police-cars.jpgThe St Mary police are to question four men for their alleged roles in the theft of two cell phones and the seizure of an illegal firearm in Oracabessa, St Mary on Thursday night

The men have not been identified while further investigations are ongoing.

Reports are that about 10:00 p.m., police officers carrying out a vehicular spot check were notified of a robbery that was in progress.

The law enforcers later observed a Nissan Tiida motorcar which matched the description of the vehicle that was reportedly used earlier in the robbery, being driven along the Oracabessa main road.

The vehicle, with four men on board, was stopped and subsequently searched.

A Taurus .38 revolver and two rounds of ammunition were recovered, along with two cellular phones that are believed to have been taken during the robbery.

The men were subsequently taken into custody.

The motorcar was also seized by investigators.

barry-g.jpgNYC: 'Boggieman' 'Barry G' Gordon, the one time top broadcaster at Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) radio in Kingston in the 70s and now the current ruler of afternoon radio at Mello FM in Montego Bay has a big date in New York. Gordon will reunite with British broadcaster Sir David Rodigan on Sunday, June 30th at the 9th annual Groovin' In The Park concert slated for Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, NY.

The veteran broadcaster, who went from radio producer to hosting his own program at JBC in the 70's is considered an innovator, an educator and an entertainer. He is responsible for breaking numerous hit records in his 40 plus years on radio including reggae songs by Yellowman, Barrington Levy and Sophia George. David Rodigan, who grew up in England in the mid 1960's became enthralled by Jamaican music by Millie Small, Bob Marley, Toots & the Maytals, Jimmy Cliff and Marcia Griffiths.

"I heard this new, incredibly energized back-beat from Jamaica called Ska and found it to be irresistible, primarily as dance music but then when we went deeper we realized that it was a music that spoke for all of us, especially the under-privileged in society" Rodigan shared.

"Many of us identified with it and so the phenomena of Jamaican music grew beyond the shores of the island and soon reached the world stage" he said.

Radio listeners who grew up in Jamaica in the 80's, still talk with glee about the intense clashes Gordon had with Rodigan, while he was at Kiss FM in London.

david-rodigan-photo-1.jpg"We have been trying to reunite Barry G and David Rodigan for the past 4 years but Rodigan's schedule never allowed him to be in New York in late June" Groovin Inc CEO Christopher Roberts disclosed.

"We have always wanted to give youngsters here the chance to see these icons in action since many of them were not even born in 1983 when Barry G challenged Rodigan to a friendly on-air clash at JBC Radio. We have been getting numerous calls from older Jamaicans living here in the New York who are happy we were able to make this reunion happen. History will be create on Sunday, June 30th" Roberts promised. Beyond the friendly banter that typically happens when Gordon and Rodigan are on air, the two have a close relationship.

"David is my best friend in the radio business....we communicate very often and lament together what is happening in the music business" Gordon once disclosed in an interview.

Time will tell, says Rygin King

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Montego Bay-based Dancehall deejay Rygin King, recently uploaded a footage from his debut Reggae Sumfest performance last year, and took some time out to send a message to his supporters and even his haters.

"Time will tell me fans greatness can't hide," the "Tuff" deejay wrote. "Big up everybody weh proud a mi and the others that fear progress respect, all a that made me who I am today💪🏽thank for everything 🙏🏽."

Rygin King has been having a tough time fighting off Dancehall critics over the last few months but that hasn't affected his work ethic, dropping a constant supply of new music.

The entertainer is busy touring the world and promoting his new singles which includes; Keep Up, One Time, Business, Cyah Style A Styler, Clean, Monument and Star Life.

gyptian-reggae.jpgWhy does tight-pants Gyptian believe that he is above criticism? He claims to be a star, but there was nothing star-like about that disgusting behaviour on social media telling his critics to suck dem madda and bare nasty things, all because dem point out, quite truthfully, that him pants too suck on.

This dude wears a pants that suck on to him like a pair of tights and his followers on social media dragged him for it. Their point was "Man pants no fi so tight." It also looked as if some people mentioned that he was one of the Rastas who Tony Rebel said was in the closet and should come out, because he looked like a gal in that tight pants. Who tell dem fi go say dat!!!???

Suck-on pants Gyptian trace off the people dem in the wickedest, nastiest, dirtiest way. He showed that no gal can match him inna di tracing business.

The 'Big Star' tell dem to run up inna dem mumma and dip up under dem like a real girl. He went at length to prove how much of a whore he is by telling them that him "Mi f@#$ nuff a dem gal and all dem madda" and added that a "Nuff gal mi run way."

Suck-on pants Gyptian, shame on you! Go and wash out your dirty mouth with disinfectant and bleach. Bout yuh a Star. Mussi di Star newspaper whe love mix up and people business you a talk bout.

Right now, we are getting out the popcorn because we know that is now dem a go drag you all ova social media. Bout you a wear suck-on pants and a show up youself like you is a woman. Blood and Fire!!!!!!!


High alert for missing boy

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missing-boy-11-years-old-tyreek-king.jpgA High Alert has been activated for 11-year-old Tyreek King of Bishop Avenue, Kingston 11 who has been reported missing since Thursday, June 13.

He is of brown complexion, medium build and is about 152 centimetres (5 feet) tall.

According to police reports, Tyreek was last seen at school about 3:30 pm wearing his uniform -- a purple shirt and a khaki pants.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Tyreek King is being asked to contact the Olympic Gardens police at 876-923-5468, police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.

May Pen police list 12 persons of interest

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police-station.jpgThe police in May Pen, Clarendon have listed 12 people as persons of interest in connection with a range of criminal activities affecting the parish and surrounding areas. The named individuals are being urged to report to the police immediately or by midday on tomorrow.

They are:

1. Thirty-two-year-old Jenard Maxam, otherwise called 'Wheatly', who the police said frequents Sandy Bay, Old Rosewell, Palmers Cross/Red Road, Longville Park areas in Clarendon and Old Harbour, St Catherine.

2. Sheldon Glashan of Old Harbour in St Catherine. The police said he frequents that area.

3. Thirty-three-year-old Jessie Sewell, otherwise called 'Jessy', of Sandy Bay, Clarendon, who reportedly frequents Sandy Bay, Old Rosewell, Palmers Cross/Red Road, Longville Park areas in Clarendon and Old Harbour in St Catherine.

4. Thirty-eight-year-old Joseph Prince, otherwise called 'Joey', of Old Rosewell/Palmers Cross, Clarendon. He is said to frequent Longville Park in Clarendon and Old Harbour, St Catherine.

5. Nicholas Johnson, otherwise called 'Bougseye' of Freetown, Clarendon. According to the police, he frequents Bucks Town, Sandy Bay, Rasta Corner areas in Clarendon and Old Harbour, St Catherine.

6. A man only known as 'Kiki', of an Old Harbour, St Catherine and is said to frequent Beckford Crescent and Hungry Town in the parish.

7. Thirty-four--year-old Andrew Smith, otherwise called 'Racka', of Freetown, Clarendon and Rosehall district in Manchester. He reportedly frequents Salt River, Beckford Crescent and Hungry Town in Clarendon.

8. Nashawn Guest, otherwise called 'Bridge', of Sandy Bay, Clarendon, who the police said frequents Beckford Crescent, Hungry Town in Clarendon; Old Harbour and Dela Vega City, Spanish Town in St Catherine and Warrick Mount in St Ann.

9. Jameal Mendez, otherwise called 'Sweety Man', of Sandy Bay, Clarendon, who is said to frequents Freetown, Bucks Town and Rosehall in the parish.

10. A man only known as 'Rags', of Sandy Bay, Clarendon. The police said he frequents Freetown, Bucks Town and Rosehall in the parish.

11. A man only known as 'Cardo', of Sandy Bay, Clarendon, who reportedly frequents Rasta Corner, Freetown, and Bucks Town in the parish.

12. A man only known as 'Fabulous', of Sandy Bay, Clarendon, who is said to frequents the areas of Freetown and Rose Hall in the parish.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these individuals is being asked to contact the May Pen Criminal Investigation Branch at (876) 986-2208, Crime Stop at 311, police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.

crime-scene-gun.jpgThe security forces are keeping a close watch on Rivoli and other communities in Spanish Town, St. Catherine following a double murder Friday afternoon.

About 12:45 a taxi driver and a passenger where in a vehicle when men opened gunfire.

The two men were hit.

They died at the scene.

A police officer challenged the gunmen, however, they escaped.

Investigators say the attack is linked to the ongoing feud involving members of the Clansman gang

They say the passenger who was killed - a man known only by the alias "Gwualla" - is a member of the gang.

He was recently released on bail for the murder of a policeman.

The taxi operator is said to be his relative.

The police say the men were returning from court in Kingston when they were attacked.

The police are also probing reports that men removed a gun and a loaded magazine from the scene of the shooting.

imf-christine-lagarde.jpgThe International Monetary Fund (IMF), is urging greater central bank supervision of lending institutions as the government moves to support private credit expansion.

Following it's staff visit this week, the IMF mission team said the reduction in the Cash Reserve Requirement this year and the successive policy rate cuts to 0.75 per cent should support private credit expansion.

However, it said enhanced central bank supervision and risk management practices at lending institutions will be critical to ensure careful assessment of risks to maintain financial stability.

Credit extended to private-sector businesses and households grew by 15.2 per cent over the 12 months to March this year, higher than the 13.4 per cent observed at December 2018 and the 13.8 per cent at March 2018.

The Central Bank has been making policy-rate cuts to increase the pace of expansion in private-sector credit.

Another US celeb touches down in Jamaica

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Omarion is the latest American celebrity to travel to Jamaica for vacation.

The singer/actor touched down on the island with his friends and Family on Friday. He announced his arrival with a photo at Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, a favourite spot for A-list celebs. "Giving thanks to the ancestors & predecessors that paved the way. This is #Jamaica 🇯🇲. #2019TRIBE UP!! #THEHandsomeFamily," O captioned a photo.

"Wagwaaan!! 🇯🇲🙌🏾🏆. #jamaica🇯🇲 ," he added before sharing videos of himself drinking coconut water and eating a mango, "Nothing more healing than "Mother's nature" #jamaica🇯🇲 🙏🏾🧡 I'm killing that mango tho!! 🥰🥭🤤."

Jamaica is now being dubbed the ultimate playground for American celebrities and we can not count the amount of arrivals we've had in the last few months.

Just last week American singer Queen Naija and her boyfriend Clarence were on the island for their vacation after visits from DJ Khaled, Drake, Tory Lanez, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Meek Mill, Yung Miami and many more.


⚡️Omarion ⚡️ on Instagram: "Giving thanks to the ancestors & predecessors that paved the way. This is #Jamaica 🇯🇲. #2019 TRIBE UP!! #THEHandsomeFamily"


⚡️Omarion ⚡️ on Instagram: "Wagwaaan!! 🇯🇲🙌🏾🏆. #jamaica🇯🇲"


⚡️Omarion ⚡️ on Instagram: "🥥🥥🥭🥭🥭🥭. Nothing more healing than "Mother's nature" #jamaica🇯🇲 🙏🏾🧡 I'm killing that mango tho!! 🥰🥭🤤"