be seized immediately after the shooting. . What is happening in Jamaica???


Seems to me that the system was played to set Mr Powell free. First how can a firearm holder refuse, for five years, a lawful request for the provision of his gun for ballistic testing in a murder case. Could the firearm licence not be revoked rendering possession illegal and forcing Mr Powell to 'take' in his firearm. Over the intervening 5-year period why was the 'gun charge' not taken before the courts before the murder trial given the importance of the potential ballistic evidence, now immediately after his acquittal that case is before the courts. The playing of the system continues even after the trial with both defence lawyers on Beyond the Headlines sanitizing their client and ducking questions about Mr Powell's refusal to submit his gun for testing.


We would also like to know if the firearm permit has been renewed within the last 5 years.., while the police needed it for examination...!?

Nicole Henry from Facebook, 2 hours ago

KARMA naah release him.....

Stewart from Facebook2 hours ago

It's all about the money. God not sleeping n no bad deed will go unpunished


Send home the man, prosecutors already freed him of murder, so tell me now after 5 yrs u going to try him on gun charge when u never took his gun or his X6, where u going to find the evidence now?

Ashley 2

Oh please what a travesty of justice, so many years later they are talking about him not turning in his gun, could not happen here his old ass would be sitting in a cell.


This is fuckry. The key evidence in the crime wasn't turned over. What a bomboclat system wicked, court and everybody working with this man.


There is no justice for mediocre are the poor......but the rich will get away with anything


A money run Jamaica, as long as u have u money u can't go jail.


This come in like circus


The judge police killer Powell and his lawyer are a sets of evil heartless people the judge should have ordered this man to turned his gun in are you telling me that this killing took place 5yrs ago and he still holding his gun no somethings is not adding up the blasted man killed the young boy are we that blind wake up people he knows that if he turned the gun in and they run ballistic on it the truth will comes out smh


All he may end up doing is pay a fine


Me would a pay smadi shoot him in a him head 1 bbc shot!


That's putting the cart in front of the horse or what, that should have been done already, that would have clear up every thing perfectly.


after 5 yrs him never turn over gun.


What sort of nonsense is this how comes he got acquitted and the murder weapon is still with held by the by this man where Jamaica got their laws from


In all of 5 years. now the court a ask him to turn over his gun. After d case close... Unu really love insult d average man. This case grieve mi to d core. No man mi ago pray cause nothing abt this is right

x6-murder-trial-khajeel-mais.jpgx6-trial-powell.jpgThe family of Khajeel Mais refused to speak with reporters after accused Patrick Powell walked free in the X6 murder case on Monday.

Mais' parents left the court teary-eyed after the crown, unable to prove that Powell was on the scene when the former Kingston College student was shot, offered no further evidence in the case. Mais was shot dead on July 1, 2011 while he was travelling in a taxi in Havendale to meet up with friends to attend a fete at the Meadowbrook High School. The killer was believed to be driving a BMW X6 sports utility vehicle. Powell's Belgrade Loop, St Andrew, home was subsequently raided by the police and two BMW X6 vehicles were seized.

The case began to crumble last week when star witness Wayne Wright, the taxi driver, said he did not see the shooter and said that cops asked him to lie that he saw the killer. Earlier this month, Khajeel's sister Kimberly took to social media to vent her frustration with the delay and the pace of the justice system.

"At first, they gave Vybz Kartel's case precedence, saying limited court rooms available to try cases. Vybz Kartel has been convicted (more than two) years now... So I guess a life wrongfully taken does not matter to the country," she said in a Facebook post.

x6-trial-patrick-powell-oct-24-photo-1.jpgX6 Murder Trial: Khajeel Mais murder accused Patrick Powell walks free

Businessman Patrick Powell has been found not guilty of the murder of 17-year-old Khajeel Mais.

The prosecution rested its case Monday morning in the Home Circuit Court.

Jurors were instructed to return a not guilty verdict after the prosecution said it had no further evidence to offer on the matter.

Lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor told the court that when the prosecution started the case, it was presented on the basis of credibility and identity. He said it had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Powell was at the scene of the incident. He said only one person could do that and that was taxi driver Wayne Wright.

The prosecutor said with Mr. Wright responding the way he did during cross examination last week, the crown could no longer proceed with the matter.

Powell was accused of opening fire on a taxi in which the teenager was a passenger on July 1, 2011. Khajeel died after being shot in the head and back.

Last Friday, prosecutors requested an early adjournment to review their case after the key prosecution witness recanted on his statement. The driver of the taxi testified that he did not see the shooter. He denied giving a statement to the police, identifying Mr. Powell as the man who fired on his vehicle along Highland Drive in Havendale, St. Andrew.

Prosecutors were forced to treat him as a hostile witness.