Marijuana Mi Luv

Sean Paul - Marijuana Mi Love

4/20 Release

Sean Paul kicks off 4/20 celebrations with "Marijuana Mi Love"
( a remake of Tiger's "No Puppy Love" )

Performed by Sean Paul
Produced by Jeremy Harding
(c) 2019 DuttyRock/VPAL
Directed & Animated by: Kieran Khan Production & RDX

Official Video: https://youtu.be/Y4mVx-j49kQ

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tune-fi-tune-90s-recall-beenie-man-and-bounty-killer-in-concert-2019-07-19.jpgTune Fi Tune - 90's Recall - One Night. One Stage. Two Legends!

Beenie Man & Bounty Killer

in Concert

July 19th

Festival Night 1

Beenie Man Kartel play-off to decide who is King

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beenie-man-photo-8.jpgA New York promoter will crown Beenie Man or Vybz Kartel King of The Dancehall following The Settlement, a two-part dance scheduled for New York in May and June. Both will feature sound system selectors playing songs of both deejays throughout the events.

Walford Stewart is organiser of the dances which take place May 18 at Garage Nightclub in The Bronx, and June 7 at Mystic Lounge in Poughkeepsie.

He said fans will determine the winner, who will be named after the Mystic Lounge date. The idea to stage The Settlement came from Stewart's colleague, Jerry McDonald, who saw a recent report on Fox TV in New York crowning the incarcerated Kartel King of The Dancehall.

Given Beenie Man and Kartel's claim to regal supremacy, Stewart agreed to promote the events and let fans decide who deserves the title.

"Both have professed to be the king of the dancehall; Beenie Man released a song titled King of The Dancehall while Kartel released his own King of Dancehall album and sounded a warning to all and sundry with his song Undisputed Champion. At the end of the day, only one king can rule rule, hence the need for The Settlement to crown the real king," he said.

Stewart disclosed that 45-year-old Beenie Man and the incarcerated Vybz Kartel, 43, have strong support among different demographics in New York City. He said Beenie Man appeals to fans between 30 and 55, while Kartel commands respect among fans aged 17-35.

"Kartel is a massive superstar here in the tri-state. At any NY area party when a Kartel song is played, the response from patrons on the dance floor says it all. Kartel is controversial, plus he is a master lyricist who covers all bases with his songs," Stewart explained. "He has songs for the rude boys, he has songs to get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there and, most importantly, he has a few choice songs for the ladies. You can never go wrong with that."

marlon-james.jpgJamaican author Marlon James has been listed among Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World.

James shares the honour with United States President Donald Trump, former United States First Lady Michelle Obama, football star Mohamed Salah, golf player Tiger Woods, and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

The 48-year-old author shared the news on Facebook yesterday with the caption: "So this happened."

According to Time, James is "one of the most important voices of his literary generation. He speaks out out on race, literature, gay rights and whatever else is on his mind."

A former student of Wolmer's Boys' School, James won the 2015 Man Booker Prize for his book A Brief History of Seven Killings. According to novelist Salman Rushdie, it is "highly original, its language surging with power, its imagination all-encompassing. Marlon is a writer who must be read."

A teacher at Macalester College where he is writer-in-residence, his other books include John Crow's Devil, Black Leopard, Red Wolf and The Book of Night Women. The latter won the Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

Noise Abatement Act on front burner

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Consultations with key stakeholders from the Ministries of Entertainment, Local Government, and National Security are to begin regarding amendment to the Noise Abatement Act and the hosting of entertainment activities.

Opening the 2019/20 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang, said in the current legislation there is always conflict between promoters and members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

Under the Act, entertainment sessions must end at midnight on weekdays and at 2:00 am on weekends

"I cannot ask the police to use discretion, the law says so. I have, therefore, requested the minister of entertainment to consult with the minister of local government and we will come with an appropriate amendment to the law and establish a protocol for the conduct of entertainment activities," he said.

He said standards and schedules can be established so that decibel levels can be reduced at specific times.

"If you have a house party, you know at certain times the decibel levels [can be reduced], if you are on a playfield and you are 200 yards from homes, you can have another level at 2:00 am, and if you are far away on the Dyke Road, Richmond or Catherine Hall, you can go all night and raise the decibel level, but we must lay it out in the schedule governing the law, so that they can do it legally," he said.

He said entertainment is one of Jamaica's biggest industries, which offers opportunities to many from the various socio-economic groups.

The Noise Abatement Act was last amended in 1997.

violence-prevention-alliance-vpa-jamaica.jpgThe Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) is condemning the killing of eight-year-old Shantae Skyers, who was found dead after she went missing last week and the mob killing of man in relation to the incident.

Skyers' body was found Tuesday in bushes in Sterling Castle Heights in Red Hills, St Andrew.

The Alliance also expressed concern that such a heinous act was committed against this young and innocent child, adding that it was a reflection of the lack of value for life.

The VPA further pointed out that the society was failing to protect its young and vulnerable as too many of the nation's children were being impacted by violence.

The organisation also commended the Ministry of Education for dispatching a trauma team to provide counseling for students and teachers at Red Hills Primary School where Skyers attended.

However, the Alliance stressed that the family of Skyers will also need grief counseling and therapy to get through this difficult period.

The VPA noted that the levels of crime and violence against the nation's children were unacceptable.

The Alliance also denounced actions by a mob that beat and burnt a man in relation to the incident.

The VPA said, "Taking justice in your own hands is unacceptable. Allow the police to do their work and the law to take its course. We cannot descend to jungle justice."

$2-million bail for former lawyer

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bail.jpgA former attorney who reportedly collected US$16,366.62 for a property that was not hers to sell was Tuesday offered $2 million bail when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

The Wakefield, Trelawny, resident, Arlene Beckford, who is charged with obtaining money by false pretence and conspiracy to defraud, was offered bail after her attorney, Michael Williams, told Parish Judge Maxine Ellis that his client was sick and should have been taken to the doctor by the police but hadn't been.

Williams told the court that the doctor had visited his client on Monday night and had left a referral with the police for her to be taken to see the doctor.

"I am actually surprised that she is here today," he told the judge while adding that she had been in the hospital prior to her arrest last Wednesday.

Consequently, the judge offered her bail on condition that she report to the Wakefield Police Station every Monday, and also ordered that she be taken immediately to see the doctor.

However, before she was granted bail, the court heard that between March 2016 and April 2016, the accused, who is the director in a company, reportedly defrauded the complainant of US$16,366.62 by pretending that she was capable of selling a plot of land at Blue Castle in Mona, Kingston, to the complainant knowing that she was not authorised so to act.

The court further heard that she reportedly conspired with another person who the police are trying to locate.

Police station shot up; cop injured

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police-station.jpgBrazen gunmen on Wednesday evening shot up the Spalding Police Station in North West Clarendon, which falls within the Manchester Police Division.

Details of the incident are not available, but the attack has been confirmed by the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

Reports are that the station come under attack from a group of gunmen and a policeman was shot and injured in the process, and has since been hospitalised.

"We can confirm that the Spaldings Police Station came under fire from gunmen this evening. One policeman was shot. The details are sketchy at this time," a representative of the CCU told Loop News.

Spalding, which sits on the border between Clarendon and Manchester, was also the scene of high drama in February of this year when a police officer on duty in the town was attacked by a bus operator, during which the officer responded by shooting and injuring the busman.

The incident, which was dramatically captured on video, which went viral on social media, triggered protest, during which a police service vehicle was damaged and the cop in question had to seek refuge in a business establishment.

The situation was only brought under control by members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) who came on the scene and intervened to assist the police to restore public order in the town.

At least four persons were later arrested for their suspected roles in the protest actions, and the bus operator was also slapped with a number of charges after being hospitalised for his injuries.

May 10 court date for Mavado's son

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mavado-and-son.jpgMavado's teenage son, will return to the Supreme Court on May 10th to seek bail on murder charges.

Peter Champagnie is the attorney,now representing the youngster, who has been locked up since last year

The teenager is currently being held in a juvenile detention centre in Kingston without bail.

Detectives are reportedly still interested in speaking with Mavado about the case, but the singer is currently in the United States where he is a legal permanent resident.

Last year, Mavado's son was charged jointly with 23-year-old Andre Hines for the June 5, 2018 murder of Lorenzo Thomas, otherwise called 'Israel' or 'Trulups', in Cassava Piece, St Andrew. Both were charged with conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

The teenager had also been accused of giving his co-accused, Hinds, an order to behead Thomas.

Reports were that a witness statement given to the police had alleged that Mavado's son gave the instruction.

"Memba di boss want him head," the juvenile allegedly said to Hinds.

The statement further alleged that Hinds attempted to carry out the order but only managed to partially sever Thomas's head.

The teenager denied the allegations when he appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court last year.