Dancehall artiste Kalado detained in the USA

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Dancehall artiste Kalado has been detained in the United States.

Sources say the 'Good Good Bring Life' singer has been detained on immigration issues since October 18, although it is said that his "papers are straight".

It is not clear at this time if charges have been laid against the artiste.


Yardflex understands that Downsound records is currently watching Sting from the sidelines this year, as producer and business man Joe, has ended working relations with veteran promoter Isiah Laing.

Allegations are that Joe wanted to purchase a substantial percentage of the brand from Laing, however the veteran told the business man that the brand was not up for sale and all hell broke loose.

Joe claims he invested millions in Sting and he wanted to know that his investment was profitable. He also told the media recently that he will not be investing in outdoor events for the rest of the year.

So far nothing has been said this year about promotions of Sting, there are no ads nor an artiste lineup.

Yardflex was told that Isiah Laing felt as if he was being blackmailed to sell his lifetime work for Joe's sponsorship.

Ishawna performs at Full Black in no Panties

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The Downsound recording artiste wore no underwear to the recent staging of Full Black. The sinjay who recently admitted to having sexual intercourse with Skatta Burrel, who was a friend and business associate of her exboyfriend Foota Hype, may have gotten strong attention at Full Black for all the wrong reasons. However her songs like Restraining Order and Need Love got favorable responses.


Iconic reggae artiste Eek-a-Mouse has been rambling about the Marleys for quite some time. However the singer, who is known for singles like Wa Do Dem and Police in Helicopter, has finally decided to take his ranting to social media to express his grouse.

In a three-minute video posted by Lyric DVD, the artiste says Bob Marley would have preferred if more support was given to Trench Town.

"This is not reggae music, it's Marley music controlled by a family, Bob sey Trench Town Rock I will never turn my back on you. But Rita Marley run to Ghana and left us a suffa on ya," he said among other things.

The veteran also claims that his collaboration with Junior Gong and Bounty Killer, which was featured on the Welcome to Jamrock album, is one of Junior Gong's most successful songs world-wide. The effort, called Khaki Suit, was part of a Grammy award winning project and Eek-a-Mouse believes he should have benefited more for his role in the record.

The artiste also revealed that he has plans to approach Junior Gong so as to secure a better pay cheque for Khaki Suit.

"I went on the Internet a few months ago and speak mi mind," Eek-a-Mouse told the interviewer. The veteran also expressed that other reggae artistes are not necessarily in support of the Marleys, however they are afraid to speak against them because of their connections in the industry.

Eek-a-Mouse delivers a shocking accusation of intimidation and threats from the Marley brothers.

Blak Ryno receives U.S visa

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"Mi just have to give thanks to God first for this opportunity. I cannot tell you how many times mi pray about this. Last year, mi ask God for three million dollars, I never knew where it would come from, and mi go Sting and beat Kiprich in the clash and get it, and this year, many times, I asked Him to clear the path for me to get back my visa, and through all the obstacles, mi hold the faith and now mi get it back," an elated Blak Ryno said.

Blak Ryno admitted that he had to go through a lot of tribulations before he got his heart's desire.

"God is slow, but He is sure, that's all mi can say. Special big-ups to my management, Justus Arison, and my publicity and street team for everything that they are doing," he said.

Other dancehall artistes still without U.S visas include Aidonia, Munga Honorable, Bounty Killer, Popcaan, Jah Cure, Tommy Lee Sparta, Busy Signal, Flexxx among others. Alkaline and Iyara recently received visas.


Unconfirmed reports are that the deejay was denied his U.S documents which would make him a legal citizen. Stay tuned for more updates.

The deejay recently released a collaboration with LL Cool J and is expected to perform in NY on December 19.

I Wayne says Make clean music and play clean music

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Reggae artiste I Wayne is asking the local music industry to promote more music with positive content in order to reduce the rate at which society is drifting into a path of immorality.

According to the reggae artiste, known to be an advocate against prostitution, violence and other ills in society, though reggae music is regaining popularity, smut is still overpromoted in the media.

When accused of using music to influence negativity, many artistes are known to use the popular excuse that music is art imitating life and is not a causal factor in the prevalence of crime, violence and immorality.

However, I Wayne believes artistes who use that excuse to defend their production of music with lewd content are hypocritical.

According to I Wayne, the same artistes who argue that songs with violent content do not influence society, will also tell you that positive music will influence positive behaviour whenever that excuse suits the promotion of a song with positive content.

I Wayne says if positive music can influence positive behaviour, then negative music is just as influential.

"When they do a positive song they say it is to influence the youth. Yet when they do a negative song they say it doesn't have any negative influence and how they are not responsible for parenting, and that is filth and hypocrisy. So mi a try mi best fi keep the vibes clean and sort out what mi can," the reggae artiste said.

Roman Catholic woman attacks Chronixx in Open letter

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Reggae artiste Chronixx is known for his strong social commentary in his lyrics, the singer who has dedicated much of his music speaking against slavery and racism has come under fire from a Catholic supporter who claims that the artiste is wrong for chanting in his lyrics "A nuh nutting fi mi walk inna Rome and start a fyah". The open letter reads.

"This is an open letter to the artiste known as Chronixx.Chronixx, have you ever visited Rome? On Saturday, October 18, the Catholic Youth Movement of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston hosted Jamaica Day, where everything Jamaican was celebrated by the youths of the six deaneries.

Deanery 4, of which I am member, won the competition and so I was in a great mood driving home. That mood was quickly changed when I heard the lyrics of a very catchy and well-produced reggae song, by you, Sir. It started with: "Ah love I an' I preaching, so every land of hate will burn," but then started to chant that "Today Rome will burn!" In what I assume to be an attempt not to implicate any specific place, the lyricist stated "When I say Rome it nuh geographic..." But then immediately goes on to say "Dem a ask how a little African, ah go burn down di whole ah inna Vatican?" Then the chorus repeated "Listen to the voice of di people, today Rome will burn!"

Now I appreciate that Jamaica is a land of contradictions, where free speech is celebrated but accountability is subjective. So, it does not surprise me that two Muslim leaders are refused entry into Jamaica, while our radio stations play songs which could incite attacks on one religious group.

Some may say I am an alarmist, and that I am taking the song too literally, but look at Boko Haram and ISIS and you can see that my concern is valid.

So Chronixx, before you burn down Rome, please pay the country a visit so that you will be fully cognizant of what you are igniting. In the event that you are not able to make such a visit, maybe a visit to Jamaican Roman-related organizations such as Brothers of the Poor, Mustard Seed Communities, Alpha Boys' Home, and all the Roman Catholic schools might make you change your mind about destroying Rome -- unless, of course, you and your religion are ready and willing to take over and continue or better the work that Rome has germinated.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of St Luke, chapter 6, verse 31," the writer said.


Chronixx is yet to respond. However dancehall artiste Garrizon took to his Facebook to state that Chronixx is free to speak on social issues. He also says the artiste does not literally want to start conflict but to remind others of their history.

"Revolutionary music is not intended to start war or conflict its supposed to educate and that is exactly what Chronixx is doing. Am sure the artiste goes to Rome on a regular to sing the same song and is not placed under scrutiny...much of his fans are from Europe and other places. If this writer knew her history and respected it she would think different and be able to digest the song with more objectivity," he said.

Demarco and Gangoolie feud over 'Puppy Tail' dance

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Ever since the dance move known as Puppy Tail gained popularity within the dancehall space, several artistes have come out claiming rights to the dance with songs bearing the same name, with some demanding credit from the other artiste for being the originator.

The most popular version of the Puppy Tail song to date is from dancehall artiste Demarco, but another artiste, Ganggoolie, has come forward, claiming that Demarco pirated his work.

"Mi did av a song name Tremble Tremble weh come out from last year and did a gwaan good, so a dat dem see and copy di ting and a claim it as dem own," he told THE STAR.

Pure politics

Making specific reference to Demarco, Ganggoolie said, "Mi nah put my mouth a grung an talk. Mi a di first man come out wid da song deh, but a pure politics inna di business, and when a man av a bigger name dan you and more money fi throw around. Fi dem material will always be more popular."

Drawing on one of his earlier hits, the deejay said that this wasn't the first time other artistes had copied his work. "A di same ting di man dem do wid Muscle Wine but mi nah watch nuh face because from you have talent, you will make it in the business," he said.

He had this advice for the more established artistes: "Leave the younger youth dem mek dem strive man and stop gi dem a fight."

Demarco's publicist, who had been made aware of the allegations over the past few weeks, says he knew this would happen sooner or later.