vybz-kartel-photo-11-larger.jpgVybz Kartel's hit single "Mhm Hm", the hottest track in Dancehall, will have its very own video soon.

The single has a total of three Million views in less than a month and according to the Kartel's team an epic music video is already in the works.

"We are shooting that video now so you can expect it late October," sources close to the Gaza deejay revealed.

"The video will be fun just like the single is fun and catchy. Right now 'Mhm Hm' is the most requested song in parties and on radios. You can say that this will be the biggest dancehall song of the year. No other have a song that gain so much traction so fast this year."


Judge order Ninjaman's murder trial to start now

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ninja-man-image-2.jpgThe murder trial of popular entertainer Ninja Man, whose given name is Desmond Ballentyne, is set to start now.

The order was made by High Court judge, Justice Martin Gayle, today (Mon) following an application by the entertainer's attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson for a stay of proceedings in the eight-year-old case for abuse of process. There have been 17 trial dates and 23 mention dates in the case.

Jury selection was set to begin at 2 o'clock.

Ninja Man was arrested and placed before the court in 2009 along with his son Janeil and another man, Dennis Clayton, for the fatal shooting of Ricardo Johnson that same year.

However, in her application for the case to be stopped, Neita-Robertson said in the eight years since Ninja Man's first court appearance, one prosecution witness has died and two alibi witnesses for the entertainer have migrated and cannot be located.

"The delay has created a situation that is prejudicial to the accused persons, hence the accused will be deprived of being able to put forward their defence in a coherent manner," Neita-Robertson argued.

"The circumstances that exist today would not afford the accused to have a fair trial," she continued.

However, lead prosecutor Kathy Pyke, in her response, said the attorneys for the three accused have "not established, on a balance of probability, that their clients will be prejudiced".

Pyke said the issues raised by the defence can be addressed during the trial.


Usain's girl Kasi confirms boob job

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kasi-bennett-and-usain-bolt.jpgKasi Bennett the longtime girlfriend of Jamaican sprint legend, Usain Bolt, confirmed that she got breast implants. However, from as far back a February, there has been talk that the girlfriend of the sprint legend had gone under the knife.

"Oh wow she got a new pair too," one user commented on a photo of Bennett, who later responded saying, "Yup lol. Been a while hun," Kasi.

US university offering degree in marijuana

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ganja-image-3.jpgA university in Michigan is offering an unusual degree -- in marijuana.

Northern Michigan University in Marquette began its medical plant chemistry program this semester, with about a dozen students in the first class, the Detroit Free Press reported. The programme combines chemistry, biology, botany, horticulture, marketing and finance.

It's an unusual programme. Other universities offer classes on marijuana policy and law. And places such as Oaksterdam University, Cannabis College, and Humboldt Cannabis College, all in California; and THC University, the Grow School and Clover Leaf University in Denver offer certificates in a variety of disciplines. But Northern Michigan's programme is unique because the university is offering a four-year degree addressing the science and business behind growing marijuana.

"When they hear what my major is, there are a lot of people who say, 'Wow, cool dude. You're going to get a degree growing marijuana,'" said Alex Roth, a sophomore in the programme. "But it's not an easy degree at all."

Brandon Canfield, an associate chemistry professor at Northern Michigan, said students don't grow marijuana plants in the programme, but instead look to other plants that are traditionally recognised with medicinal value but aren't illegal to grow. Students learn how to measure and extract the compounds in the plants that can be used for medicinal purposes, then transfer that knowledge to marijuana, which has been used to treat a variety of illnesses, including chronic pain, nausea, seizures and glaucoma.

Canfield said he got the idea while attending the American Chemical Society's annual meeting in San Diego last year.

"It was my off day and I saw there was a cannabis chemistry group that was putting on a whole series of talks," he said. "I heard all about the need for analytical chemists and all sorts of interesting talks. That was the initial spark."

University officials say the programme fills a need because 29 states have legalised medical marijuana, including eight states where marijuana is also legal for recreational use. Source: (AP)

ganja-image-5.jpgAnother large Georgia city could cut penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

Savannah Alderman Van Johnson announced Monday that he wants to reduce the maximum city fine for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana from $1,000 to $150. He also wants to eliminate jail time, with police instead just writing tickets for violations.

Johnson says he's seeking input on his proposal, with plans to present it to the Savannah City Council within 45 days.

Johnson says marijuana would still be illegal, but says he wants to spare people from arrest records and keep marijuana cases from clogging courts. He proposes using 20 percent of fine money to subsidise drug treatment.

Atlanta recently cut its fine for possessing an ounce or less of pot to a maximum of US$75. Source: (AP)

shane-alexis.jpgThe People's National Party says it has taken note of a press release issued by Young Jamaica, the youth arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, contents of which have been published in the media.

The Party issued a statement stating that contrary to the assertions made in the press release, Dr. Shane Alexis was not granted a scholarship through the Jamaica/Cuban programme which over many years has afforded Jamaicans the opportunity to study in the neighbouring country free of cost.

TherRelease said Dr. Alexis studied at his family's expense and to his credit has spent all of his professional years serving the Jamaican people in the public health system.

Dr Alexis has instructed his attorneys to pursue legal redress in this matter, as he and his family have been hurt by the false and defamatory charges contained in the press release.

tremayne-brown.jpgTremayne Brown, the rescuer of a drowning boy in Trench Town, Kingston, received the Badge of Honour for Gallantry at King's House in St Andrew today.

Twenty-four-year-old Brown was hailed as a hero by residents of Trench Town and Arnett Gardens following his valiant rescue of 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds who was swept away in a gully on Collie Smith Drive on September 8.


Last month, Culture Minister Olivia Grange disclosed that Prime Minister Andrew Holness suggested that Brown be given a national award for risking his own life to save 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds, a student of Jones Town Primary.

In a JIS interview Brown, who a few months before his valiant effort was deported from England, said his life had changed a lot since the day of the rescue and opted to thank Jamaicans for being so welcoming of him.

A passenger on a public bus is being hailed as a Heroes Day hero when he used his licensed firearm to kill one of two thieves trying to rob a passenger bus on Monday, National Heroes Day.

The police say a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver with five rounds of ammunition was taken from the dead thief.

Reports are that the bus was travelling along Spanish Town Road around 5:45 Monday morning when the two men attempted to rob passengers.

The driver and another man were shot during the robbery.

The license firearm holder reportedly intervened and shot one of the men.

The injured persons were taken to hospital where the gunman was pronounced dead.

noahwa-powa.jpgFoota Hype is exposing US-based disc jock, internet sensation Noah Powa.

The Dancehall selector-turn-producer took to social media on Wednesday night to upload a video of Noah twerking on his head top.

The leak was a response to a skit done by Noah Powa and Jamaican comedian Jaiifrais earlier this week, which trolled Foota's recent video which showed him on a red Ferrari.

Meanwhile Bounty Killer called Foota and Matterhorn battyman and then the duo unleashed on Killer reminding him of his homo son and the fact that he stressed out Miss Ivy and that led to her death. In raw, gutter style on social media, the separately styled Killer in the worse way.

What a MESS!!!!!!!!