Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell off to Ostrava

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asafa-powell-and-usain-bolt.jpgTriple world record holder Usain Bolt and former 100 metres world record holder Asafa Powell are among five Jamaicans on their way to Ostrava for the IAAF World Challenge Golden Spike meeting on Tuesday.

Bolt will turn out in the men's 200 metres for his 7th appearance at the meet and his third time contesting the 200 metres event.

Powell will be making his 4th appearance in Ostrava and will line up against British world and European Indoor champion Richard Kilty.

Edino Steele is down to compete in the men's 400 metres event while Kerron Stewart and Sherone Simpson are listed for the Women's 200 metres race.

Did you know the Flotus is #TeamNatural?

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michelle-obama-flotus.jpgDid you know that the First Lady, Michelle Obama is a naturalista!

Yes, you read correctly. Michelle Obama stopped chemically treating her hair years ago. Celebrity stylist Johnny Wright, who takes care of the FLOTUS' tresses, recently discussed Lady O's hair with The Root.

Instead of relying on chemicals, Wright says that he straightens Lady O's hair with a flat iron. While he wouldn't say for sure whether or not we'll ever see Mrs. Obama stepping out rocking her natural 'fro, Wright says that it's definitely a possibility.

"I don't know. Maybe on vacation she will," he shared. "She is 100 percent natural now. It is a possibility."

While Wright says that he doesn't subscribe to the notion of good and bad hair, he thoroughly supports the natural hair movement, which the First Lady has embraced.

"I think a lot of women are starting to see what type of damage chemicals has caused their hair over the years, and they're really starting to embrace their curls and really embrace the fact that they can be versatile," Wright said.

"They can wear it curly. They can wear it straight. They don't have to really conform to any particular look. They can do it all, and that's one thing that is going to stick. That's the revolution part of it. ... The revolution part will stick. All about curl power."

Love it.

The National Indoor Sports Centre, will be used next week in the processing of applications for passports.

The decision was taken, after thousands of persons converged on the Constant Spring Offices of the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, PICA, to apply for a passport, ahead of the increased fees which take effect on June 1.

The June 1 date was announced yesterday, after complaints that the initial date of May 26, was too soon.

Chairman of the advisory board to PICA, Dr Leachim Semaj, says come next Tuesday, the Sport Centre will be used in the processing of applications.

Dr Semaj says, all offices of PICA, saw an increase over their daily quotas, with Kingston seeing a 50% increase, over the 1 thousand per day quota.

In the meantime, Dr Semaj states, that any further extension to the implementation date for the increase, will have to come from the cabinet.

jimmy-riley-birthday.jpgHappy Earthstrong Jimmy Riley, born 22 May 1954.

Seminal Jamaican Singer born Martin James Ziggy Norman Riley in Kingston.He is the father of sensational reggae singer, Tarrus 'Singie Singie' Riley.


Happy Earthstrong Etana, born 22 May 1983.

Seminal Jamaican Singer and Songwriter born Shauna McKenzie in Kingston.

dominic-mcdowell.jpgThe next general meeting of the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association

(JaRIA) is scheduled for Wednesday the 27th of May 2015, 6:00 pm, in the

Vera Moody Hall (Music School Auditorium) at Edna Manley College for the

Visual and Performing Arts.

The Guest Speaker will be Dominic McDowell who will address the topic

"Ganja Legislation and Production: Economic Implications for Jamaica's

Entertainment Industry".

Mr. McDowell is the Plannning & Business Development Specialist for

Medicanja Limited which was incorporated and launched in the latter part of 2013 by Dr. Henry Lowe. The objective of Medicanja is to undertake cutting edge research, development and commercialization of value added products and services related to medical ganja and hemp for the local, regional and international markets. McDowell oversees and implements planning and business development policies, objectives, and initiatives with respect to Medicanja Ltd. He is also responsible for product standardization, and maximizing, brand promotion, and funding and grant proposals.

The date of the meeting was changed from its normal schedule as student examinations are underway at the college.

ganja-smoking.jpg1. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, located in central Europe, is still getting a grasp on its newly minted medical marijuana law, which was passed in early 2013. Many people are still having a hard time actually finding medicine to help cope with their medical needs, but it seems that the situation is improving. There is also widespread decriminalization, in which Czech citizens are allowed to grow up to five plants, or be in possession of certain amounts of cannabis without fear of being criminally prosecuted.

2. Ecuador

The South American nation of Ecuador, which shares a continent with the only country on Earth to have fully legalized cannabis in Uruguay, may be on its way to legalizing marijuana itself. The country has a long and rich history, filled with issues resulting from the international drug trade, and subsequent War on Drugs. Currently, possession of small amounts of cannabis is permitted, if it is for personal use and there is no intent to distribute. However, the Ecuadorian government could be poised to earn big bucks by legalizing in terms of tax dollars and potential trade revenue.

3. Jamaica

Though many people may have thought marijuana was already legal in the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, that's simply not the case. However, it does look like the country's leadership is leaning toward going that route. Just recently, the country took a big step in relaxing its laws on possession, and also decriminalized it for a variety of reasons, including religious ceremonies and medicinal use. Jamaica may be swayed in coming years by increasing pressure from its in-house Rastafarian movement, as well as tourists from places like the U.S. where legalization is quickly sweeping the country.

4. Mexico

One way to help cut down on the illegal drug trade, and the power of the drug cartels as a result, would be for the nation of Mexico to give its prohibition laws a second look. There has been plenty of talk over the past several years about the Mexican government looking at legalization marijuana and other substances, but political pressure from the U.S. government has helped keep those laws on the books - for now. The power of criminal organizations, including the infamous cartels that operate along the border, has been shown to be weakening as a result of American decriminalization, and Mexican leaders may be swayed to vote for legalization if it means a lessening of violence and corruption.

5. Canada

From America's southern border to its northern one, Canadians have been able to enjoy relatively more lax marijuana laws compared to the U.S. Places like British Columbia are famous worldwide for supposedly growing some of the finest marijuana in the world, and it is one of the major sources of the plant into the United States. There are a majority of Canadian citizens who want to see the plant legalized, and much of what policymakers decide to do will likely come as a result of how the U.S. handles legalization going forward.

6. Spain

Certain places in Spain have also been called 'The New Amsterdam' due to their high concentration of private cannabis clubs. Operating in a somewhat gray area within Spanish law, these clubs take advantage of new laws that have decriminalized possession, although the manufacture and sale of cannabis is still illegal. It appears that Spain is one of the countries that will ride the momentum of the legalization movement, and make more policy moves based on what happens as a result of its decriminalization efforts.

7. Uruguay

Uruguay, of course, has made a name for itself by becoming the first and only country on Earth to fully legalize marijuana. The laws themselves are still being ironed out, but Uruguay has taken an enormous leap by being the first country to put a legal marijuana market into place on a country-wide scale. The market itself will be tightly regulated on all fronts by the government, but prices are estimated to be incredibly cheap compared to what people are paying in Colorado and Washington.

8. The Netherlands

The Netherlands - and more specifically, Amsterdam - has been a prime destination for marijuana tourists for a long time now. The city's infamous 'coffee shops' have attracted visitors from all over the world, seeking to partake in the world famous Dutch marijuana trade. Of course, there have been some bumps in the road, especially recently, in which the law has actually been changed to make it harder to track down cannabis. It's unclear how things will actually turn out going forward, but for a country with a reputation and history of friendly attitudes toward marijuana, it's not hard to imagine that the Dutch government would pass less restrictive legislation if their neighbors and other world powers do.

9. Argentina

South America looks primed for sweeping changes in drug policy, and Argentina is no exception. There have been large rallies and protests urging lawmakers to reclassify marijuana as a legal substance, and as Uruguay and other South American nations have moved forward, it's likely Argentinian leaders will take on the prospect as well. Argentina's president has gone so far as to endorse a plan to legalize medical cannabis use, citing reasons that many in South America are familiar with.

10. India

The nation of India may come as a complete surprise to be seen among the many western European and South American nations on this list, but Indians are surprisingly open to the possibility of legalization. The Times of India has even gone on record supporting the idea. It's already widely used in many religious ceremonies among the Hindu population, and its use is not enforced as stringently as many might suspect. Not only that, but wild cannabis grow in abundance in many parts of India, making it even harder to regulate.

suzette-brown-killed-by-florida-man.jpgA 44-year-old man is accused of beating and stabbing his ex-girlfriend in Miramar after she told him she was going to meet with another man, police said.

The murder suspect, Pierre Limousin, and his former girlfriend, Suzette Brown, were in a relationship for about 12 years before breaking up over each other's infidelity, according to a police report.

Brown, who hails from Eltham in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, is remembered as a very dedicated mother of two, who just started nursing school. She is a past student of Ferncourt High and Brown's Town Community College.Limousin, of Miramar, is now charged with her murder.

Miramar police discovered Brown's body after being alerted to a man dragging a screaming woman into a house in the 8500 block of Sheraton Drive before noon Wednesday.

As a responding officer arrived, he spotted a man with a bag getting into a gray Honda Accord who then drove off. Police lost track of the driver, but found Brown, 41, dead inside the home.

One of the bedrooms appeared to be ransacked and a knife was found nearby on Miramar Parkway, according to the report.

Investigators alerted other agencies about Limousin and his car after learning he was Brown's former boyfriend and was known to drive a gray Honda Accord. As Limousin tried to report his car as stolen in Hollywood, Miramar detectives were alerted and responded to the scene to interview Limousin.

According to the police report, Limousin told detectives that he drove by Brown's home and had a conversation with her that became heated. When she told him "she was going to meet with her new man as soon as he left," Limousin lost control and attacked Brown.

Limousin did not offer police further details, but did say he used a kitchen knife and thought she was still alive when he left because she was wheezing, according to the report.

He also told investigators that he ransacked a bedroom and left the home with the knife in bag, which he later tossed from the car.

funeral-for-twin-brothers.jpgIt's one year now since twin brothers, Brandon and Braydon drowned, as they were washed away by flood water in Cornwall Courts while coming home from school.

One got into difficulty and the other tried to save him,and he too wash washed away.Their bodies were discovered by Marine police at the Dump up Beach in Montego Bay.

The boys were students of the Greenpond Primary and their deaths caused a nation-wide outpouring of sympathy, led by Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, who attended the huge funeral in Montego Bay.


Beijing officials 'shocked' at Gatlin claim

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justin-gatlin-photo-2.jpgBeijing World Challenge organisers said they were "perplexed" by comments from Justin Gatlin on Wednesday after the controversial American sprinter claimed he was expelled from the meeting.

Gatlin attempted to play down the incident, blaming high emotions a day after he accused Beijing officials of not letting him run because they feared he was carrying an injury.

"Emotional day. All is fine with Beijing org & me," he tweeted. "We have a great relationship and I look forward to being there in Aug for worlds & next year for the meet."

But Beijing organisers were not impressed by the behaviour of Gatlin, who has recovered from a four-year doping ban to become the world's fastest 100m sprinter this year.

"(Gatlin's manager Renaldo) Nehemiah did not communicate with us before he announced Gatlin's withdrawal at yesterday's news conference," said organising committee deputy director Liu Jie, according to Xinhua news agency.

He added: "And we never got to speak with Gatlin in person."

Gatlin earlier said he was upset by his treatment by Beijing organisers, claiming they had not allowed him to run and showed a lack of respect.

Gatlin told reporters he was suffering cramps after arriving from Doha, where on Friday he ran a world-leading 9.74sec - a personal best, at the advanced age of 33.

The time threw down the gauntlet to Jamaican star Usain Bolt before both men are expected to face each other in Beijing at the world championships in August.

But drug-tainted Gatlin's performances are deeply contentious, especially after research last year found steroids benefit users years after they are declared clean.