Cops, brazen gunmen trade shots Downtown

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Reports are that brazen gunmen this afternoon forced the police into retaliatory mode as they challenged the lawmen on the streets of Downtown Kingston in areas including South Camp Road, near to the Ice Factory and Beeston Street.

Eyewitnesses told Yardflex that the gunmen were determined to show the police the strength of their firepower and the cops were equally determined to stop the gangsters in their tracks.

"Don't venture downtown," an eyewitness warned in a voice note, even as he lamented the total lack of law and order.

"I grow up in ghetto, but mi never see anything like this before," he said.

Checks with the police communications unit, CCU, revealed that there were reports of a joint police military operation on Monday and reports of a gunman being killed inside Coronation market, after he had fired upon persons in the market.

Reggae Sumfest 2017

stephen-sumfest.jpgMulti Grammy Award winning reggae artiste, Stephen Marley rocked the REggae Sumfest stage on Saturday night in what was surely a memorable performance.

The son of Bob and Rita Marley captivated the crowd selections such as "No Cigarette Smoking in My Room", "Options", Traffic Jam, The Mission and So Strong.

He had the large Catherine Hall audience focused on his every move as he sang while playing the guitar to a number of the songs he did. The excitement intensified when he first invited his son, Jo Mersa to partner with him on stage and then later when he collaborated with the 'Fireman', Capleton. He did the single, Rock Stone, during which he called up Capleton to do the collab. Capleton and Marley also performed It Was Written before the former left the stage for Stephen to complete his set with his hit collaboration with American rapper Pitbull, Options.

Stephen had earlier introduced his son, Jo Mersa, and the youngster took the mic and, entertained the crowd and even called on his brother Yohan, another talented Marley offspring.

Reggae Sumfest 2017

bounty-killer-photo-11.jpgRodney Price aka Bounty Killer was in top formed and spewed hard-hitting conscious lyrics which were very well received by the record-breaking crowd att his year's Reggae Sumfest held in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Clearly in a no-nonsense mood, the artiste who is known for his cross, angry, miserable personal was in lecture mode and he gave it to them, as he laced his lyrics with thought-provoking social messages.

The Poor People's Governor criticised the government's feeble attempts at crime fighting and urged the powers that be to address the plight of the poor.

"They are helping the police to fight crime, but they not helping (poor) people," he said before launching into his hit single Fed Up, to the delight of fans.

He also condemned the spate of murders affecting the island, calling on the gunmen to stop the violence, while also chiding men who harm women in domestic disputes.

"No man nuh fi ah kill over woman," he said as he sang Worthless Bwoy to cheers.

Bounty called on stage controversail deejay Masicka, whose management had said that owing to unresolved issues with time, the deejay, who was booked for Sumfest would not be performing. However, to the shock and delight of fans, Masicka dis a brief set within Killer's slot, and they even took jabs at Masicka's rival, Aidonia.

Tommy Lee closes Sumfest Night 1 in fine style

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tommy-lee-photo-12.jpgIt would certainly be argued successfully that Tommy Lee Sparta was the top act for what is still being called Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night by the public, despite an initiative b y the organisers to label it Sumfest Night 1.

Anyway, that aside, with a bumper crowd, who shelled out $4,500 for pre-sale and $6000 at the gate for tickets, and with a large part of that crowd staying to watch Tommy Lee's performance after big guns Alkaline and Mavado, the the Sparta man must be saluted.

Tommy Lee Sparta's relatively short performance comprised high, higher, highest and Alkaline must take some credit, for it was he who threw the first punch by calling up Tommy Lee's name in a derogatory manner during his own thrilling performance. Of course, the crowd waited with bated breath to hear if the man from Sparta and the son of Montego Bay would answer the Vendetta Boss. Of course, Tommy Lee did...and the crowd loved. They had waited for his closing performance at Catherine Hall on Saturday morning and he delivered.

A deafening combination of vuvuzelas, shouts, screams and claps greeted Tommy Lee on arrival on stage and this energy, impossible as it seemed, grew even grater throughout his 10-minute set.

Of course, his entrance was made even grander by MC Nuffy who reminding patrons to the 25th staging of Reggae Sumfest that Alkaline had ventured into the city and "dissed" the hometown deejay.

After entering the stage in a straight jacket, which was ripped off him by a member of his entourage, Tommy Lee wasted no time in going after the 'Vendetta' artiste.

"Mi see some bwoy ah try hold out the show," he said, before going into his Not A Badness diss track aimed at Alkaline.He then reeled off several of his popular songs including Spartan Soldier, Buss A Blank and Stacking Up The Paper

However, despite a hungry crowd hanging onto the deejay's every syllable, Tommy Lee was yanked from the stage by his management, reportedly on the instructions of the organisers, who had time constraints.

spice-sumfest.jpgSelf-proclaimed Queen of Stage, Spice, gave an entertaining performance at Reggae Sumfest Night 1 on Friday and many are saying that she was definitely among the festival's overall top performers.

Spice and her dancers have been known to carry a sheet around with them to all of their weekly events as they capitalise on the poularity of her hit single, 'Sheet'. Well, on Friday night Spice transformed the stage into her private boudoir and was carried onstage on a massive bed, wearing an alluring night robe.She was accompanied by her dancers, who were allsoclad in robes.

With the stage set, Spice slinked out of bed and, as expected, started t sing the Sheet song, much to the delight of the audience. She called for a companion to keep her company in bed, and and while there was a bit of frlolicking, she fulfilled her mandate which was to entertain her captive audience.

She she her robe to reveal a body-hugging gold suit and she worked song such as Indicator and So Me Like It, earning mega forwards.

wanted-man-saddam.jpgSadain Mullings, alias Saddam, of Elgin Town, Hanover, the man, who was on the police Most Wanted list and linked to more than 20 murders in the western end of the island was shot dead during a gun battle with police on Saturday.

Reports are that the 26-year-old wanted man was shot and killed during a confrontation with members of the Mobile Reserve and the Westmoreland police in the Whitehouse community of Westmoreland on Saturday morning.

A UZI sub machine gun and a Glock pistol were seized during the standoff.

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) has commenced their probe into the fatal shooting.

Saddam was wanted for up to 20 murders in western parishes and also for attacking the police with grenades in St Ann earlier this year.

Wheelchair bound man shot and killed

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crime-scene-gun.jpgThe Trelawny police are investigating the murder of a wheelchair bound man, who was shot and killed in Falmouth early Friday morning.

The deceased has been identified as 30-year-old Oberie Forrester of Wellington Street, Falmouth, Trelawny.

Reports are that about 2 am, Forrester was pounced upon and shot multiple times by unknown assailants at the intersection of Pitt and Peel Streets.

He was taken to the Falmouth Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Forrester had survived two previous gun attacks.

The police have not yet established a motive for the killing.

holness-and-wife-wedding-picture.jpgPrime Minister, Andrew Holness and his wife Juliet celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last week and many took to social media to offer their congratulations after it was disclosed on the official Twitter account of Mrs. Holness.

A wedding picture of the couple was the following caption: "Today we celebrate 20 years of marriage joined by God and sustained through love commitment, prayer and hard work. I love you. There is something amazing when two become one, and so, on this 20th day of the 7th month, I celebrate 27 years of falling in love with the man of my dreams. On this the 20th day of the month of our birth, we celebrate 20 years of marriage, joined by God and sustained through love, commitment, prayer and hard work," said Mrs. Holness.

She also disclosed that the two will be celebrating their birthdays in the same month they are celebrating their anniversary.

Today, we celebrate togetherness, in a month where our birthdays and our anniversary combine symbolizing something bigger than ourselves," Mrs. Holness wrote.

JAY-Z - Bam ft. Damian Marley

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