Anjuu Blaxx finally gets bail

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anju-blaxx-photo-1.jpgUIM CEO and music producer Anju Blaxx is out on bail after spending six months in a North Dakota prison on charges relating to lottery scamming.

He was released last week.

Anju Blaxx was nabbed in Florida on February 7 and later transported on Con Air to North Dakota, after radio disc jockey Wah Wah who is currently in a North Dakota prison allegedly signed a plea agreement.

Disc jock Wah Wah was arrested at the Sangster International Airport in Kingston in November 2013 on telemarketing fraud charges.

JFJ Chairman Dr. Barry Wade is dead

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dr-barry-wade.jpgChairman of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) Dr Barry Wade, is dead.

Wade who died Saturday, took over the leadership of JFJ in July last year.

He assumed the Chairmanship during the period in which the organisation was grappling with the controversy over its sex education programme in children's home.

Wade was a founding member of JFJ and served on the organisation's board of directors on several occasions including as Deputy Chairman from 2003 to 2006.

Cops quiz guard after theft of 8 guns, ammo

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ak-47-assault-rifle-ammo.jpgA female security guard employed to Knightsman Security is being questioned by the police in connection with a robbery at the company's head office on Lyndhurst Road in St. Andrew early Saturday.

It's alleged that eight firearms and ammunition were stolen.

It's reported that sometime after 1 o'clock, three men gained access to the office and held up the security guard.

The men then took the weapons along with cash and escaped.

11 guns, ammunition seized

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ak-47-assault-rifle-ammo.jpgThe police are reporting the seizure of eleven firearms and more than 200 rounds of ammunition across the island in the past 48 hours.

The firearms and ammunition seized include:

One AK 47 rifle

One M-16 rifle

One Strum Ruger mini-14 rifle

One Taurus semi-auto pistol

One Heckler and Koch 9mm pistol

One Chrome Smith and Wesson revolver

Five 9mm pistols

Fifty-one 5.56 rounds of ammunition

Seventy-six 7.62 rounds of ammunition

Sixty-two .357 rounds of ammunition

Four .45 rounds of ammunition

Five .38 rounds of ammunition

Thirty-three 9mm rounds of ammunition along with

Five magazines

The lawmen are appealing to the public to share information on illegal/suspicious activities in their communities with the police by calling Crime Stop at 311, police 119 emergency number or their nearest police station.

Education minister Ronnie Thwaites in hospital

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ronald-thwaites.jpgEducation Minister Ronald Thwaites was in hospital following a fall at his farm on Saturday.

A media release from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) said, however, that preliminary assessments indicate that Thwaites did not suffer any serious injury.

Updates on his condition will be provided if the need arises the OPM release said.

"Minister Thwaites thanks everyone for their concern and well wishes," the release added.

Legendary deejay Red Dragon is dead

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red-dragon-yardflex-photo-1.jpgLeroy Anthony May, the veteran deejay more popularly known as Red Dragon has died.

"All who nuh bathe from morning, run go hol a FRESH" were words many Jamaicans, both young and old would cheerfully recite in the late 80s and early 90s.

'Hol a Fresh', released in 1987 was his first major hit.

May deejayed with numerous sound systems in the 1980s such as Stone Love, People's Choice and his own Rambo


california-college-will-now-ask-students-to-pick-from-6-genders.jpgStudents at a California college weighed in on a change in the application process, and a decision has been made.

Beginning this fall, students at UC Irvine will have the option to self-identify about their sexual orientation on all university admissions forms, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The new form will ask students to pick one gender from six different choices. Prospective students will be asked to choose between male, female, trans male, trans female, gender queer/gender non-conforming and different identity.

CBS Los Angeles spoke to students at UC Irvine about the change.

"I feel like this is just a way of including everyone," said Augustine Pimentel.

"I don't mind; everybody do what they want. I don't want to judge people," says Nizar Hakim.

"I feel like people should have their freedom to be called what they want to be called," said Donna Taqawi.

Beyond the political or social reasons, some saw the financial reasons too.

"A lot of those questions when you're applying to graduate school or any sort of school are important for financial aid opportunities you can have," said Joanna Laird to CBS Los Angeles.

In a statement, Janet Napolitano, the president of the UC system said: "UC is working hard to ensure our campuses model inclusiveness and understanding. I'm proud of the work we've done so far, but it doesn't stop there. We must continue to look at where we can improve so everyone at UC feels respected and supported."

It wasn't the question itself that concerned one UC Irvine mom, but the reason why it was being asked.

"I don't know why they're asking it. I'd like to know their reason for asking it," said Elane Streets.

School officials told CBS Los Angeles the answers will be voluntary and not impact on the decision-making process for admissions.

CUJ Gosplash for Sugarman's Beach Saturday

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gosplash.jpgThe Credit Unions of Jamaica (CUJ) Gosplash 2015, set to take place at Sugarman's Beach, Portmore, St Catherine on August 1.

The event, conceptualised by radio personality Markland Edwards, was first staged in 2013 to fill a demand for a family-oriented Christian event on the local entertainment calendar. The Credit Unions of Jamaica Gosplash 2015: Double Praise will feature two gospel concerts on one family fun day.

The one-day affair will feature performances from Papa San, DJ Nicholas, Ryan Mark, Omari, Chozenn, Katalyst Crew, Jodian Pantry, Dawn Martin and Bishop Everton Thomas. Part proceeds of the event will be donated to the Braeton Primary and Junior High School's computer lab.

Advocacy and communications manager at CUJ, Claudette Christie, said among other factors, the help being given to the school is what encouraged CUJ to support the event in a much bigger way.

Gosplash 2015 has also attracted a like-minded programme aimed at reaching the youth with wholesome gospel music. Danny Brownie, CEO of Main Street Music and the Jesus Party Movement, said he felt it would be a good synergy to have the movement on show at the festival since they had already planned to have a similar event on August 1. The movement began back in 2004 but lost momentum. However, it will be revived as part of Gosplash.

Other sponsors include RJR Communications Group, Nationwide News Network, Pepsi, Flow and Singer.

mackie-conscious.jpgIt is definitely not the norm for Jamaican artistes to do covers of songs by other Jamaicans, but they will eagerly jump and do covers of songs from R&B and other genres.

Well, it seems like singer Mackie Conscious is about to change all of that.

He has teamed up with DJ Ignite from Montego Bay to cover the OMI Bilboard number one song Cheerleader.

According to Mackie: "So many times artist we in Jamaica cover the big Foreign songs. To date there are several covers of the Sam Smith Song Thinking out loud by Jamaican artistes. I think it is time we start covering our own."

So Mackie did just that. So far the response has been encouraging, even though there are some persons who believe that it's somehow wrong.

Hop Mackie will get the airplay and the support that he deserves.