Versatile disses Alkaline in song

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A week after news broke that artiste Alkaline refused to voice on producer JJ Eva Frass' new rhythm, labeling the other artistes on the rhythm as gay, Versatile has responded to the diss with a song.

The song titled 'Gal Pon Him Head' has already been creating a buzz.

Versatile - Gal Pon Him Head (Raw) Alkaline Diss | November 2014


Former Miss Jamaica World First Runner-Up Rosina Casserly endured much abuse on the Internet on Wednesday, after a video was released of the beauty telling foreign media house Physique TV that persons should visit Jamaica, where they can get the experience of being poor.

She also made fun of the country's economic problems and the chikungunya virus outbreak. "I am not singing Bob Marley, I am not doing it. Oh my gosh! In Jamaica they have chik-V, ever heard about that?" she laughed.

"It's like a disease where you get arthritis, and they made a song about it; terrible, but that's the only thing that's going on there right now. You get bitten by a mosquito - you like hobble for like three days. We also have no money, come to Jamaica, you can be poor! What else can happen if you go to Jamaica? Escaping from a robbery," she giggled.

several Jamaicans on social media found Casserly's comments very distasteful and took to Physique's personal Facebook page to express their digust. Casserly finished second to Yendi Phillipps in 2007.

Mr Lexx and Supa Hype currently on European Tour

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Internationally acclaimed dancehall artiste Mr Lexx and popular selector Supa Hype is currently on a tour in Europe. The tour which began on the 6th of November will conclude on the 22nd and will see them doing a number of appearances in countries like Italy, Austria and Germany.

According to Mr Lexx, the tour has been going extremely well. "The tour a gwaan really good. Mi fans them excited bout the performances, them love it. Everywhere I go the fans dem happy to see me and that for me is great because I love to see my fans happy. That in itself make me feel satisfied say mi a do something right"

Supa Hype had this to say about the tour as well. "This has been a great experience for me and mi happy that mi get the opportunity to come to Europe and show them how we do it."

"The Wine and Dip" artiste and the 007 selector captured their audience with their electrifying performances to roaring crowds of 700 plus each time they performed.

"We have been receiving nothing but positive feedack on the tour so far and the fans are absolutely ecstatic. This is not my first time but every time mi go on stage to perform it is a new experience, it is a new feeling. Said Mr. Lexx

For Supa Hype it has been an exhilarating feeling "It really make me happy, when mi see mi fans dem happy cause that tell me say, mi a gwaan good. My fan base has grown extensively in Europe and I am truly grateful for that.

The tour features a fresh take of Mr Lexx's biggest hits over the years and some of his newest songs.

"It has been a blast performing for my fans. Mi go far back in the catalogue and reel out some a dem bad tunes deh and of course mi haffi give them some of the fresh tunes dem too." Said Mr Lexx with a vibrant smile.

The tour is wining down to a close and the two promises that they will be delivering the same high energy performance for the upcoming shows.

Masicka releases new track aimed at Konshens

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After announcing his spilt from Konshens and the Subkonshus team, artiste Masicka has released a song titled 'Loyalty' which explains why he left the team.

According to Masicka, it was Konshens who told him to diss Aidonia. (Listen song below)

Masicka - Loyalty [Reason For Leaving Subkonshus] November 2014 @Crushroad876

Artiste Deablo, responded to Konshens after hearing that he was the one who instructed Masicka to diss Aidonia. (Listen song below)

Deablo - Everything Govern (Raw) [Wul Dem Again Riddim] November 2014 @Crushroad876

Masicka, Corey Todd split from Konshens

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Popular dancehall artiste Masicka has decided to cut ties with fellow artiste Konshens and his Subkonshus record label less than eight months after initially signing the contract. Businessman Corey Todd, Masicka's manager, has also cut ties with Konshens, effectively shelving the Konz876 shoe line.

"It's not personal. Masicka is a hard-core dancehall artiste and he is concerned the image he is building will be damaged by being a part of Subkonshus; and as for me, the business part of the association was not working out, so we are going to discontinue the Konz876 brand," Todd said. "We still have a lot of inventory, and we will spit it up between the principals in the company, but the shoe line has been discontinued."

The principals, Todd, Konshens, whose real name is Garfield Spence, and a third partner will be officially winding up the sneaker line, which was launched with much fanfare earlier this year, in an amicable manner.

"We have already hammered out an agreement, everything is resolved," Todd said. For his part, Masicka has terminated his association for a number of reasons.

"Konshens and I are good. Konshens understands we just have different beliefs, he understands why I'm leaving and wishes me the best, ah just so it go. We did a few singles, but is all talk with him. Certain promises made were not fulfilled, plus him mek some shaky moves. For one, him invite certain deejay ah him annual treat weh him agree with me fi have a conflict with, ah no so the streets work. The ting look shaky bad and it ah affect my street credibility. My booking number is now 1-876-4082278 and email is," he said.

Konshens on the other hand, says that he and his associates were having internal differences. However he would be executing future endeavours by himself.

"Its nothing to get alarmed about. A business, a suh it guh, yu win some and yu lose some and we just have to move forward," Konshens said during a recent interview. "I have no issues with any of the partners, mi just a guh duh my thing solo now."

Singer's father assaults 18-yr-old Girlfriend

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A 37-year-old man who is accused of assaulting his 18-year-old girlfriend with a cellular phone because she questioned him about his fidelity pleaded not guilty when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday.

The man, who is the father of a popular singer, has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

According to reports, on October 20 at around 5:30 p.m. the man and the complainant were sitting in his motor vehicle along Constant Spring Road, when an argument developed after the complainant asked the accused if he had any other partners.

According to the complainant, the singer's father became upset and grabbed her by the throat and began hitting her with a blackberry phone he had on the charger in the vehicle.

It is alleged that he hit the complainant in her face, head and stomach, and bit her on her left arm.

Resident Magistrate Lorna Shelly-Williams asked the complainant how she knew the accused to which she hesitantly stated, "at a party."

He is to return to court on December 6.

Alliance calls meeting to beat ZJ Chrome for diss song?

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According to sources, members of the Alliance camp had a private meeting to discuss plans to beat ZJ Chrome.

The source claims, Alliance members were quite upset with the Alkaline diss song produced by ZJ Chrome and want to teach him a lesson. The Alliance boss already made an attempt to contact ZJ Chrome on instagram, however the ZJ made the situation worse by going on record to classify the Alliance boss as childish.

One member of the Alliance who did not want to mention his name told the source.

"Anywey wi see ZJ Chrome wi a fuck him up. True man stop beat selector yu a hype up yuself. Mek sure Alkaline deh bout fi watch yu back wen yu a play at events."

Efforts to get a comment from The Alliance boss proved futile. Yardflex is following the story.


Record producer Jjevafrass is at odds with dancehall enigma Alkaline after the artiste re-recorded a song that was already recorded on his Frasshouse rhythm, for another producer.

According to Jjevafrass, he and Alkaline had no issues during the initial recording process, however, as soon as Alkaline was updated on the list of artistes who also recorded on the rhythm, the deejay said he did not want to be on the same rhythm with b@@@ym@n artistes.

The song, Somewhere, and is now being promoted by Lee Milla's record label as well. At the beginning of Lee Milla's version, Alkaline even shouts in his intro, "A Lee Milla mi voice it fah." Lee Milla's version also carries a similar instrumental as the one being promoted by Jjevafrass.

A seemingly upset Jjevafrass took to Instagram to express his grouse with Alkaline.

"Di man sample mi rhythm and do over the song and a come talk bout a Lee Milla him voice it fah. People Alkaline voice the song first on my rhythm which is the Frass House Rhythm. The problem is when he found out who was featured on my rhythm, he said too much b@%ymn pon the rhythm and he didn't want to be apart of it no more. So basically he disrespected me and the artiste dem, suh mi drop dat ... same way," Jjevafrass said.

Recording artiste Melloquence who is also featured on the Frass House rhythm, says Alkaline's disrespect has not gone unnoticed.

"First of all, Alkaline is not in a position to call other recording artistes b@@yman. He has done the most questionable things in dancehall such as creaming his hair to saying he wants tongue stimulation in his rear. My youth, just relax and duh music and remember the same bridges yu burn going up, you will need them coming down," he said.

Other artistes featured on the rhythm are Khago, JOP's Jayds, Versatile, Maestro Don, Mr G, Navino, Vigilant and Round Head. Versatile also took to his Instagram to warn Alkaline of a possible retaliation.

Tommy Lee Sparta to clash at Sting 2014

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At least three of the artistes now being proclaimed as the young guns in dancehall music have shown an interest in being involved in clashes at Magnum Sting 2014.

Supreme Promotions, the promoter of the event, have secured the services of Tommy Lee Sparta, his sound-a-like, Gage and Ryme Minista. The promoters are attempting to sign Alkaline.

In a release sent to yardflex, Tommy Lee Sparta stated that last year he could have taken on KipRich but he was hampered by a broken leg.

"Right now mi hear the crow them a cry, so them ready to die. Some man a talk big, so them better can back it. Gage, you better stay home; Alkaline, you seh you a the youngest but we will see who a the baddest," the deejay said.

Gage's agent, Cornelius Daley said: "Gage a the walking gun; anything test, dead. We nah back! Alkaline is just the youngest and foolest. Anybody put them foot cross dead, Tommy Lee, Alkaline, anybody."

The Sting stage has been a testing ground over the years, with some of the biggest stars solidifying themselves as icons and becoming leaders of the game.