shericka-jackson.jpgThis is sure a 'what the hell' moment. The two woman dem go all the way a World Championship inna London and FIGHT?! Over uniform?! REALLY?

So we heard Technical Director Donald Quarrie speak briefly to a local reporter who is in London about the madness in the camp and how an argument escalated to the point where he had to physically position himself between the two quarter milers quarter-milers Stephanie Ann McPherson and Shericka Jackson to prevent a huge fight. This confrontation took place right before the women's mile relay final at the IAAF World Championships in London on Sunday. Reports are that it all stemmed from a uniform issue. Quarrie did say that the argument started over something small and insignificant and then it escalated to the point where one of them - Stephanie Ann McPherson - said she wasn't running if the other was on the team.

"It (argument) started with a uniform thing, and I don't remember exactly why, because when it was beginning, I made sure I got in there to keep things normal. It escalated a little bit, but the main thing I was concerned about was keeping them apart," said Quarrie.


McPherson was subsequently diagnosed with an injury and withdrawn from the team by relay coach Paul Francis. Naturally, Quarrie is now seems to be questioning the authenticity of the information he was given.

"My main issue right now is the fact that one young lady said she was not going to run, suddenly. I show up at the track and her coach is telling me she has an injury and will not be able to run. The doctor did check with her and said it was a grade one something - I can't remember what it is - but I find it very strange that between the hotel and here (warm-up track), an injury could have occurred," said Quarrie.

"I am not going to put the blame on the young lady only. The coach is the one that said she cannot run, just as he said Elaine could not run. He gave me a reason that Elaine did not run in practice to the extent which he wanted should in case she had to push herself. She had not done that, so it was his decision," Quarrie continued before sharing the circumstances around the altercation between the athletes.

"There was a verbal altercation between herself and Shericka. She (McPherson) said it (that she would not run). I told her not to say so and that we should move on. In the heat of everything, I could forgive the young lady, but I would like to know why, in such a short space of time, I show up at the track, and she is not running." Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby was a last minute replacement for McPherson in the line-up alongside Chrisann Gordon, Jackson and Novlene Williams-Mills. The former Holmwood athlete however, suffered a leg injury 100m into her second-leg run before crashing to the ground and ending Jamaica's hopes of defending the title.


trump-and-merck-ceo.jpgA CEO serving on President Donald Trump's council on manufacturing announced his resignation early Monday from the White House panel, in protest of Trump's continued silence on the white nationalist groups who incited Saturday's deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Ken Frazier, the head of Merck pharmaceuticals, said in a statement he was stepping down "as a matter of personal conscience" and "to take a stand against intolerance and extremism."

In response, Trump ― who has yet to personally denounce the far-right groups who sparked Saturday's deadly carnage in Charlottesville ― directly attacked Frazier on Twitter.

His tweet was one of several posted on Monday morning, ranging from attacking "obstructionist Democrats" to pledging he would work on "trade and military" and reiterating his support for Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), who is squaring off against several opponents in a GOP primary on Tuesday.

None of his tweets addressed the weekend's violence.

After Trump on Saturday had blamed "many sides" for the hatred that led to the violence in Charlottesville, the White House on Sunday said in a statement that "of course" that included "white supremacists, KKK Neo-Nazi and all extremist groups."

Still, the statement was attributed to an unnamed spokesperson, not to Trump himself.


Blanche Blackwell (nee Lindo), mother of music mogul and businessman Chris Blackwell died on August 8 in London. She was 104.

Olivia "Babsy" Grange, minister of culture, gender affairs, entertainment and sport, said Blanche Blackwell was "an exceptional host who welcomed and introduced several leading figures including, actors, authors, and singers to Jamaica at her home at Bolt House in St Mary, and encouraged some of her famous guests to set up homes on the island".

Among those who established homes near Bolt House were the playwright, actor and composer Noël Coward; and the James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Grange said "Mrs Blackwell was muse" to both men and had "inspired some of the great works that Fleming and Coward produced while in Jamaica".

Sally Henzell, widow of film director Perry Henzell, remembers Blackwell as a woman of substance.

"She had verve and character. She was interested in everything and managed to keep her life together -- physically and mentally -- right to the very end," said Henzell.

Blanche Blackwell was a society beauty who beguiled the guests who came to her home, Bolt House, in St Mary, Jamaica. Errol Flynn referred to her laugh as "like the sounds of water tinkling over a waterfall" and was madly in love with her. He even considered proposing to her (even though he was still married). At first she had not wanted to meet him, telling him she was suffering from boils on her bottom.

"He was the most handsome man I had ever seen," she says swooning still at the thought. "We became great friends."

She would later become the lover of the married Fleming, who is thought to have based the character of Pussy Galore from Goldfinger on her (although Blanche shakes her head, unaware of this, and laughs at the mention that men found her intoxicatingly beautiful).

Born in 1912 in Costa Rica, she was descended from Sephardic Jews who had fled Portugal during the Inquisition. The family set up home in Jamaica in the 1700s and became wealthy merchants. Their business included rum and sugar, and they owned vast tracts of land. (Her brother Roy sold Coward the land for his Jamaican houses).

Blanche married Middleton Joseph Blackwell and they had a son Chris Blackwell (the founder of Island Records who, as a young man, was appointed to work on the set of the film Dr No by Fleming).They divorced when Chris was 12.

Firmly ensconced in society circles it was not long before Blanche would meet the philandering, but very much married, Fleming.

Indeed, she was 44 and he was 48 when they encountered each other.

"I remember I sat next to him at dinner and he said: 'Why haven't I seen you before?'" she says sitting elegantly in her Knightsbridge apartment, beautifully dressed and wearing a slash of vibrant coral lipstick. "I told him I was just over from England and he said: 'Oh good God, you're not a lesbian, are you?' And I laughed."

Blanche, Fleming and Coward made a trio everyone wanted to be seen with.

The free-spirited Blanche became Fleming's muse and her presence seriously worried the author's wife Ann, who was often in the UK. She was aware of her husband's philandering (Ann, too, was unfaithful) but she realised his relationship with Blanche was different. On one occasion when Ann returned to their Jamaica home Goldeneye she ripped up the garden Blanche had lovingly planted.

"She disliked me but I can't blame her," Blanche says. "When I got to know Ian better I found a man in serious depression. I was able to give him a certain amount of happiness. I felt terribly sorry for him." Their relationship would last until shortly before his death.

pnp-winston-green-larger.jpgDr Winston Green, the Member of Parliament for St Mary south east has died.

Dr Green, who was a dentist, died shortly after 5 o'clock this morning (Monday) at Andrew's Memorial Hospital after he reportedly fell and hit his head at home.

Dr Green had a history of seizures; however, it is not known if the seizure contributed to his death.

He became the Member of Parliament for St. Mary South Eastern after he defeated the Jamaica Labour Party's Dr Norman Dunn in the February 2016 general election.

Dr Dunn challenged the election result and this led to a magisterial recount, in which Dr Green was officially declared the winner by five votes.

Green fell and hit his head while at home. Dr Green of the People's National Party defeated the Jamaica Labour Party's Norman Dunn by five votes after a magisterial recount at the Sutton Street Court in the last general election.

In a recent letter to the editor, Paris Taylor from Greater Portmore declared: It is most unfortunate when a man of the clergy actually endorses the repeal of the buggery law. This move obviously shows that these men of the cloth are being moved by an evil force which is already creating havoc on our beautiful land. The spirit of evil is so much a part of us but we fail to realise the tremendous impact it has engulfed us with.

No one should try to contravene the fundamental laws of nature which can guide mankind into the eternal future. The repealing of the buggery law is counterproductive and the individuals who are actually pushing this sad depiction of our society to the wider world will not see God's face.

We all know what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah for their evil practices and the likely possibility to have God making a determination on our nation for straying from the given premise. Homosexuality is a practice which God abhors, and there will never be a different answer for what these so-called learnt theologians argue should be permitted

There must be no justice for our Christian brothers/sisters if these theologians continue to disobey God's words and go on their own understanding. We don't need to downgrade our moral principles to suit anybody or any nation

Rev Garnet Roper and Bishop Howard Gregory, advocates for repealing the buggery law, must take a look at someone like Rev Al Miller, who is convinced that these so-called scholars are not guided by the Bible teachings which have been directing humanity for centuries. The journey of mankind would have stopped abruptly if we were allowed to place emphasis on this despicable practice. Procreation is a practice which was given to humanity to ensure that the human species does not become extinct. The anus is not even a sex organ and it will never be in this century or in centuries to come.

We need Bible scholars to preach and teach from the Bible because it is not an outdated book, and it is still relevant in this millennium.

alkaline-fan-nipple.jpgLast week, a picture of Sean Kingston with his hand touching Tommy Lee's hair made the rounds on social media, with some saying the thing "luuuuuuuu". It was just too intimate for some trolls, but other fans realised that it was really just a 'bro thing' and there was nothing fishy about it at all. Now, Alkaline, who seems to have taken it personal that Sean Kingston signed Tommy Lee and not him (Alkaline), even though Alka and Sean have worked well in the past. So when Alka posted this comment on social media, it suggested that he was taking aim at Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee: "Done see say dem a bitch smh. Check out my new sound #realwidit#dealwidit #doneseeit."

Well, fans of Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee Sparta have done some digging and have found an August 2015 photo of Vendetta deejay Alkaline posing with a fan whose finger appeared to brush against the bare-chested deejay's nipple. (WHOA!)

"They need to speak about this," sources close to the two deejay reportedly said. "They making a big deal over a video with the boss [Sean Kingston] and his new artist [Tommy Lee Sparta] but no one is saying anything about this luuu photo with Alkafish [Alkaline]."

jah-cure-benz-crash-photo-1.jpgOn Saturday Night, Reggae artiste Jah Cure crashed his brand new vehicle, his much-loved-and-hyped-about 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 S. The expensive, high end, luxury vehicle sustained quite a bit of damage to the front section and will be very costly to fix...but this is Jah Cure and we surely hope either he or his insurance have the cash to care. Anyway..he's blaming the other driver. Of course. Who else?

The story is that driver of the other vehicle drove out on Jah Cure, and in trying to avoid a collision Jah Cure somehow lost control of his vehicle. Jah Cure and his Mercedes Benz subsequently crashed into a tree. (Oh dear!) This took place somewhere in St Ann....near an intersection on the Salem main road in Runaway Bay.


"Mek mi tell yuh diss, mi nuh just crash suh eno Daddy....," Jah Cure is reported to have said. "Is a man do that to mi.... yuh see a while ago....," he added.

One eyewitness reported that another driver pulled out in front of Jah Cure who was driving very fast along the Runaway Bay main road in Saint Ann. Jah Cure lost control of his 2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe which crashed head on into a tree.

Yardflex was unable to get the driver of the other vehicle to hear his side of the story and we are awaiting the official police report.

policeman-son-shot.jpgThe police constable whose two year old son was fatally shot in Braeton, St. Catherine on Thursday, is to be questioned by INDECOM investigators on Monday. The investigators were preparing to question him on Friday, however, this had to be postponed as the policeman is said to be too traumatised to give a statement. His firearm has been seized by INDECOM for testing.

It is reported that about 6 p.m. on Thursday, the policeman, who is attached to Mobile Reserve, went home after feeling ill. He fell asleep with his firearm but he awoke shortly after and saw his son with the pistol.

It's reported that the policeman was attempting to retrieve the firearm from the toddler when it went off. The child was shot in the head.

The policeman and his wife were rushing the injured boy to the hospital when the vehicle crashed into a taxi along the Braeton main road.

The child later succumbed to his injury.

policeman-son-shot.jpgThe two-year-old son of the policeman's is dead in a bizarre accident Thursday night.

The baby has been identified as Almando McLean Jr, whose father is assigned to the Mobile Reserve.

Reports are that the policeman had fallen asleep next to his son at his Portmore, St Catherine home. When he woke up, the lawman reportedly saw Almando Jr with his licensed firearm.

While the cop was in the process of retrieving the gun from his son, the firearm reportedly went off hitting the child in the neck.

The tragic situation escalated when the cop reportedly crashed his private motor car into the rear of another vehicle, at a section of the Old Braeton main road, while transporting his injured son to the Spanish Town Hospital.

The boy reportedly sustained head injuries and he and his father were assisted to the hospital, where the child was pronounced dead.

The police are investigating.