pope-francis.jpgPope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, which is worth billions of dollars and owns some of the most expensive art collections in this world, lashed out at wealthy minorities who hoard resources at the expense of the poor as he visited a crowded Nairobi slum today during his three-day tour of Kenya.

The 78-year-old pontiff was given a rapturous welcome as he arrived in Kangemi, which is home to more than 100,000 people who live in shacks without sewerage, including 20,000 who belong to the local Catholic parish.

Residents of the slum lined the mud streets to welcome him, standing alongside goats and hens outside the corrugated tin-roofed shacks where the shantytown's many small businesses operate: beauty parlours, cellphone 'top-up' shops and storefront evangelical churches.

Speaking at the local Catholic church, Francis condemned the 'dreadful injustice of urban exclusion' that has forced some 60 per cent of Nairobi's population to move to slums that cover just 6 per cent of the city's residential land, according to 2014 figures from the UN Habitat programme.

However, even as the Pope slammed the wealthy, online readers made it their point of duty to slam the Vatican: "Last time I checked the Vatican was worth billions.... Pot and kettle?," on reader commented.

Says the guy who lives in his own private city!!

This is a man who sits on a solid gold throne.

I recently walked around the Vatican and was amazed at the priceless works or art, anyway what what the Pope saying again?

kapri-dark-glasses.jpgOn-the-rise dancehall artiste Kapri is fit and ready to turn up the excitement level of dancehall quite a few notches.

Armed with a couple of new scorching hot singles and a pen that never runs out of ink, this "lyrical lunatic" is on the loose and eager to lock the city. Kapri is being skillfully led in the right direction by his Massive Entertainment team, headed by CEO Clayton Thomas, and which also includes Samuel "Bossie" Doman. Totally focused on getting the attention of the massives on the artiste, they have drawn for successful Billboard-topping producer Rohan 'Jah Snow Cone' Fuller, who has produced the riveting single Dark Glass.

"Kapri is obviously a very talented and versatile youth and those are not terms that I use loosely," Snow Cone emphasized. "He has some mad, crazy lyrics, he takes command of the riddim, he has a great image and most important of all, his attitude is right," says Snow Cone, who distinguished himself with the production of Sean Paul's Billboard number one single, Temperature.

Chockfull of the type of imagery which makes it real potent dancehall, Dark Glass is a gritty, infectious tune which fans can easily gravitate towards, as it exposes the difference between the real deal and the wannabes. Set on a bouncy, no-nonsense riddim, the the lyrics and the tone of the deejay are in total harmony, giving Dark Glass a credible boost.

According to Kapri, this is a gangsta tune, but it takes it from a different angle.

"It is a tale about the gangsta who doesn't really know how to be a true gangsta...it is not bigging up thug life or anything. If you listen to the lyrics, you will see that some of it is actually comical," the Pembroke Hall High past student explained.

Dark Glass, which is already being played on radio in the States, is getting much positive feedback from scores of fans, many of whom have been following Kapri's career since he burst on the scene in 2008 with the single entitled Dear Mama produced by Seanizzle. The song was featured on Chris Gold Finger's UK Chart and received heavy play in the Cayman Islands and several endorsements on mix CD's worldwide.

Dwayne Wallace more popularly known as Kapri, is one of the young fresh talents in the new generation of dancehall. Born and raised in the community of Pembroke Hall in Kingston, Wallace always had a knack for music and was encouraged by family and friends. One friend in particular, Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid, who had worked with many top Jamaican artistes noticed Kapri's talent and introduced him to producer/ artiste Mr. G, who invited Kapri to a DJ competition called Battle Thursdays. This event was created to find new talent and, as expected, Kapri won the battle twice in a row.

This was the boost that he was looking for and since then the deejay with the flowing songs rhymes has been positioning himself to make it big on the international stage.

bonner-brothers.jpgFor the first time ever, the Bonner Brothers; Richie Spice, Spanner Banner, Pliers and Snatcha will be sharing the same stage for an epic concert series. The series, 'All Spice' Reggae In The City' will see the Bonner Brothers performing their extensive individual catalogues for a one night live show.

Executed by Bonner Cornerstone Music, the event itself is not a new one and was staged as recently as 2007 with many performers to take the stage including; Capelton, Coco Tea, Anthony B , I-Wayne, Gyptian, Queen Ifrica, Sizzla , Chuck Fenda, Etana and the Bonner brothers individually.

For the rebranded 'All Spice' series though the Bonner brothers will all be performing together for the first time in history and will be taking this series to the Caribbean, Europe, parts of the US and Canada in 2016.

"This is the first time ever that the entire Bonner brothers will be performing on the same event, promoting family unity and strength in this here Reggae music which is a great look, the world will get to experience this powerful series very soon!" CEO of Bonner Cornerstone Music, Fontano Thompson shared.

popcaan-photo-4.jpg'Good Times' recorded by dancehall artiste Popcaan and controversial American rapper Young Thug, has been added to UK's MTV playlist.

The song, which was produced by UK-based producer Jamie XX, currently has more than three million views on Jamie XX's YouTube page and has received positive reviews.The video features cameos from both Popcaan and Young Thug.

Good Times' addition to MTV's playlist, means the single will be exposed to a wider audience since the channel is aired in over 10 million homes in the UK and Ireland.The song is yet to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. However the esteemed chart recently described the song as one of the best records released in 2015.

Popcaan who has been without a US visa for quite sometime, is unable to maximise his potential overseas despite being noted as Jamaica's next recording artiste with the potential to cross over into the foreign market.

Popcaan last tasted real Billboard success in 2012 with the single Only Man She Want that debuted at number 89 on the R&B/HipHop Billboard charts.

beenie-jazz.jpgKing of the Dancehall, Beenie Man has been removed from the line up of the Ragamuffin Festival and replaced with another King -- Diana King -- this after gay activists objected to him appearing.

The concert is slated for February 20 in Auckland, New Zealand. Beenie Man, like many other Jamaican dancehall acts, has been targeted for perceived homophobic lyrics.

He has been replaced by lesbian reggae singer Diana King, the first Jamaican artist to publicly come out as gay.


Already, the response has been critical of the promoters and the homosexual activits who continue to give dancehall acts a big fight because they have been vocal about their feelings about "battyman", as they are called.

"That's really unfortunate and unfair. These homosexuals are destroying the lives of people who do not support their lifestyles. I understand the issue, and it is wrong for any musical artiste to write and sing songs with homophobic lyrics. But it is also wrong for Gays to be targeting those who believe their lifestyle is wrong, and be vocal about it. Beenie man has apologized to the LGBT community, he did this under immense pressure from fans and local culture, begging and telling him not to do such a thing. Now this is how they show their gratitude. This DJ has not song, one Single track containing homophobic lyrics, since his apology to the Gay community worldwide. This is unjust, unfair and a attack on Beenie mans personal freedoms and his right to his livelihood.Beenie has since admitted to the New Zealand press that his homophobic lyrics were wrong and that he is a changed man," one reader posted.

January 13 court date for soldier on rape charge

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court-case.jpgA Jamaica Defence Force soldier, accused of raping a 17 year old girl, is scheduled to return to court on January 13 when a trial date will be set.

The accused, Oral Bourne, was released on $100,000 bond when he appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Wednesday.

The soldier was charged last week, following a probe by the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) into allegations that he had molested the teenager.

Mr Bourne has denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, a source confirmed that CISOCA is investigating several complaints filed over the last three weeks against members of the Jamaica Defence Force.

One of the soldiers was charged last week after he was placed on an identification parade. He is scheduled to appear in court this week.

In recent months CISOCA has laid charges against several members of the security forces for alleged breaches of the Sexual Offences Act.

A policeman was charged two weeks ago with various sexual offences as part of the crack down.

hands-behind-bars.jpgA teenager is now behind bars for the mauling death of a man in Annotto Bay, St Mary on Friday.

The victim has been identified as 21-year-old Odane Walters.

Police report that Walters was walking along the Annotto Bay Main Road about 8:30 AM when he was attacked by a group of males.

He was stabbed and chopped several times and was taken to hospital.

Walters succumbed to his injuries about 9:30 pm Friday.

The teenager was subsequently taken into custody.

crime-scene-gun.jpgA downtown Kingston venodor who goes by the alias is 'Rasta' is now dead after a plainclothes policeman pumped three wild bullets into him, in a stupid attempt at trying to shoot a fleeing chain-grabber, last Friday.

The incident took place shortly after 2:00 pm in the busy market district when scores of children were on their way from school. Persons on the scene told Yardflex that a chain-grabber when making his escape in the crowd near to the Captains Bakers when a policeman popped off his firearm and shot straight through the crowd. The bullet, the woman told YadFlex, ripped through the chest of the vendor, who is known for selling escallion, thyme and other vegetables.

"Him a the breadwinner and hve him pickney dem fi look after. How them a go take this news. A mash up down yah mash up now," a seller wailed.

Look there now.. the thief get 'way; the chain not recovered and the man lose him life. How dem police ya so irresponsible? Dem can a fire inna crowd just so?" she complained to the YardFlex crew.

One woman said that the man had been taken to the hospital, but sometime later, the body was seen lying on the sidewalk. The area was subsequently cordoned off with yellow tape and policemen in khaki uniforms were seen processing the scene.

Head of the Kingston Central police, Superintendent Micheal Scott, said he had limited information regarding the incident.

Supt Scott said, "I am just coming from a meeting, however I was briefed that a policeman was being robbed by two men and he challenged the two robbers and a vendor was shot. That's all the information I have at this point."

Mr Vegas fi stop play wid Massa God

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vegas-world-unity-reggae.jpgBut a what reaaly do Mr Vegas? Why dat man won't stop play wid God? Couple years aback Vegas di shout out loud loud how him a go finnish wid dancehall and serve Massa God. All now!

Then him start do one whole heap a gosple song inna him set and talk like him a Christian. Now, we a hear say Vegas drop gospel single and him a go do gospel album next year.

Of course, inquiring minds are asking if Vegas a go turn Christian like Papa San and Stitchie.

This is what Vegas had to say:"I am Man of God, I'm a very spiritual person and Gospel music is something I enjoy a lot. Over the years, I've put out a lot of songs that are popular among the Christian community like I Am Blessed, Up Deh Up Deh and Give Thanks For Life."

"As to whether or not I am going to become a Gospel act, we'll just have to wait and see what God has planned for me. In the meantime, I want my fans to enjoy Jesus Train."

Jesus Train, the song that was released on his MV Music label, is currently enjoying rotation on popular Gospel radio stations.