dancehall-queen-carlene.jpgThe original Dancehall Queen Carlene has joined Rebel singay, Danielle D.I. on a brand new song. Carlene takes the microphone to clap back in defense of her younger cousin. A recent diss track from singer Ishawna has called the original dancehall queen to the recording booth. The track is titled, Street Bicycle and Carlene's vocals lead the tune with a public service announcement to clear the air.

Danielle D.I. has been receiving overwhelming support not only from family but also from industry colleagues and fans.


"I'm startled at the outburst of love and support from so many, from persons I wouldn't even expect. This is truly appreciated from the bottom of my heart. My mother is recovering well and I have returned to the studios. I have a lot of new music and videos to be released. Balance, flexibility and time management is what its all about as I continue to work and monitor my family life at the same time," Danielle D.I. revealed.

Armshouse Records collaborated with B.M.T Records and Connect INTL to produce, Street Bicycle. The song is now available on Danielle D.I.'s verified VEVO and YouTube accounts. iTunes and other major music outlets will have the release later this week. Danielle D.I. is known for her work with legendary, Sly and Robbie as well as her songs: Beat It with Vybz Kartel; Big Man which features Shabba Ranks along with Brown Girl a collaboration with the dancehall doctor Beenie Man.


damian-marley-stony-hill.jpgDamian "Junior Gong" Marley's much talked about fourth studio album Stony Hill, has solidified the synergy between himself and older brother Stephen Marley.

From the 18 track album, the two have collaborated on Grown & Sexy, Perfect Picture and Medication. 45 year old Stephen, the third biological child of Bob and Rita Marley believes the synergy between him and Damian, the youngest son of his father, is just "magical".

"When we work together it's magic and we both enjoy the synergy between the two ah we; and people feel that, because we have so much love - and that spirit comes out inna the record. We are just comfortable with each other."

"Steve ah work pon him record, him [Damian] give Steve the energy. Damian ah work pon him record, me [Steve] give him the energy," says a delighted Stephen.

In Stephen's view, the 12 year hiatus from studio recordings since Gong's 2005 album Welcome to Jamrock, seems to have been advantageous.

"This album [Stony Hill] shows growth. He is so comfortable doing the music. It has a lot of live music. From 2005 to 2017 you find say him do a lot of live shows, and his live performance is just great, so you find say we have an album now with a lot of live music versus Welcome to Jamrock which had a lot of mostly programmed beats," shares Stephen.

Talking about his son Jo Mersa and nephew Skip Marley, Stephen Marley points out the synergies between the generations. "Them see you a do it and them draw influences from that as well."

Damian and Stephen are arguably the closest of the Marley siblings. The two have recorded numerous singles together and one is seldom seen without the other, especially on stage.

"Steve the brother is Steve the producer. With how much growth Damian have, it's just to be there and say you know "Try that again" or "Mek we do it this way" or "Wha' bout this".

Of Stephen's three collaborations on Stony Hill, Medication, a song about the medicinal purposes of marijuana, has been one of the most talked about even before the June 21, 2017 album release, as the single was released on Thursday April 20, 2017, as the world celebrated 4/20.

"Medication is a song weh come up and it has a very important message because I know a lot of persons don't realise the benefits, medicinally, that the plants offers," says Stephen Marley.

Interestingly, the synergies within the Marley clan go well beyond Stephen and Damian, Marley generations and music. In addition to the family's global marijuana brand [Bob] Marley Natural; Damian Marley's Stony Hill Corporation is one of the most recent to join the legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States. Although separate, the Marley clan remain in support of each other and maintain professional and endearing relationships all around.


Hurricane Maria making its way through the Caribbean

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hurricane-maria-storm.jpgHurricane Maria, the second maximum-strength Atlantic storm of the season, is bearing down on the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The category five tempest has already inflicted "widespread damage" on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

It briefly weakened to a four but is now again packing top sustained winds of 280km/h (175mph).

The storm is moving roughly along the same track as Irma, this season's other category five hurricane.

The governor of Puerto Rico, a US territory, has told the island's 3.5 million people to seek shelter with the hurricane poised to make landfall around 8am local time (1300 GMT).

Officials there fear the debris left by Irma earlier this month could now prove extremely dangerous in the winds of Maria.

There are also concerns that heavy rain could cause landslides in some places, and that a predicted storm surge of up to 9 feet (2.7m) could swamp low-lying areas.

Puerto Rico has been a haven for people fleeing other storm-ravaged Caribbean islands in recent weeks.

Hundreds of shelters have been set up by the authorities, but correspondents say the human impact of the storm could depend on how seriously the warnings are taken.

140 killed as another powerful quake rocks Mexico

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Nearly 140 people were killed when a powerful, 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, toppling buildings in the capital and sowing panic on the anniversary of a devastating 1985 quake.

The toll could rise further. Rescue crews and volunteers in Mexico City -- home to 20 million people -- were clawing through the rubble of at least 49 collapsed buildings looking for survivors and bodies.

Mexico City recorded 36 of the deaths, while Morelos state directly south of it saw 64 killed. The others were registered in Puebla (29), a town southeast of the capital, and in Mexico state (nine), which lies just to the west of the capital.

National Coordinator for Civil Protection Luis Felipe Puente said a total of at least 138 people died.

"I'm so worried. I can't stop crying. It's the same nightmare as in 1985," Georgina Sanchez, 52, sobbed to AFP in a plaza in the capital.

Amamia Sanchez, a 45-year-old secretary cried out: "It's just not possible that this happened also on September 19."

In the quake exactly 32 years earlier, 10,000 people perished in Mexico City. Memories of that event spurred panic on Tuesday and prompted many to quickly run for safety outdoors when walls around them swayed and cracked.

Hurricane Maria devastates Dominica

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hurricane-maria.jpgCategory Five Hurricane Maria pounded Dominica on Monday night, leaving the world fearing widespread devastation on the eastern Caribbean island, but there is still no clear word on the true level of destruction, as communication services were knocked out by the storm.

The hurricane, with winds of 160 miles per hour, badly damaged the Dominica Prime Minister's house overnight and left much of the island in ruins.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit posted on Facebook that initial reports are of widespread devastation.

He said the country had lost all that money can buy.

Maria is the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in Dominica - a country with a population of 73,000.

Government of Trinidad and Tobago has said it is mobilising a team to assist the country.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is also preparing to send a supply vessel and take Defence Force personnel to Dominica.

Several other Caribbean islands, including St. Kitts, Nevis, and Montserrat, have also reported damage to their telecommunications infrastructure. Telephone calls to those regions have failed to connect.

Hurricane Maria is now taking aim on islands already crippled by Hurricane Irma, as it barrells toward St. Croix and threatens severe damage to Puerto Rico.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is seeking the public's assistance in locating the family of 69-year-old Keith Ranstan Porter, who they said is hospitalised in New York.

Porter whose birthdate is May 4th, 1948 was born in Clarendon, was never married and has five children.

Four of the five children are: Keith Porter, Nicole Porter, Shauna Porter and Peter Porter.

The ministry, in a release this afternoon, said Porter also has two uncles in Jamaica with the names Ashton Porter and Leslie Porter.

A family address given is in the Kingston 3 area. He has been in the United States for four years.

The ministry is asking Porter's family to contact its offices at 21 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5 (New Kingston) or telephone number, 426-4220 extension 3352.

andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgPrime Minister Andrew Holness says he expects the High Command of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to take certain action in the coming weeks to show that it is serious about issues of sexual harassment in the organisation and the wider society.

There has been widespread concern following allegations that cops are being denied promotions because they reject the sexual advances of their superiors.

In an interview on Nationwide radio this morning, Holness said he believes it is important that the force takes a proactive approach to ensure that a certain standard is maintained and that members of the force are equipped to deal with domestic issues when they arise.

"I'm expecting that in the weeks to come we will see some action to show that the police is taking this matter very seriously," he said.

Holness also said that, already, he has met with Police Commissioner George Quallo following reports that cops were being denied promotions because they refuse to have sex with their superiors.

The National Security Minister has said there are almost 400 vacant posts to be filled in the constabulary and has publicly called for Quallo to explain why they are not being filled.

According to Montague, the government has the money to pay the promoted cops.

lisa-hanna-and-richard.jpgOpposition Spokesperson on Youth and Culture, attracted a slew of trill to her page as she took to social media to send birthday wishes to fiance Richard.

Two couple was enjoying their week-long vacation in Turkey.

"My SULTAN LOVER Come and ROCK my world," Hanna captioned a photo of the two. "Forever and let me give you MORE...💋Happy Birthday My Love ❤️ #Breathless



#IstanbulTogether," she added.

"Is that her father? or what because she can't possibly be dating that old man," one user wrote.

"wooooie! Lisa love PNP so much that she's dating Michael Manley."

"Wait i thought that Manley was dead, how comes he's on vacation with Lisa Hanna?" another questioned.

"Come on Lisa that old man can't satisfy you! must him face alone him a use," another added.

Unu done know stay tuned, Danielle DI tells fans

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danielle-di-photo-3.jpgDancehall artist Danielle D.I is on her way to Jamaica to continue her beef with controversial singer Ishawna.

After going silent for a few days to provide support for her ailing mother, the 'Rebel' singer took to social media on Saturday to share a video at the Miami International Airport announcing her return to Jamaica.

"I'm on my way to my second home in Jamaica right now," she said. D.I also thanked her fans for their well wishes during her family's difficulties, before hinting that she's ready to beef with Ishawna once again.