Reggae SumFest 2019 - Artiste Reveal [Mar 15th]

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buju-banton-son-markus-run-all-who-use-to-deal-with-him-because-of-his-father-photo-1.pngTwo days before his father's highly anticipated Long Walk To Freedom concert at the national arena in Kingston, Jamaica, Markus, the son of Buju banton, has spewed venom at his parent.

Unconfirmed reports are that prior to his return to Jamaica in December, Buju Banton had given instructions that his studio off Red Hills Road should be cleaned out in preparation for him. Markus has been doing all of his musical productions at the studio, under his own label, rather than his father's Gargaamel Records label.

Markus has attracted a lot of attention for his productions, with many of the leading names in dancehall, choosing to record for him.

It is still not clear exactly what caused this falling out between Buju and his son, but there is much speculation. Some reports are that there was a discrepancy about tickets for the show on Saturday and that Buju hit his son.

That, however, was the straw that broke the camel's back. Markus then went on social media and let loose.

He posted the word "Cokehead" and also told all those who used to deal with him because of his father to cease.


The Official Long Walk To Freedom - Jamaica

Welcome Party is Set for Mas Camp aka Ras Camp

Friday March 15th

long-walk-to-freedom-jamaica-2019-03-15-photo-1.jpgWith the enormous momentum building on the island of Jamaica and abroad, Gargamel Music, Boom Energy Drink in Association with Solid Agency & Rockers Island Productions is inviting everyone to the Official Welcome Party.

A few weeks ago the announcement was made that the official Welcome Party would be held at Kingston popular night club Fiction. Unfortunately due to the enormous response and making sure to accommodate as many persons as possible, organizers have moved the event to Mas Camp aka Ras Camp. Located directly across from the National Stadium, Mas Camp will be renamed Ras Camp as fans from all over the world meet up in Jamaica and count down to the historical event starring Grammy Award winner Buju Banton.

Music will be provided by musical messiah's, Stone Love, Massive B, Richie Feelings, JamRock and Spex Da Boss. Patrons will get a taste of some good musical vibes while reminiscing on those classic Buju Banton hits he will be performing on Saturday, March 16th. Doors open at 10 pm, tickets are 30.00 USD for General admission and 50.00 USD for VIP.

Tickets can ONLY be purchased at the door of the event.


Canadian man, 68, vanishes in Jamaica

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A 68-Canadian man has been reported missing in Jamaica. Irie Jam News understands that the missing person - David Aarons stepped into the balmy Jamaican night and vanished.

According to reports Aarons who hails from Whitby in Canada was staying at a hotel in Kingston.

He was last around 9:15 p.m. on Monday in front of the hotel.

Cops say that efforts to find the missing man have been futile.

The early release of an Antiguan sex offender has left the father of the frustrated with the system.

It is more than the father can deal with as he told the Antigua Observer that he doesn't know what to say to his children.

The offender, Osuide Simpson only served four months of her sentence before being released.

The distraught father said he was neither consulted nor informed and no explanation given regarding the release or pardon of a child molester.

Osuide Simpson according to reports from that country was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to serious indecency on a three-year-old while working as a nanny at their home in 2016. Simpson confessed to being under the influence of drugs at the time of the offense.

But the father is not buying that as he believes had it been a man who had committed the same crime the results would have been different.

crime-scene-gun.jpgThe police have released the names of victims of three separate killings in Montego Bay, St James, which followed closely on the heels of a deadly robbery in the parish on Sunday. A man identified as 45-year-old Allen Walters, also known as "Beers", was shot dead in the tough Norwood community about 8:15 am.

Then about 45 minutes later, passersby reportedly stumbled upon the body of 24-year-old Kerry-Ann Campbell along the shore line of Fisherman's Beach. Her head was reportedly bashed in.

And, 38-year-old man Suneil Foskins of Bethel Town, Westmoreland was shot dead about 10:30 am in the community of Farm Hill, Montego Bay. The three killings followed the dramatic, suspected multimillion-dollar heist by heavily armed men on Jarrett Street that started to unfold about 8:00 am.

Reports are that the gunmen intercepted a marked security company vehicle that was being used to escort a minibus. Security guard Canute Earle, 61, of Norwood, and 41-year-old driver Floyd Wilson of Rosemount Gardens were killed in that attack.

Royal Caribbean looks to Jamaican workers

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Jamaicans work ethics has cruise ship Royal Caribbean making the request for more of them to be in their workforce.

Minister of Labour and Social Security Shahine Robinson said senior executives of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL), the second largest cruise company in the world, advised that they are in need of more Jamaican workers. Robinson was part of a delegation, led by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, which hosted a high-level team from RCCL in Kingston last week.

Robinson revealed that the discussion with the top brass from the cruise line including the CEO who informed that the company really wants Jamaicans to start filling out many of those positions."

Robinson said it is no secret that the cruise lines have been very impressed with the kind of work ethic that Jamaicans have.

Fans tell Khago to take down video with child

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khago-on-instagram-people-or-so-full-of-shit-that-video-an-my-page-2019-03-12_193905.jpgThere is an unsavoury video going around with a little girl of no more than 6 talking about the size of her mother's private parts and the curve in her father part.

Khago posted it in social media, but persons have been calling for him to take it down, but he is not having it.

"People or so full of shit . That video an my page . Why u saying take it down. The world need to see how we a live. Ef it was some artist kid u guys would have it post all over. First I don't post it for likes. It's all over the blogs so what's the difference ef me repost it. Blame the mom an dad who a fuck in front thm kids. An cops need to lock tht bitch up who video it. An hav the heart to post it. We Jamaicans or so one sided. Look 👀 an the bigger picture. I post it so you guys even my self . An be more careful with my home life."

Khago on Instagram: "People or so full of shit . That video an my page . Why u saying take it down. The world need to see how we a live. Ef it was some artist..."

buju-banton-photo-10.jpgThe organisers of Buju Banton's Long Walk To Freedom Concert set for the National Stadium in St Andrew on Saturday are encouraging patrons to come out early and make use of the park and ride shuttle service, which will be provided for patrons.

The concert is a kick off for the deejays first concert series since he was released from a United States prison in December where he served time on drug trafficking charges. In addition to Buju Banton, the entertainment package will feature Chronixx, Etana, Coco Tea, Delly Ranx, Romain Virgo, Ghost, Agent Sasco, LUST and Buju's son Jahzeil. Tickets for the bleachers section of the stadium are still available for sale at select Digicel stores.

Production manager for the event, Marlon Burke, told journalists that plans are in place to regulate the traffic in the area. This will include the close of several roads in the area surrounding the National Stadium and the regulation of traffic flow into the area of the concert. As a result, parking at the venue will be limited to essential services including the media and production teams as well as for some patrons holding Ultra VIP and VIP tickets.

"We will not be utilising the full parking capacity of the National Stadium. We're not trying to encourage any unnecessary traffic in the area and those who do not have the requisite parking stickers will be forced to used the park and ride. It is important for persons to utilise this service as we are having the Kingston City Run following the Buju Banton concert and we are trying our best to have a successful staging of both events. The parking facilities at Heroe Circle will be manned by by the JCF (police) and private security. Security won't be an issue, the venue will be properly lit and we have the backing of the KSAC (Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation bracket, the Jamaica Defence Force, the Fire Department."

Burke added that the shuttle will commence at 4:00 pm, four hours ahead of the start of the event.